6 Best Tropico Games Ranked 2024: Which is the Best?

As becoming a ruler is not something all people can have, playing this game will be a great way to fulfill your ambition. Now, you need to decide which best Tropico game to play first.

The player will take the role of El Presidente, a ruler who manages a fictional island country named Tropico.

Then, the location is in the Caribbean Islands with various time settings, one of which is the Cold War.

As an influential dictator, you will have access to manage various potentials and resources. You also have to face issues, such as totalitarianism, the impact of the cold war, and so on.

You have one very prominent objection, which is to keep you in power until the end. Various challenges, tasks, and distractions will appear and test whether you are a true ruler.

The Detail Information

Tropico is a game developed by PopTop Software and Feral Interactive (Mac).

Meanwhile, Gathering of Developers (Windows), MacSoft (Mac), and Feral Interactive (Mac) are among the publishers.

This game first appeared in 2001, released in three countries, namely Canada, the USA, and Germany.

The genre is construction and management simulation in which you can play in a single-player mode.

Further, this game has two gameplay modes, namely scenario and game/random map.

The first contains a series of tasks for you to fulfill to win the game, while the second is a kind of resource or condition that you must always control.

Hence, its features make the game interesting.

Instead of being a robot that must always complete challenges and tasks to reach the end, you can also get rewards and points by controlling like that ruler.

Player performance in this game will also walk with several issues related to politics and other global things.

To make it more realistic, you can also find some characters from the real world, such as Che Guevara, Augusto Pinochet, and Fidel Castro.


Which Tropico Game is the Best?

Since it first appeared in 2001, this installment has had several expansion packs and new editions. Among all, most users named the fourth as the best Tropico game.

Tropico 3 is enough to spoil players in many ways. But in the end, the fourth one is here to complete all player needs in terms of gameplay, comfort, and even storyline.

Overall, since it first appeared, the graph has continued to increase since the first installment. However, after the fourth one, most users think that Tropico has degraded.

It is not something significant and still acceptable for users.

Further, it is just that when compared to Tropico 4, the fifth and sixth versions have various features that are less effective and too simple.

However, this does not make Tropico 5 and 6 the not-recommended game. Both still excel in several ways and deserve to be on the wish list.

6 Best Tropico Games Ranked 2024

So far, PopTop Software and Feral Interactive (Mac) have only released six Tropico series. Each has its characteristics and characters that make it difficult for us to determine the best.

After briefly listening to the fourth installment as the best Tropico game of all, you also need to know what is in its predecessor and successor. Here is a full review.

1.      Tropico 4

Tropico 4

Placing the fourth installment as the best Tropico game ever is something very reasonable. Although the third one has shown significant progress, the next generation is better in some ways.

Tropico 4 gameplay is more advanced and provides corrections to the shortcomings of its predecessor.

The number of missions and maps has also increased, complete with various other features in it.

Here you will have 20 missions that have distinctive objectives. In addition to the existing ones, you will also get ten new maps.

Meanwhile, the countries involved are no longer only the USA and the Soviet Union but also several smaller countries such as the Middle East, China, and the European Union.

2.      Tropico 5

Tropico 5

Over time Tropico did provide a lot of improvisation in its new generations.

Significant developments are also visible in the fifth installment, where the game setting is more modern because it takes the current era.

More precisely, but trying to explore another era that has occurred in the world. Everything starts from the age of colonialism until you will arrive at the modern era.

In short, the gameplay is more relevant to the life of today’s society. However, many people prefer the 4th version because of its more realistic complications.

Many players say that Tropico 5 is oversimplified and it tends to make little sense. However, today this game is still one of the tops and deserves to be on the wish list.

3.      Tropico 6

Tropico 6

The last installment also basically gives a new feel to your game. You are no longer just fixated on one island because the system is an archipelagic country.

The features in it are the same as the previous generation, but with some adjustments and a few additions.

However, many players complained about the high purchase price.

Although it is still good and worth playing, the purchase price in the market is considered too expensive for the standard of a game that does not have significant improvisation.

4.      Tropico 3

Tropico 3

After the arrival of the second installment, Tropico did not provide any updates for approximately six years. Until finally, the third rolled out and treated the fans’ longing.

After being quite successful with the pirate theme, Tropico 3 finally brings back dictatorship.

Not only breaking the vacuum, but this series also provides several surprises in terms of features and gameplay.

The map feature is one of the most attractive things in this game. The random generator lets you explore shared locations in a different way than before.

Regarding the storyline, you will find more campaigns and various tasks to complete.

Compared to its predecessor, the challenges provided are much more diverse. There are at least 15 missions that offer distinctive objectives.

In addition, you can also use various new features that will make your game far from boring. There is a timeline editor, Avatar, life simulation of residents, new buildings, and more.

In short, Tropico 3 is a polished and advanced version in many ways. You will find the look is completely different from its predecessor.

5.      Tropico 2: Pirate Cove

Tropico 2 pirate cove

The second installment has a similar storyline and gameplay to its predecessor. It is just that you will find differences in the characters.

Instead of becoming the leader of an island, the player will play the role of a pirate king.

As a pirate, you will face various activities such as treasure hunting, organizing slave-related things, and other things that can support your economy.

But your reputation is also determined by the extent to which the pirates are satisfied with your leadership.

Thus, you must meet their needs well to make them loyal and help you achieve your goals.

Players here will have access to treasures and buildings. You can also earn money by hijacking other ships on the next island.

Building buildings is part of the fun of this game because it allows you to earn a lot of money. Besides, explore other ways to enrich yourself.

This series is fun enough to help you pass the time and fulfill your deepest desires as a leader. However, the quality is still not good enough for city-building simulator standards.

But considering that Tropico 2 has been in the market since April 2003, where the quality was not as advanced as it is now, it still seems relevant if we call it the best Tropico game of its time.

6.      Tropico


In the end, we are at the bottom. Putting the first version at the bottom is a good sign. It is normal for the pioneers in a game series to be last in line.

Besides, it shows that the developers are doing very well and showing positive progress over time. However, that does not mean Tropico 1 is a bad game because it has to do with the process.

Tropico itself was released in April 2001, taking the background in the 1950s.

Thus, the Cold War era strongly influences the setting in this game. It affects the most assets and storylines.

When it appeared in that year, this game became a favorite of many people. But if you play it today, there will be many things that are out of date.

The visual design is still too old-fashioned compared to the current one. In addition, there will be many things that will make you feel this game is no longer relevant.

Otherwise, it offers some positive values. With the selected setting, players can learn more about history.

Issues, famous characters, and storylines also contain a humorous value that makes fun.

Final Words

Based on the discussion above, we can conclude that the fourth installment is the recommendation of the Best Tropico Game 2024 so far.

Apart from the complete and user-friendly gameplay, the price is also worth it. The sixth installment also has pretty interesting features, or even better than the predecessors.

Unfortunately, with the too-expensive price, many players are not interested that the series fails to enter as the best Tropico game of all.

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