10 Best Face Slimming Apps For Android And iOS

For women, a face slimming app is such a pleasant program on their smartphone. Even though it does not give them a real thing, it would still be satisfying.

Well, there are many apps out there that offer the ability to make your face look slimmer or thinner in the photo.

If the app seems interesting to you, explore this article more.

Moreover, the following article provides you with the best ones to take a look at and consider. All of them are packed with some exciting features.

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List of 10 Best Face Slimming Apps for Android and iOS

Among these amazing applications, you can find your favorite app. So, get ready to take the best version of yourself in pictures.

1.      Fotogenic – Face Retouch Editor

Fotogenic face slimming app

With Fotogenic, everyone is photogenic. Then, turn your ordinary photo into one of the best photographic photos.

Also, it is a great choice of app to edit your photos. Many photographers use this application for their works.

How is this app able to make your face thinner? Well, it has got the feature you want. Try the Slimmer tool.

Then, it will turn you in a snap. Indeed, the other features would make the face even better.

You can even hide the unwanted parts using the Mosaic tool.

Meanwhile, for the beauty part, you can do virtual makeups, whiten the teeth, make skin smoother, and many others.

Check out the color adjustment, paint, and textures to fully adjust the looks in the picture.

Fotogenic : Face & Body Editor
Fotogenic : Face & Body Editor
‎Fotogenic : Photo Editor
‎Fotogenic : Photo Editor

2.      Facetune2


It is an easy-to-use photo-editing application to deal with your selfie photos. Thus, you can use it as the makeover studio for yourself.

This award-winning app provides amazing effects, filters, and tools. Besides, the image corrections that feature in this face slimming application are very satisfying.

Furthermore, you can try plenty of high-quality filters that would make everyone looks good.

If you need to reshape the face’s features, use the makeup brushes for retouching. Additionally, for a beautiful look, fine-tune, blur, and crop any unnecessary things.

The colorful light effects would make the editing process much more exciting.

If you have any zits, acne, or pimples that need to be removed, the app would get rid of them in seconds. Therefore, this application is a professional tool to enhance your selfie.

Thankfully, there is no doubt you can make every photo acquired 100 percent of glam and ready to impress everyone.

3.      Body Editor

Body Editor face thinner app

Just like the name of the app implies, this program is about the entire shape of the body, although it can be a great face thinning app for you.

Therefore, Body Editor comes with decent features to slim body and face fast.

Indeed, enlarging the hips and breasts, increasing height, and shrinking the waist are only within a few taps.

Just by using this application, you can be a beautiful model of a fitness magazine.

Main Features:

  • Body Shaper, Perfecting body curves
  • Breasts Enlarger, increasing the size of your breasts
  • Heigh Correction, giving away ideal heights
  • Waist Slimming, removing all the fat
  • Hairs & Beard, changing your appearances
  • Tatto/Stickers/Abs/Muscles, adding anything you want in your body.

There are still many other features you should take a look at. Some of the things mentioned above are quite representative.

4.      Perfect Me – Face & Body Editor

Perfect Me for face slimming

It is another great choice of app to make yourself look thinner or slimmer in the photo.

Just download this app and see what it can do to you. Perfect Me is one of those apps that are packed with many photo-editing features.

All of the features are proven by over 10 million downloads. Likewise, it is such a popular face slimming app to take a look at.

Of course, the tools in the application will make you pretty too. You can reshape the face and body to the desired result.

It will definitely make the face more gorgeous by smoothening the skin, remove acne, whiten teeth, nudge the smile, and plump up the lips.

Furthermore, with the facelift feature, make your current face shape, smaller or slimmer.

Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor
Perfect Me -Face & Body Editor
Developer: ryzenrise
Price: Free
‎Face & Body Editor- Perfect me
‎Face & Body Editor- Perfect me
Developer: jian lu
Price: Free+

5.      Pixl – Face Retouch & Blemish Remover

Pixl Face Retouch & Blemish Remover Photo Editor

A photo editor with face retouch and blemish remover, Pixl will give you the best look.

So, if you have flaws on your face such as dark circles, red eyes, acne, etc, this face slimming app is the perfect solution.

There are numerous tools to make your selfie photo perfect. This face slimming app will let you tune and retouch the selfie photo within a few taps.

Then, choose some amazing filters and effects and apply them right away. The result will be flawless. It will not be looking like a retouched photo at all.

In addition, you can try its other features like Acne Remover, Teeth Whitener, Red Eye Corrector, and Reshape tool.

The other feature is the Skin Tanning tool. It gives your skin light or dark tan in a click.

‎Pixl: Face & Red Eye Corrector
‎Pixl: Face & Red Eye Corrector

6.      Retouch Me

Retouch Me to make face look slimming

Wanna look thinner and more beautiful in a photo? Retouch Me is the application to have.

It will give you anything you need to get amazing results. There is no need to be skillful to use the program since the user interface is easy.

However, it is not an application that only relies on automation. All the tools are made based on the recommendations of some designers.

They help you to get the body and face you want through the app.

There are over 25 million users that used Retouch Me. It is enough to gain the trust of many people to use this application to edit their photos.

Further, this slim face application is not just an ordinary photo editor. The app is also a perfect face tuner, photo enhancer, hairstyle editor, and fashion make-over.

7.      Hotune – Face App Editor

Hotune Face App Editor

One of the abilities that this app can perform is to slim and beautify the face easily. Indeed, it can thin or slim other body parts.

For instance, they are about the belly, hips, arms, necks, and so on. Hotune will smooth the skin and reduce acne or wrinkles in your picture within a few taps.

Otherwise, there are some parts of your body in the photo you want to enlarge. Hotune may do that either.

For example, women want their hips and breast to look larger. So, there they go.

Hotune is simply the answer to a question, “what is the app to easily make anyone slimmer in the photo?”

Hotune Body Editor & Face Slim
Hotune Body Editor & Face Slim
Developer: cerdillac
Price: Free

8.      PrettyUp – Video Face & Body Editor


Unlike the other applications in this list, PrettyUp is the only one that can edit both photos and videos.

Likewise, it is a powerful program for your phone to enhance your image. The available features in this app are quite similar to the others.

However, the ability to provide results in a form of videos is what makes PrettyUp so special for many users.

The Face Retouch, Glowing & Smooth Skin, Beautify Face, Reshape body, and Video Filter Editor, all of them are ready to try.

Moreover, the Video Filter Editor feature offers you multiple face filters and some useful adjustment tools to make the result even better.

If you prefer having your perfect face in a form of a moving image, this is the application to install.

Thus, videos are more convincing than still photos. So, pretty really makes the impossible possible.

PrettyUp - Video Body Editor
PrettyUp - Video Body Editor
Developer: accordion
Price: Free
‎PrettyUp- AI Body Editor Video
‎PrettyUp- AI Body Editor Video

9.      Body Editor – Slim Face Editor

Body Editor - Slim Face

The title of this app clearly says “Slim Face”. It indicates the highlight of this Body Editor app. Then, the developer describes this application as the best photo editor to shape the body in a picture.

Furthermore, there are limitless opportunities to turn an ordinary picture into something special.

With this program, you can enlarge your breast, shrink the waist, increase height, enhance hip, slim body, and of course, slim face.

Besides, there are also some features designed for men. For male users, they can add tattoos, six-pack abs, muscles, and chest.

There are some other features worth mentioning such as Body Plastic Surgery which offers some exciting options for your body, and Photo Collage Maker.

Additionally, create a photo collage with a lot of layouts easily. These filters, stickers, texts, and much more are available.

10.  Body Shape Editor

Body Shape Editor to reshape your face

Obviously, this one is the app to reshape your body and face. It simply makes your figure better than before.

Therefore, this application is the most immeasurable one in the Playstore.

The face slimming feature, along with breast enlargement, hip enhancement, and waist slimming, will satisfy all the women out there.

Hence, they will definitely look more beautiful in their photos. Besides, there are a lot more features to enjoy.

You can change your hairstyle and increase or correct the height. For men’s photos, you can add beards and six-pack abs or muscles.

The Solid Muscle Editor feature will help you with that. So, this body shape app is definitely for everyone.

Try the Body Skin Tone Editor. It will help to balance the tones of your skin and get a natural tan.

The extra tools like Photo Collage maker are just one thing that makes this face slimmer application complete.

Final Note

Above all, those applications give you a perfect look in a form of a photo or video, not the real one. However, the face slimming app would really give you excitement.

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