Endless Space 2 Vs Stellaris: Which One is Best for You?

Those who love science fiction games with space as the background will surely know one of the top games in the market, Stellaris. This can be seen by the number of people playing this game in April 2021, which reached its peak of 22,192 players. Other than Stellaris, there is also Endless Space 2, which people say is alike? However, what is the difference between these two, and which is the best to play between Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris?

Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris: What’s the Big Difference?

Even though many people say that Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris are almost the same, many also say that once they play and get deep in it, they find many differences between them. One of the most different things between these two is the complexity. For those looking for a simpler game that can be finished in around 100 turns, then the Endless Space 2 is better.

Game Overview of Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris

On the other hand, if players like a more challenging game that can never come to and, then Stellaris is surely the choice. So, it does come back to personal preference and how people like to play them. However, if you are still not sure which game is better to play between these two, then it is best to know more about each game. Here are some more details about Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris that you should know:

1. Endless Space 2


Endless Space 2 is a sequel science-fiction game that was first released in 2017. The game itself is set in a universe where there are many races inside. Players will get the chance to choose between the 12 major fractions inside which will also be their characters inside the game. Then, they will also be given control to rule the fractions by conquering the system.

Each system inside the game has different kinds of conditions, starting from the climates, environment to structures. Therefore, players must know the condition of their system and develop it as well as possible.

However, developing the system will not be as they think because there will be some constraints throughout the game such as the cold war against empires. Players must be ready to get attacked by other empires that want to rule the system. Make sure to think of some battle tactics to fight against the enemy.

The key to winning the game is by getting some victory in each battle. By winning each battle, players will get points that they can use for many things. Normally, players can end this game around a few nights or in around 100 turns.

2. Stellaris

Stellaris is also a game that takes place in space. Just like Endless Space 2, at the beginning of the game, players get the chance to choose which race they want to be. Each race has different characters that will also help the player throughout the game. Then, players can start exploring the universe and build their empires in empty places. However, it is important to know that not all planets are available, so make sure to be careful.

As it is placed in space, players will see many planets and figures such as aliens or other races that live in other places. There are animals in the game, but they may be a bit weird as they are space animals. Remember that each species and race in the game has different characteristics which will also determine how you react to them. Players can choose between working together or going against them by declaring war.

One of the great things about is the different experiences that players will face each time they play the game. Even though they have played it hundreds of times, they might not face the same situation as before. And this is what makes the game fun and always exciting to play!

Comparing Endless Space 2 to Stellaris: Which Game is Right for You?

After knowing the overview of each game, which is better between Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris? Well, before answering this question, the answer depends on the aspects first. Endless Space 2 can be better as an aspect, while Stellaris is better at another aspect. So, to help figure out which game is better in what aspects here are a comparison between the two games from different aspects:

1. Gameplay

One of the main purposes people play games is so they can win the game and beat other players. Well, if you play Endless Space 2, you can get the opportunity to win the game by collecting points when you complete a mission or a battle. However, this doesn’t mean that the game is short because it can take days or even weeks to finish the whole game.

Unlike Endless Space 2, Stellaris is a bit different and doesn’t give a particular result. Players may win a battle or war but that doesn’t mean that they have won the game. Therefore, this game is great for those who just like to play to fill their time rather than achieving a certain result.

2. Storyline

The next thing many people think about between Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris is the storyline of the game. For those who like to play in a game with an interesting story then Endless Space 2 is surely the winner. Each phase of the game has different and interesting stories that will make the player even curious about how the game will go. There are also many conversations and interactions between the players and other characters in the game.

On the other hand, for those who prefer to focus more on the game rather than the storyline, then Stellaris is the best option. The storyline of the game is only available in the beginning and there isn’t much interaction between the players or characters inside.

3. Planet Bases

When playing the game, players can see that the number of planets in Stellaris is much more than Endless Space 2. However, if talking about the planet bases between Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris, Endless Space 2 must be the winner.

Despite the various types and number of planets in Stellaris, not many are habitable and can be built up for structures. Players can develop infinite surface points and populations but that is all. However, even though this is a minus point of the game, to some players this is the challenge of the game.

As for Endless Space 2, the numbers of planets are fewer than Stellaris. However, most of them are habitable and can be built up with new structures. Endless Space 2 also has space stations that they can build without having to be on a planet. Therefore, you can say that the game is easier to play compared to Stellaris.

4. Speed and Turns

One of the biggest differences between Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris that people may notice is the turn-based. In Stellaris, players can take full control of the speed of the game. Players can choose to play in normal modes, or fast the time in days, weeks, or even months. By being able to do this, the player won’t need to waste any time and set the best strategy for the game.

Whereas in Endless Space 2, the game is in real-time. The turns are done at the same time so players will play at the same time and moment. A new turn will start only when a player clicks the End Turn button which will end that session.

5. Fleet Management

When it comes to fleet management, many players admit that Stellaris has better fleets compared to Endless Space 2. In this game, the ships are larger and more advanced. Even though they are not used every day, however, players must be ready when war comes. Therefore, make sure to upgrade your fleets regularly, even though it can be quite pricey.

As for Endless Space 2, the fleets aren’t as advanced. However, many people say that the simple fleets in this game are more effective, especially when it comes to wars. But overall, the fleets management in both games is great and useful.

6. The Spaceships

The spaceships in the two games are most likely like fleet management. Both games have ships for purpose use such as war. However, when it comes to a more varied option and bigger size spaceship, Stellaris is the winner. With the spaceships inside this game, players can explore the universe using the start paths provided in the ships.

As for Ending Space 2, the ships are a bit similar however they are made simpler to use. The size and speed are not as good as Stellaris but good enough for wandering around the universe.

7. Galaxy Map

One of the similarities of these two games is they both take place in space. However, when it comes to galaxy maps in Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris, Stellaris is better in so many ways. First, the galaxy in Stellaris is much bigger and has more various planets and characters. Players can also explore the galaxy using the ships they have and explore new places.

On the other hand, Endless is quite smaller and has fewer planets to discover. So, after a few games, players can memorize the location of each planet in the universe. However, this can be an advantage for players especially for those who want to expand their empire.

8. The Core

In both games, some territories limit the empire of each player. In Stellaris, players will get a punishment if they do against or pass the limits. To prevent this from happening, players can use mechanical partitions to make the limits clear. As for Endless Space 2, the game is more flexible and easier as there is no limitation.

9. Traditional End-Game Goals

Another main difference between Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris is how the games end. When you play Stellaris, don’t expect that the game will end soon with a happy victory. Because this game is continuous and more like a simulator rather than a game. So, it can be a bit tiring for some players, especially for those who have big ambitions. Overall, you can say that the game is almost like Civilization: Space and Galaxies XL.

As for Endless Space 2, there is a goal that players can achieve. Players can win the game by collecting scores when they accomplish a certain mission. So, for those looking for a certain purpose, this game is best to play.

10. Surface-Level Micromanagement

To build an empire, players in both games must dominate a planet. However, the ways to dominate the planet in each game are a bit different. You can say that dominating the planets in Endless Space 2 is simpler and easier to do. Rather than having to build buildings, the system will establish them throughout the planet.

Whereas in Stellaris, to colonize a planet, players must first create buildings and furnish the inside too. Players must also organize the resources on the planet so they can develop well during the game. So, for those asking about the surface-level micromanagement between Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris 2,

11. Varying Political System

Other than building an empire, in both games, players must also develop a political system in each area. Players can decide what they want to be by considering their abilities in the game. However, in Endless Space 2 the government is a bit more complicated and has more variety of types. Some of the governments available in this game are Scientists, Pacifists to Religious Groups.

FAQs About Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris

Now after knowing more about these two games, there are still many curiosity and questions that many players are wondering. Before asking them, try to read some of the most questions asked from people around the world:

1. Which is Better Stellaris or Endless Space 2?

Both games are interesting to play, as they both take place in space. For those looking for a game that has great visual and more intense gameplay, then the answer is, Stellaris is better than Endless Space 2. This game is also continuous, so players can continue to play without having to worry about losing or winning.

Whereas Endless Space 2 has more limited visuals and its tech is not as advanced as Endless Space 2. However, if you are looking for a game that is more focused on a target or winning, then Endless Space 2 is better. But if you want to try one game first, try Stellaris first then Endless Space 2.

2. Is Endless Space 2 Easier Than Stellaris?

Endless Space 2 does feel easier to play as it is simpler and there is a clear target to achieve. However, at the beginning of the game, it can feel a bit dauntless and hard. Once players start playing the game routinely and can get the hang of it, this game does feel easier than Stellaris which is more complex and complicated.

3. What Other Games are Like Stellaris & Endless Space 2?

There are many other kinds of science fiction games in the market that are almost like Stellaris and Endless Space 2. Some take place in space while others conquer lands that have never been revealed before.

One of the games that are most like Stellaris is Master of Orion. In this classical game, players must also choose between ten options of races that have different beliefs and characters. Then, with the race they choose, they must explore the galaxy, build alliances, and get ready to face some war. However, the only thing about this game is it is not as advanced as Stellaris.

As for players looking for games like Endless Space 2 or even better, then try AI War 2. Just like Endless Space 2, this real-time strategy plays where players must fight against the enemies to secure mankind. However, this will not be an easy task, as many enemies will occur overtime to destroy the planet.

4. Is Endless Space Like Endless Legend?

Overall, the concept between Endless Space 2 and Endless Legend is similar. In both games, players need to lead a faction and build their empire so that they can win the game. However, in Endless Legend, players also must focus on their people and Auriga so that it doesn’t disappear or becomes uninhabitable.

5. Is Stellaris the Best Space 4x Game?

Well, many people have said that Stellaris is the best space 4x game there is now in the market. Not only is it a great strategy game but the visuals and sounds of the game are also great. And this is one of the reasons why people say that Stellaris is one of the best in the market.

Final Words

Overall, these two games are very interesting and fun to play, especially for those looking for some challenge in strategy games. For those who are more interested in quick pace, simulating, and looking for a non-ending game, then surely Stellaris is the best choice. Players can even explore the universe and discover many new things while playing the game.

As for those looking for something simpler and easy to complete, then Endless Space 2 is the answer. However, don’t expect that the visual and tech will be as good as Stellaris because it is still below. So, overall, if you had to choose to play Endless Space 2 vs Stellaris, try Stellaris first!

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