Comparing Borderlands GOTY vs Enhanced: What’s the Difference?

Everyone agrees to the statement that game is such a big industry nowadays, remembering that young generations play the game daily. The game industry has been developed so much these late few years since. Game developers have worked hard to create something new presenting in the games so that they could bring the players new challenges and experiences.

That can be seen in how many genres and themes that games have now started from battle, adventure, science, farming, and many more themes and genre. The developers keep improving their creativity by presenting magnificent storylines that the movie director is interested to adapt into a movie.

That is such a milestone for the development of games. One of the games that likely adapt into a movie is Borderlands video games. It is announced that Kevin Hart will be participating in the new movie to play Roland character from the game. Roland is one of the most iconic characters from the game with Scorpio Turret as his notable signature and his impressive skills.

However, it is still unclear how close will the adaptation be because the process is still ongoing. Thus, if you are a Borderlands game lover, you will be interested in this movie. Besides, do you play both Borderlands GOTY and Enhanced? Borderlands GOTY vs Enhanced, lots of players like to compare those games because of their differences. But what are their differences?

What’s The Main Difference Between Borderlands GOTY And Enhanced?

Some most eminent contrasts between Borderlands GOTY vs Enhanced are:

  • Enhanced is more expensive than Borderlands GOTY. The price is $12.99 for Borderlands in most versions, while the price is $29.99 for Enhanced.
  • The graphics of Borderlands features have been changed, while Enhanced includes the Borderlands GOTY features plus four of Borderlands game original DLC.

What Type Of Game Is Borderlands?

If you are familiar with Fortnite or Overwatch, you will be familiar as well with Borderlands. This game has some loots to find out, fast action, and a slew of amazing weapons. Borderlands is getting famous because of its humor sense and stylized graphics.

However, the main reason is that the action-adventure aspects bring the player to have amazing experiences and adventures in the game and these games have some differences such as Borderlands GOTY vs Enhanced. Here are some specific classifications of the type of game Borderlands.

Action Role Playing

Role-playing action game is a type of game that mostly focuses on combat and it is usually the combination of adventure-action games and role-playing games. Players can play few characters or only one character in single-player or multiplayer online games. Acting role-playing game is such a fast-paced game that requires the players to be quick.

Moreover, this type of game also usually has health statistics that show the condition of the avatar, skills, and also weapons they use. There are also some more focuses such as fending off enemies, acquiring weapons, and building skills.

First Person Shooter Game

The first-person shooter game is one of the most popular types of game, and Borderlands is one of them. This type of game will give the player an experience of being a sniper where they have a point of view from the first person while doing the battle.

The players will explore the world in the game and be a guard that they must shoot the enemies to survive. This kind of game is very popular in the authentic form, besides massive multiplayer and free-to-play games are popular as well.

Loot Shooters

Loot shooter is a type of game in which players need to compile weapons and also gather resources to fight the enemies. Borderlands also includes this type of game since the way players play this game is also similar.

In Borderlands, they need to shoot enemies and find some resources to save them. Most loot shooter games refer to armor, survival equipment, and weapons. Some of the games will have special tasks such as defeating the enemies and accumulating power to keep alive.

What Is Borderlands Gameplay Like?

Comparing Borderlands GOTY vs Enhanced, you need to know how this game looks like. Starting from the original Borderlands until the Borderlands 3 gameplay is mostly based on first-person shoot looting style and the action-adventure. This game is most likely get inspired by Doom and Diablo games. After a player chooses her/his avatar, they need to improve their avatar’s skills, defeating enemies, special abilities, collecting loot, and embarking on quests.

Is Borderlands An Open World?

Every Borderlands game series, Borderlands GOTY vs Enhanced, is an open world that completes the gameplay with face-paced for the first-person game. The open world is called Pandora which is a mysterious and dangerous planet where there are lots of dangerous creatures there. The characters in the game need to survive on the planet and fight those creatures.

Some of the Borderlands game series also involve the moon of Pandora planet. That moon is called Elpis. The landscape of Pandora is searing-hot deserts, filled with vicious wildlife and evil bandits who try so hard to exploit the resources of the Pandora planet. The players need to use the map well to detect Pandora planet.

What Is The Looting System Like?

The players will get numbers of loots from their enemies after they win the battle and claim their enemies’ loots. The looting system of this game includes collecting sniper rifles, shotguns, shield generators, class modifications, assault rifles, and grenade modifications. That is also supported with health statistics, special abilities, and skill trees.

This game will be more interesting because once your avatar gets special abilities, so your enemies do. But you do not need to worry because this game requires you as a player countless wonderful different weapon combinations and powerful guns to collect. You can also find these guns on the vending machines you can find in the game.

Shortly, the looting system will change as your avatar levels up and progresses through the whole game. The loot system in Borderlands allows the player to choose the multiplayer mode that can be played by up to 4 players as you team members. The loot will be more significant when you keep playing. On the other side, the enemies are also getting stronger as you are to make the game more interesting.

What System Requirements Are Required For Borderlands?

There are some requirements for players’ devices to be able to play Borderlands GOTY vs Enhanced games. Windows must at least have a processor with 2.4 GHz, huge hard drive-free storage, RAM 16 GB, and 256GB or more video graphics are some requirements to get a better experience playing the Borderlands game. Besides, this game is also available for Xbox One.

If your device is below the requirements, I worry that you will experience some lags or any other problems that may distract you while playing the game. For a laptop, you should use a gaming laptop or decent laptop to get the experience of playing this game smoothly.

What’s The Difference Between Borderlands GOTY Vs Enhanced?

If you like to play first-person shooter games, both Borderlands GOTY vs Enhanced series and other series must be on your list. But some players are still confused with the series somehow. In this case, Borderlands GOTY (Game of the Year) and Borderlands Enhanced. Some might get confused about the differences between Borderlands GOTY vs Enhanced, so here are some things you should know to choose the right decision.

You need to keep in mind that the biggest difference between Borderlands GOTY and Enhanced is not related to the base gameplay or even the graphics. The actual difference is that you will get additional content in the Enhanced version. Borderland Enhanced will get everything in Borderlands GOTY, but there is additional DLC in Enhanced.

To make it clearer, here are mentioned some features you will get from Borderlands GOTY and try to find out the additional contents from Enhanced.

Borderlands GOTY

Borderlands GOTY vs Enhanced, Borderlands GOTY is the updated version of Borderlands, presented with some new graphics and core features. This game is available on the Windows platform and Xbox One which becomes something fresh for classic first-player games that needs to be explored more. You also need to keep in mind that Borderlands GOTY has nothing to do with Borderlands 2 or 3 because it does not include any content.

Mini Gameplay Features

Some classic gameplay features of Borderlands original are included in Borderlands GOTY in the first-shooter action with fast-faced. The role-playing shooter will allow players to play the avatar that has been chosen in a first-person perspective mode. There is also character progression to make sure to see the progress of the characters on improving their abilities and skill trees.

There are a bunch of weapons with numerous combinations to help the character’s survival. Moreover, there is something to excite you more, which is vehicles. The players can enjoy the battle from a vehicle and they also can control that vehicle.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer mode is such a milestone for the GOTY edition because players can play the game in a team with 4 other members. This multiplayer mode is also presenting you with a great experience with dramatic dynamics to the gameplay. You can enjoy the cooperative mode with your members and enjoy it from your game chair.

Price And Availability

You can get Borderlands GOTY for under $15, and lucky for you if you use Xbox One because you can afford it cheaper, $12.99. It might be kinda hard for you to find the Borderlands GOTY version, especially from third-party sellers. And do not forget that this game is also available for the Windows platform.

Borderlands Goty Enhanced

Borderlands Enhanced is just like the updated version of Borderlands GOTY, only added by more additional features on DLC. The additional DLC and the double price tag are the main differences from GOTY. For the addition, you will get the base Borderlands GOTY version and all DLC Borderlands original. It does not include the DLC for Borderlands 2 and 3.

E Zombie Island

E Zombie Island is the name of the setting of this game. This island might seem harmless at first, but the island is filled with zombies and dangerous enemies. If you are a big fan of the zombie game, you will definitely like this game because of the immersive experience.  This game provides new explorable areas but you need to be careful with the strong yet dangerous enemies who are ready to make you fail to do your mission.

Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution

Claptrap is a new enemy for you and it is a deadly robot that has its mind and likes to attack you and your team. The combat with the robot will increase the tension of the science-fiction futuristic feel and it also will shake the combat. Prepare your best weapon and strategies to fight this enemy.

Secret Armory Of General Knoxx

Secret Armory of General Knoxx is a feature additional weapon and it is special because it adds more backstory to the Borderlands’ world. This feature is also a great improvement from the original one. The backstory gives a more immersive and vivid feeling to the world like in Borderlands.

Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot

Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot is a new addition to the competitive arena filled with hundreds of new enemies. Those enemies in the arena make the gameplay more intense. The intensity of the combat in Borderlands is also great for players who like fast-paced action.

Price And Availability

As mentioned before that Enhanced has double the price as Borderlands GOTY, it costs $29.99 on Steam for Windows and Xbox through Gamestop. It is quite expensive to compare with Borderlands GOTY which is only 12.99. But if you take a look at the DLC additional features, it is worth it because the original price for each DLC is about $10 each.

Free Alternatives Of Borderland

If you like Borderlands games but you do not have the required device or money to buy one, there are some alternatives you may try.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an alternative for you because this game presents you with first-person shooter combat in the mysterious solar system. Try to unlock the element abilities and collect gear to modify your avatar. Your avatar will be called a Guardian because they will guard the solar system from some villains. There are some groups of the guardians such as Mystic Warlock, Swift Hunter, and Armoured Titan.


Another good alternative for you is Zandronum which is developed by a Doomseeker developer. This is a multiplayer game that can be played up to 64 players in deathmatch, cooperative, capture the flag, invasion, possession, domination, and other game modes. This game is also supported by GZDoom and ZDoom features. This game is great because of its graphics and storylines.

FAQs Borderlands GOTY Vs Enhanced

Is Borderlands Game of the Year Edition worth it?

Borderland GOTY provides players some updated graphics that will give a more exciting experience to the players. This edition is also the updated one of Borderlands origin. Besides, this edition is available at a pretty reasonable price that you can apply on Windows and also Xbox One.

The best answer for this question is by considering your preference, but if you see it in general, this game is worth trying. If you already try to play the original Borderlands or Borderlands 2/3, and you feel the satisfaction, that will be good for you then. but if you want to give it a try for Borderland GOTY, you will not be disappointed with its graphics.

What does Borderlands Game of the Year Edition include?

Borderlands GOTY edition includes some substantial visual upgrades, all four add-on packs, new weapons, and quality of life improvements. Besides, this edition also includes a complete and comprehensive map so that you can explore the mysterious island well.

Can I run Borderlands Game of the Year enhanced?

To make sure that you have a great experience during the game, you need to complete the device requirements that have been explained above. Borderlands GOTY is also working well on Xbox One. if you already complete the requirements but still find some lags, try to clear out the memory you do not use in your device.

Can Borderlands GOTY play with GOTY enhanced?

You cannot play at the same time with your friend who plays Borderlands GOTY while you own the Borderland Enhanced. So, the cross-platforming of this game is still not available, hoping that this issue will be fixed soon.

Do I need to play Borderlands 1 before 2?

The Borderlands game is linked to each other, but it does not mean that you have to start it from Borderlands 1. This game has easy understood storyline so that players can start to play the game from any edition. Feel free to play the game from any edition you like.

Is Borderlands still worth playing?

It depends on your preference for the game you like. If you like the storyline, the graphics, the setting, the play mode, then this game is worth playing.

Final Thoughts

In short, both Borderlands GOTY and Enhanced are similar since Enhanced has everything that GOTY has. Besides, both of these games are also different because Enhanced has additional features that you cannot find in Borderlands GOTY.

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