Top 20 Offline Games for Girl on Android 2024

Everyone loves to play games! Whether they are offline game for girl, war, racing, or even sports games, everyone just loves it. This fact can be seen from the number of gaming apps in the Google Play App Store that has increased 11.9% from 2020. In 2020, there were only 427.056 games, as for this year, it has achieved 477.877 mobile apps.

List of Top 20 Offline Games for Girl on Android 2024

Who says that games are only for boys? Just like boys, girls love to play games to have fun and fill their time. Well, luckily, there are many offline games for girls that are just as fun as the ones the boys have. Whether you like make-up, cooking, or dancing, Android has it all. So, if you are looking for a fun and girly game to play, check the list below!

1. Girl Hotel Hostess Resort Paradise

Girl Hotel Hostess Resort Paradise

For those ever wondering how it would be to work as a hotel hostess, then play Girl Hotel Hostess Resort Paradise. In this game, players will play as a hostess in the Resort Paradise. As a resort that is starting to become popular, the management is hoping the hostess will give a great service to the customers, so they feel satisfied.

Now, to make sure the customer feels satisfies; players must complete some duties as a girl hostess. At first, there were only a few simple tasks. However, as the players complete higher levels, the tasks will become more difficult to do. There will also be some mini-games that players will need to compete in each level. One of the tasks players will need to do is be at a reception to receive guests when they want to check-in.

Don’t forget to also prepare the welcome drinks for the guests, so they feel happy. Before they come into the room, make sure all the rooms are already clean, including the balcony. Make sure to do all these tasks well to get a good start from the guests.

2. Supermarket Grocery Superstore Girl

Supermarket Grocery Superstore Supermarket Games

Another interesting offline game for girl like the one above but placed in a supermarket is the Supermarket Grocery Superstore Girl. However, in this game, players will not only be able to be the cashier but also have the time to be the customers where they can shop as much as they want. The good thing is all the supermarket stores and aisles are unlocked, so it becomes more exciting!

However, if you’re looking for more tasks to do then being the supermarket manager is the best option. In this mode, players will have to do many things from being a cashier, cleaning up the store to tagging the tags on the product. To go to a higher level, players must complete the task with the minimum score required.

3. Kawaii Coloring Book Glitter

Kawaii Coloring Book Glitter

An offline game for girl that is fun for all ages is surely the Kawaii Coloring Book Glitter. Just like the name, this is a coloring book game, where girls can get creative in coloring the pictures. However, a great thing about this game is that it doesn’t only provide plain color crayons but also glitters that will make the pictures cuter and more girly!

Even though this is a coloring activity, the game is great for kids and adults. By playing this game, players will feel happier, relaxed, and develop their creativity more simply. And the best part is this game is available offline and can be downloaded for free!

Kawaii Coloring Book Glitter
Kawaii Coloring Book Glitter

4. Fashion Tycoon

Fashion Tycoon

If you’re a fashion lover, then make sure to play Fashion Tycoon. As fashion lovers, players can make their dreams come true by designing their dresses, shirts to pants. However, like in the real world, players will have to start from a small studio, with limited customers. If their customers get satisfied, they will get more popular and can even make their empire.

A great thing about this offline game for girls, is it feels real. Players will get an experiment to choose any fabrics they want, cut them, and design them into what they want. They can also receive orders from customers with different tastes. But for those who accept the orders, make sure to complete them on time to get an extra point! Last, don’t forget to take pictures of the dresses made and put them in the game catalog.

Fashion Tycoon
Fashion Tycoon
Price: Free

5. Cooking Talent – Restaurant Fever

Cooking Talent Restaurant fever

The next offline game for girl that is fun, and challenging is the Cooking Talent – Restaurant Fever. Like the games before, players will have to manage the restaurant to satisfy their customers. However, as a cooking game, players will need to make a delicious burger, that is not to burn or raw. So, make sure to pay attention to the time when you cook the burger.

For starters, don’t worry, the game will start easy and slowly get harder as you complete the level. There are also many prizes that players can collect when they accomplish a level. Those who want to develop their restaurant and get more customers can complete the truck games that occur once in a while.

Cooking Talent - Restaurant fever
Cooking Talent - Restaurant fever

6. Cooking Games – Sweet Cookies

Cooking Games Sweet Cookies

The next recommended game for girls is the Cooking Games – Sweet Games. This is a simpler version of cooking games that is suitable for kids to play. Not only are the ingredients simpler but the process is also easier. Some of the cookies that kids will have to bake in the game are candy cookies, which start to soften sugar cake.

One of the great things about this baking game is it is not only about baking. In this game, kids can also learn the names of the ingredients by shopping and develop their creativity by decorating the cookies. So, for those who want their kids to play and learn, this is surely a great offline game for girl.

Baking Cookies - Cooking Game
Baking Cookies - Cooking Game
Developer: MWE Games
Price: Free

7. Jojo Siwa – Live to Dance

JoJo Siwa Live to Dance

Live to Dance is surely one of the free offline games that all girls should have on their phones. In this colorful game, players can get the chance to dress up their characters just like a superstar and learn how to dance. Once they can dance, the players will then have to come on stage and become a superstar. In this game, kids can learn many kinds of dances such as hip-hop, slow-moving to Rn B.

During the makeup process, they will also get fashion tips from Jojo! Therefore, players will not only show their great dance but also show that they are real superstars.

8. Sky Girls – Flight Attendants

Sky Girls Flight Attendants

Have you ever wondered about being a flight attendant but also being able to make your uniform? If so, then this offline game for girl, is surely a great option to play. Satisfy the passengers in the plane by smiling, giving a good attitude, and bringing in what they need. If you can satisfy the passengers, then you can get a greater career ahead.

An interesting thing about this game is that it will bring you around the world. As a flight attendants, players will go on a plane that will bring them to countries around the world. Therefore, be ready to explore the world throughout the game, from Japan, Brazil to France!

Sky Girls - Flight Attendants
Sky Girls - Flight Attendants
Developer: TabTale
Price: Free

9. Magical Hair Salon: Girl Makeover

Magical Hair Salon Girl Makeover

An offline game for girl that is always a favorite is makeover games. Those looking for a simple and classical game of makeover can try the Magical Hair Salon: Girl Makeover. There are two modes available in the game, the first is the competition mode whereas the second one is the free mode. Those who want to go against other players from the game can choose the first option. However, if you just want to do some makeover, then choose the second mode.

This game is also great because it is like a real salon. First of all, it provides customers that will require a certain model. The salon itself also provides complete equipment and accessories to support the players, starting from scissors, curling iron, and paints for coloring the hairs.

Magical Hair Salon
Magical Hair Salon
Developer: Joy Journey Girls
Price: Free

10. Acrobat Star Show

Acrobat Star Show

The acrobat star show is an offline game for girl that not many people may know. This game is not about satisfying customers or passengers, but players can show off their talents in an Acrobat Star Show! Rather than cooking, players will have to show acrobatic moves such as twisting, spinning to flipping in the sky, and impress the judges. So, to win the game, players must get the highest score among the contestants.

However, before the contest, players can give some touches to the characters. Make them look pretty by choosing a pretty dress and make sure to put some make-up on. During the contest, make sure not to fall and get injured. Because if this happens, then players will need to bring them to the doctors.

11. Fashion Fever – Dress Up, Styling and Supermodels

Fashion Fever Dress Up Styling and Supermodels

An offline game for girl that loves fashion but can’t design clothes is Fashion Fever. This game is perfect for those who can’t design clothes but loves to mix and match different clothes from popular designers. As a fashion designers, players will have the chance to dress up celebrities for red carpet events, movie shows, and many more.

Fashion Fever: Dress Up Game
Fashion Fever: Dress Up Game
Developer: Tapps Games
Price: Free

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12. Fitness Girl – Dance & Play

Fitness Girl Dance Play

A healthy game that players can follow too is the Fitness Girl. This offline game for girl will consist of cool coaches that will show students and participants how to stay healthy with some active moves. In this game, players will have to be creative by creating new moves to make their participants healthy. However, as a coach, players must also work out to stay in shape and healthy.

13. My Teacher – Classroom Play

My Teacher Classroom Play

Have you ever wondered how you would be if you were a teacher of elementary students? If so, then you might want to check it out from the game, My Teacher. In this game, you can be a cool and fun teacher that will make the students love you and come to school. However, as a teacher, players must also pay attention to what they will teach to the students.

Just like a real teacher, players must plan on what activities they will do with the students. As it is for young students, there are many fun activities available from petting animals, decorating the class to playing puzzles.

My Teacher - Classroom Play
My Teacher - Classroom Play
Developer: TabTale
Price: Free

14. Rich Girl Mall

Rich Girl Mall Shopping Game

An offline game for girl that will surely make you happy and wish it was real is the Rich Girl Mall. There is no competition in this game, however, it is still fun to play, especially if you love shopping. By playing this game, you will find out how it feels to live with unlimited money and go shopping whatever you like.

You can also do some make-over to make your looks more stunning than ever! To make the game even more fun there are some mini-games inside. By completing these games, new products and activities will be released for you to complete. So, make sure not to miss the fun games there are inside the Rich Girl Mall.

15. Roller Skating Girls

Roller Skating Girls

Have fun by designing your roller skates for the upcoming events and match them up with some cute dresses. With Roller Skating Girls, you’ll have to be ready to become a star in the ring and show some skating dance abilities to blow off the judges. However, you’ll also have to look good throughout the competition, so make sure to put on some makeup and dress up in some cute outfits.

Before joining the competition, players can first practice their moves in the selected arena. Once they are ready, get prepared by going to the salon to get your hair and nails done. You can choose between the looks the salons have too. Last but most importantly, make sure not to get injured while doing the skating moves.

Roller Skating Girls
Roller Skating Girls

16. Frozen Free Fall

Disney Frozen Free Fall Play Frozen Puzzle Games

Play with Princess Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and other characters from Frozen in the Frozen Free Fall Game. Join them for a fun and interesting adventure by completing the tasks and mini-games provided in the game. Once a game is completed, more characters will be opened and can be used to play the game.

One of the small games available inside the crystal ice game. In this game, players must put 3 colors of crystal together to make it break. When all the crystals break, they will receive something surprising such as new characters, weapons, and even power up their strength.

Disney Frozen Free Fall Games
Disney Frozen Free Fall Games

17. Real Cake Maker 3D

Real Cake Maker 3D Bakery

Start baking in the Real Cake Maker 3D. As the name suggests, the cakes inside the game are made in a 3D feature, therefore it will look interesting and real, even though it is just a cartoon. Players will get the chance to decorate the cake as they like and send them to friends or participate in a baking contest.

For those who are new to baking don’t worry because there are some learning lessons at the beginning of the game. There are also tons of recipes with complete professional baking tools that will make the game look real and exciting. Last, make sure to be creative when decorating the 3D Cake.

18. Farmville 2: Country Escape

FarmVille 2 Country Escape

This is a great game that can be played by both girls and boys. Even though it seems a bit unchallenging, this game is great for those looking for some relaxing time. Overall, the game is almost like the harvest moon, however, the main attention here is the animals.

To make sure that the animals grow well, develop the farm, and provide enough food for them. Overall, the game is free to download, however, there are contents inside that are locked. To open it up, players must first complete a certain task, collect some money, then they can open the contents and features.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape
FarmVille 2: Country Escape
Developer: Zynga
Price: Free

19. My Talking Angela

My Talking Angela

For parents who are looking for a famous offline game for girl that is simple to play with, then My Talking Angela is surely a great option. Angela, the main character of the game, is a pretty cat that loves to do many things. However, to make her more pretty, players can dress her up and put on some makeup. Some outfits will make her look cuter than ever.

However, Angela is not a normal cat. She loves to do many things that normal cats won’t do such as ballet, listening to music, or doing some magic. So, by playing with Angela, kids will surely have fun playing dress-up and make-up even though with a cartoon cat.

My Talking Angela
My Talking Angela
Developer: Outfit7 Limited
Price: Free

20. DIY Fashion Star – Design Game

DIY Fashion Star Design Game

The last offline game for girl on the list that is worth trying is the DIY Fashion Star. This game is a combination of making new clothes and mixing them up with top designer clothes. Then, make sure they are worn by top celebrities at great events so you can be more popular in the game. One of the fun features of the game is the players can pretend to be real designers and upload their videos online.

Final Note

So, while making the dress, they can record it then pretend to upload it to a real video channel. With these many options of games, no one should get bored playing games. However, if you are confused about which offline game for girl to start with, then start with your hobby. Those who love cooking can try baking games. Those who like to be active can try the Hotel Resort games.

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