11 Best Apps To Make You Look Thinner for Android and iOS

Slim, and beautiful are things that every woman desires. Though it’s not real, at least a woman wants to look good in the picture or photo. Fortunately, now many mobile applications can make your dream come true. To look slimmer in a photo, here some recommendations of apps to make you look thinner and also gorgeous.

List of 11 Best Apps To Make You Look Thinner For Android And iOS 2024

Nowadays, appearance is everything – especially for the ones who often log in to social media. That’s why apps to make you look thinner are among the tops. To cut your work short buy essay online, here we listed them for you:

1. Perfect Me

Perfect Me Body Retouch and face editor

If you want to look thinner in your photo, you need to download this app on your mobile phone. As the name suggests, Perfect Me is one of the photo apps to make you look thinner and pretty at the same time. This free app has been downloaded more than 10 million times thus making it one of the most popular face and body editor apps.

With this app, you can make the impossible possible. You want to get a slim and nice body? This app will help you reshape your body to your liking. Be it your legs, face, or waist, you can reshape everything.

That’s not all, this app also can retouch your face to make it more gorgeous. Besides that, this app also provides several features such as adding stickers to decorate your photos, add tattoos, applying filters, and even blurring unwanted objects.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

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2. Retouch Me

Retouch Me is an app that will help you to look thinner and beautiful. The good point of this app is that you don’t need editing skills to operate this app. After all, this app is the only editing app that doesn’t rely on automated algorithms; some designers help you to get the body you desire.

This app is very easy to use since there are only necessary functions and a minimum screen. If you want to edit your photo through this app, what you need to do is just send the photo via Retouch Me to the design studio. Then, the designers will work to retouch your body parts that need the designer’s manipulation skills.

No more than 7 minutes later, the designers will finish editing your photo and you will get your beautiful and thin picture. If you feel interested in this app, you can download it free from your play store. However, you need to pay, when you want to edit your photo. Even so,  the payment is worth all the quality the designers do.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

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3. Body Tune

Body Tune

For you who want to look slimmer and maybe sexier without work too hard, Body Tune is the right app to use. You can reshape your figure or your face perfectly even if you don’t have any skill for editing. When you open your photo in this app, it will identify every part of your body.

Based on that identification, you can choose the part of your body that you want to modify. This app will provide you with some variations and you just need to choose the best variations for the photo.

With this app, you can make your height taller, or have a slim waist. Also, there is a feature to reshape your figure, so you can make your ideal body come true. Furthermore, you can also add some tattoos on your body and even change your skin color.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

4. Body Editor

Body editor for body shaping

One of the best apps to make you look thinner is Body Editor. This app has everything you need to look prettier and sexier. Like the other apps, you can reshape your body figure by changing the parts of the body you want.

This app has a simple design so it’s easy to use. To get the ideal body, you just need to do a few simple taps. However, you can also manually edit the photo if you’re not satisfied with the automated editing.

Body Editor has several features to support photo editing. You can reshape your figure, or make your breast bigger with the features of this app. You can also beautify your waist or make your face slimmer. Moreover, you don’t pay anything to enjoy all the features of this app. But, this app is only available on Android.

Download : ANDROID

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5. BodyApp


Though everyone dreams of having a nice body, most of them can’t be one. There’s always one or two parts of the body that look not so nice. That’s why there’s BodyApp, a photo app to make you look thinner.

You can download this app from your iPhone since this app is only compatible with iOS. With this app, you can get your perfect body by slimming down your body, making your height taller, or even making abs. All of them are possible as this app has a bunch of features that enable you to edit your photo.

If you want to install this app on your mobile phone, just download it from AppStore. However, this app isn’t free, so you need to pay the subscription. But, since this app is powerful, the payment is worth a try.

Download :  iOS

6. Slim & Skinny

Slim Skinny -Thin Face Photo

For you who use an iPhone, you can make your photo look more beautiful and slim by installing Slim & Skinny, one of the apps to make you look thinner. Not only will your body be prettier but you can also edit your face. With this app almost everything is possible.

This app has several features that support how to manipulate your photo. With automatic face and body detection, you can easily edit your photo. You just need to do a simple operation and voila, everybody will see your perfect figure.

What’s good about this app is that you can download it for free. But, if you want to remove the ads in the Slim Skinny app, you have to pay for it. Also, after you finish editing your photo, you can share it with your friends on social media.

Download : iOS

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7. Make Me Thin

Make Me Thin - Photo Slim & Fat Face Swap Effects

Among the apps to make you look thinner, Make Me Thin is one of the best. You can get this app from AppStore and there is no need to pay for it as a free app. As the name suggests, you can use this app specially to make you look slimmer.

Make Me Thin is relatively easy to use. There is automatic face and body detection so you don’t have to work hard to edit your face and body. With this app, you can make your face and body thinner or adjust the part where you want to look slimmer.

Also, there is a feature before and after to compare your looks. If you don’t like the editing, you’re welcome to use the undo, redo, or even reset features. However, this app doesn’t provide you with face editing, so what you will get are just the ideal body and thin face.

Download : iOS

8. Perfect Body Editor

Perfect Body Editor

As this app name suggests, you will have a perfect body and pretty face using this app. This is not surprising as Perfect Body Editor is one of the best apps to make you look thinner and more beautiful. This app is compatible with Android, so you can download it on your Play Store.

There are several features on this app that use to manipulate your body shape and face. One of the features of this app is the editing tool. Adjusting your height, slim your waist, or perfecting your breast are things that you can do with these features.

Besides that, there are editor features where you can edit your face. With this feature, you can get a small face with beautiful eyes and nose. Also, you can share photos with your friends via social media.

Download : ANDROID

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9. Hotune


Do you need to go to a beautician to get a pretty face and a nice body? If what you want is to have a good look at social media, then what you need is Hotune, one of the apps to make you look thinner and lovely. Everything you need exists in this app. Furthermore, this app is a free app though you can upgrade to a premium version.

With this app, you can make yourself more beautiful with the retouch face feature. If you want to get a better figure, you can also use the reshape feature in this app. Moreover, this app is very easy to use and you don’t need any skills to use Hotune.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

10. Body Shape Editor

Body Shape Editor

Body Shape Editor is an app to reshape your body and also your face. You can get this app by downloading it through your Play Store for free. Like the other editor apps, you can perfect your figure with this app.

There are several features in this app to reshape your body part starting from face, legs, breast, waist, and even your height and skin color. Moreover, you can even add a tattoo or muscle on your body with only a few touches. Enjoy the fun of editing a photo with this app.

Download : ANDROID

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11. GoSexy – Slimming Body Editor

GoSexy - Slimming Body Editor

GoSexy is an editor app from iOS, so you can download it from the App Store. This app is a free app though you can do in-app purchases. With this app, you can freely edit your body or face to your liking. Moreover, you can edit it not only on the photo but also from the video.

The good point of this app is that even if you’re editing your photo or video, the background will not be distorted. There are various features on this app to make you look slim and more gorgeous. Furthermore, this app is very easy to use.

Download : ANDROID || iOS


Looking good with a nice body and face on social media is everyone’s dream. Using an editor app, you can get the perfect body that you always want. But, to achieve that you need the best app among all the apps to make you look thinner. So, what app will you choose?

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