20 Best Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapons, Powerful in 2024

For those of you who like ARPG games, you must be familiar with the game Borderlands 2. The entire Borderlands series has sold 48 million units and Borderlands 2 has sold 22 million units to date. This game comes with lots of great loot weapons, which make gamers love to play this game. If you want to know about the Borderlands 2 legendary weapon, you can read this article.

Best Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapons: The 20 Most Powerful Options You Can Choose From

This article will discuss 20 extraordinary weapons that are in Borderlands 2. You will get an explanation of how you get these various weapons, how to use them, and what are their features. The following is a review of the Borderlands 2 legendary weapon that you need to know:

1. Unicornsplosion

Unicornsplosion borderlands 2 legendary weapons

This is the Borderlands 2 legendary weapon and an E-tech effervescent shotgun from Torgue. If you want to get it, you can feed Butt Stallion and wear the Mysterious Amulet from The Backburner. Moreover, this weapon can deal explosive damage by consuming 2 ammo per shot.

If you direct Unicornsplosion to the right place, you can make a unicorn child hit the enemy directly. The shot can do damage, even the strongest enemy can die with just one hit. If you add two projectiles and use a foregrip accessory, the damage done can be tripled. You should also know that this weapon can fire 3 projectiles using the vertical grip accessory.

2. Badaboom

Badaboom borderlands 2 legendary weapons

If you have ever played this game, you must be familiar with this Borderlands 2 legendary weapon. This is because the Badaboom is one of the legendary rocket launchers and the ones that produce it are scavs. In Borderlands 2, you can get Badaboom randomly anywhere. However, most likely, you can get Badaboom in Eridium Blight from King Mong. Badaboom is a very powerful launcher.

Similar to rifle projectiles, the rockets can spread out perfectly. Thus, Badaboom can inflict large amounts of damage and large targets as well. Badaboom can also cause damage to small targets in large groups. In addition, you can also use this launcher to reach Second Winds. You can use the SHIFT code, which can open a Rappid Badaboom and usually the code is in the Loot Diamond Plate chest.

3. Invader

Invader borderlands 2 legendary weapons

Hyperion manufactures this legendary sniper rifle. In this game, you can get Invader randomly but you have a chance to get Invader in Arid Nexus – Badlands from Saturn. Invaders can have a pretty severe effect if you fire a burst of 5 rounds when you scope them. In addition, Invader also has Hyperion’s reverse recoil gimmick, which gives this weapon a special effect. With these features, this weapon can have the most accurate shots.

This Borderlands 2 legendary weapon has precise accuracy in at least one shot. In addition, when you try to shoot enemies in succession, this weapon can still maintain its precise accuracy. Unfortunately, this weapon has a large ammo consumption so it’s not practical if you use it.

4. Conference Call

Conference Call Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapons

You can get this rifle randomly from any loot source. However, you have a great chance to get this weapon from The Warrior in Vault of The Warrior and Handsome Sorcerer. If you use this Borderlands 2 legendary weapon, you can fire 5 projectiles at once. Each projectile you shoot can generate additional projectiles upon impact.

This rifle unfortunately only has an accuracy of about 5% lower than the average Thinking rifle. In addition, this rifle also has a lower number of projectiles. The strength of this rifle is that when you fire the projectile, it will spawn two additional projectiles.

The number of projectiles can be four times that of the original projectiles on this rifle. Then, the added projectile will fire horizontally with the original projectile. While the projectiles that have been spawned will move in opposite directions to each other so that this weapon is capable of causing severe damage.

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5. Hot Mama

Hot Mama borderlands 2 legendary weapons

Different from the previous weapons, it was Jakobs who produced Hot Mama. This rifle is the sniper rifle for Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary DLC. This sniper rifle has a unique sound and has a reload speed that you can rely on.

Another special effect of this weapon is that the projectiles have purple heart imprints on both bullet paths. Then, if you use this Borderlands 2 legendary weapon and use the zoom feature, this weapon can get perfect accuracy. By having perfect accuracy, this weapon is suitable if you play as Gaige.

6. Infinity

Infinity borderlands 2 legendary weapons

Borderlands 2 also has a legendary pistol, namely Infinity and Vladof who produced it. You can get this gun anywhere but you have a better chance of getting it at Three Horns Valley, at the Avarice Mine, and The Burrows.

This gun requires no ammo and its magazine size is 1. If you fire this gun it will form a fixed pattern and ignore normal recoil behavior. Then, if you use this gun with your gaze down, the accuracy rate increases. Then, the effect of this weapon can also reduce damage and fire rate.

You definitely need this gun for recoil weapons and especially if your ammo is running low. So, you can use this gun in the long run because this gun does not require ammo. Moreover, this gun is very special because it can appear without any additional accessories at all.

Infinity can work with Gaige’s Cooking Up Trouble skill. With this skill, this gun has a drastically higher long-range effectiveness. This is because even if the shot misses, it can still bounce towards the target and this will benefit you.

7. Pyrophobia


This is the legendary rocket launcher in Borderlands 2 from Maliwan manufacture. You can get this rocket launcher at random but you have a better chance of getting it in Frostburn Canyon from the Clayton Incinerator. In addition, you can also get this legendary rocket launcher in Hallowed Hollow from Clark The Combusted Cryptkeeper.

The effect of this rocket launcher weapon is quite capable. This is because the projectile can explode several times while in mid-flight. This rocket launcher is a projectile so you can use it when you are on the catwalk when there are enemies in a line or a closed place. Moreover, by using this rocket launcher, you can fire directly above or to the side of the enemy.

8. Amigo Sincero

Amigo Sincero

This is an aftermarket sniper rifle that you can get if you do BFFF missions. Just like its name, Amigo Sincero can be your true friend because of its ability to break through various barriers. Even this sniper rifle is capable of damaging enemy shields.

In addition, the effect of this sniper rifle is that it can reduce the rate of fire and increase damage. However, you can only use this sniper rifle when it is in a fixed range. In addition, you can use this sniper rifle with melee accessories and Jakobs scopes. This sniper rifle is very unique and uses the same materials as the Trespasser.

9. Infection Cleaner

Infection cleaner

This submachine gun is manufactured by Tediore and you can get this submachine gun from an infected enemy. In addition, you can also get this Borderlands 2 legendary weapon from the New Pandora army in Commander Lilith & DLC Fight for Sanctuary.

The effect of this machine gun is very impressive because of its very fiery nature. This submachine gun can increase damage, even inflict critical attack damage. If you fill in money, Infection Cleaner will behave like Bounce Betty Grenade.

If you know how to use the Avengers, you will quickly become proficient with this light sniper rifle. This is because the Avengers and Infection Cleaner have very identical stats and the levels and parts are the same. However, the advantage is that Infection Cleaner has an incendiary element. Then, the shot from the thrown projectile has no elemental effect.

10. KerBlaster


This is a legendary assault rifle and you can get it randomly from any loot source. However, you have a chance to get this rifle on the Southern Shelf. Or, you can buy it at a Torgue vending machine.

There is a very astonishing weapon effect if you use KerBlaster. The main projectile that explodes will also release a grenade which will also explode a second later. But unfortunately, this assault rifle can’t handle critical hits.

KerBlaster has an incredible level of accuracy. This assault rifle also has a wide blast radius. The presence of child grenades is very useful for you to control the crowd. Then, you can also effectively throw grenades into the wall behind the enemy and you will stay safe because you can get behind cover.

Since the KerBlaster is an assault rifle, it requires high ammo. Then the projectile speed is also slow with a low magazine size. That way, you must be able to predict where the enemy is because the low projectile speed will be difficult to hit moving enemies.

11. Lyuda


This sniper rifle also has another name, namely Lyudmila. You can get them randomly, but you have a good chance of getting them at The Dust from Gettle. If you fire one projectile, it can become three projectiles after a certain amount of time. The existence of a barrel on this sniper rifle makes the accuracy impulse even greater.

This rifle is a variant of the Vladof Doog sniper rifle which has a high-capacity magazine. Then, this rifle also has a fast rate of fire. Many players really like this weapon because its projectiles can split in just one round. That way, this rifle can work as a long-range assault rifle but does a lot of damage.

However, you should avoid using this against single or weak enemies. This is because this rifle is more suitable for you to use to eradicate enemies with large groups of enemies who have very large physiques. Or, you can also use Lyuda when dealing with a lot of hit points.

12. The Electric Chair

The Electric Chair

Vladof is the one who produced this effervescent grenade mod. You can get it from Uranus in Commander Lilith & The Fight for Sanctuary DLC. The effect of this weapon is quite impressive.

This Borderlands 2 legendary weapon can launch eight stun projectiles upwards while simultaneously generating eight child grenades around the deployment point. This grenade will move in an arc and explode when the duration ends. However, its range is no further than that of a master grenade.

13. Nirvana


This is the effervescent submachine gun in Borderlands 2 that you can get from Infected Badass Sprouts. This machine gun will only slightly reduce the damage and accuracy of bullets. Then, Nirvana can also increase magazine size and elemental damage.

If you want to compare the Nirvana to other submachine guns, this rifle has much better damage per shot. The main strength of this submachine gun is its elemental damage. Then, this submachine gun also excels at the medium range. In fact, Nirvana can fight both single and multiple targets at once. So, this one machine gun can produce a fire that can damage the target and let the burn damage finish the job.

14. World Burn

World Burn

This is a rocket launcher and is a rare drop from Lt. Bolson at Dahl Abandon, although your chances of getting it are only 20%. If you use this rocket launcher, the rocket will fly and form an arc and then explode in a mushroom cloud.

If you want to shoot rockets into a heavy arc, you should use this rocket launcher. Then, World Burn can deal massive damage within a large explosion radius upon impact. With just one or two shots, this Borderlands 2 legendary weapon is capable of taking out most of the enemy. however, you should not use it too close because it can hurt you.

This weapon is very useful in areas that have a lot of covers so you can hide behind them. So, you can protect yourself from the effects of this weapon. Then, the bow on this weapon you can use to hit the enemy behind cover.

15. Peak Opener

Peak Opener

You can find assault rifles in Borderlands 2 in the chest that appears after you defeat Haderax The Invincible. If you want to use this rifle, you need 4 ammo per shot. You can also fire a rocket that drops 3 child grenades and causes massive explosive damage. Therefore, you have to be careful using it, especially at close range. Despite its high ammo and fire rate per shot, this Borderlands 2 legendary weapon requires high ammo as well.

16. Toothpick


This is also an assault rifle that you can get exclusively in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC. This rifle is capable of firing 10 shots in 2 lines, so each line gets 5 shots. Even though this assault rifle can increase damage, the ammo you need will be quite large. This is because, in one shot, you need 6 ammo. The existence of a projectile pattern and weapon recoil makes Toothpick you can use effectively at close or medium range.

17. Overcompensator


In Borderlands 2, you can get this legendary rifle after you complete the Chief Executive Overload mission. This rifle has a unique sound module and can reduce the number of pellets. The Overcompensator has a magazine size which is useful for reloading a random amount of ammo when you shoot it.

You can rely on this rifle because it only consumes 1 ammo per one shot. However, you need to remember that this rifle can only appear with the Shotgun Shell accessory and Hyperion sights.

18. Ogre


This aftermarket assault rifle will appear exclusively in Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. Therefore, this assault rifle is a rare drop from the Warlord Slog in Murderlin’s Temple. Ogres can fire two shots in quick succession with surprising extra splash damage. In a short time, this rifle can increase fire speed and reload speed.

This rifle is almost similar to the Torgue Spitter with many additional features but in lower quality. However, this rifle does not require a lot of ammunition per shot due to its high magazine size. In addition, Orge is a versatile rifle that you can use for any character.

19. HellFire


In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel you can get this machine gun at random. However, in Borderlands 2, you can find them in Frostburn Canyon, in Hallowed Hollow, and at Digistruct Peak. This machine gun will always smolder with a slight reduction in damage as well as bullet accuracy.

If you want to compare the HellFire with other submachine guns, the damage per shot on this rifle is much better. This machine gun has a high rate of fire so you can use it to deal damage over time.

The enemies you face will get burned quickly in just a short time. In fact, this machine gun can burn enemies to death even if they are behind cover. You can use this Borderlands 2 legendary weapon in medium-range and against single or multiple enemies.

20. Bunny


This is a rocket launcher that you can get randomly, but you have a good chance of getting it from a chubby enemy. When you activate Bunny, this weapon will randomly fire active grenades while bouncing like a rabbit. The grenade is capable of detonating and destroying both your enemy and yourself.

Therefore, you need to be careful in using this weapon because of the erratic movement of the grenade-like rabbit. However, this one rocket launcher will save your ammunition.

Final Words

Now you know a lot about the Borderlands 2 legendary weapon. These weapons certainly have advantages and disadvantages and you can adjust them according to their use. If you already know a lot about these weapons, of course, it will make it easier for you to win the game Borderlands 2.

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