10 Best Birth Games for Adults (Android & iOS) 2024

Giving birth can be overwhelming even for adults. Some women feel nervous, unsure, and even scared. Fortunately, there are pregnancy simulator games to help you prepare for your pregnancy. Birth games for adults are available for iOS and Android. Thanks to technology and game makers, women can now simulate how they may be giving birth.

But, birth games for adults contain a scene that may be too scary to see. So, you need to prepare yourself and choose the most comfortable games for you. It is genuinely just to prepare yourself for the very special moment of your life. Let’s check them up!

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List of 10 Best Birth Games for Adults (Android & iOS) 2024

If you happen to be a married woman, newly-wed, or simply just a woman who wants to prepare the pregnancy, you should play this game. Birth games are actually a simulator of how actually giving birth is. It is true that giving birth is something magical. But for some people, it could be stressful. So, please check the below recommendation for best birth games for adults:

1. Mommy Pregnancy Newborn Baby Care

Mommy Pregnancy Newborn Baby Care

A pregnant woman needs to build up some responsibility and this game will help you. It is a game that allows you to act as a newborn babysitter and a pregnant woman. You will experience how to take care of newborn babies and also a pregnant mom in more than 10 mini-games.

Here you will experience –in a fun way- how doctors or nurses take care of pregnant women. As a doctor, you have to measure the tummy, check the temperature, and even check the vital organ. But don’t worry it comes in a very fun and cute way. Even kids will love it.

The best part is when you have to take care of a newborn. The newborn itself is adorable and you can give him a shower, feed him, and also put some powder to make him smell good. It is up to your taste of fashion when it comes to dressing him.

It is true that sometimes a newborn is a little bit cranky. Especially when he needs a diaper change. So, you have to change it so he will be as good as new again. Right after the diaper changing, you can play with them. You can take him fishing. This newborn baby seems to can’t wait to explore everything!

Download : ANDROID

2. Virtual Mother New Baby Twins Family Simulator

The next birth game for adults is Virtual Mother New Baby Twins Family Simulator. This is fun because you can pretend that you own a big house with a big family. If that’s not enough, you will have twins! In these fun games, you will play a multitasking mom who takes care of active twins and the house.

You, as the mom, must do the household job such as dishwashing, mopping the floor, cooking for dinner, shopping, and even gardening. This is all you have to do plus take care of your twins. Yes, you are such a busy mom.

Besides a busy day doing household chores, you still have an important role as a mom. You have to play with your twins, stroll them to get to know the neighborhood, and also watch over them while you cook. If you happen to be pregnant with twins while playing this, then you’ll be ready when they are born.

This game is so exciting because it is available in 3D experience. It is like taking you to the very real life of a busy mom in a big house. You will be like seeing yourself because the 3D version makes it so real. Fortunately, it is available for Android and iOS.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

3. Maternity Doctor Newborn Baby Game

maternity doctor newborn baby

If your childhood dream is to become a doctor, then this is it. In this game, you will be a gynecologist which helps pregnant women. This game allows you to experience how to be a doctor because everything seems so real. Even if it’s just a simulator, you’ll be playing a very interesting medical game.

You have two options in this game. You can choose whether to become a surgeon doctor or general doctor. Each option has its particular excitement. For example, as a surgeon doctor, you must do surgery to get the baby out. This job includes cutting the umbilical cord and cleaning the newborn.

Another procedure such as dressing the baby is also part of the job. But, don’t worry you will be bored with the medical treatment games because this game has various activities. Since you are now a doctor, you must treat your patient decently and genuinely. Too bad this game is only available for Android.

Download : ANDROID 

4. Pregnant Mommy & Newborn Baby

Pregnant Mommy & Newborn Baby

This game is a basic baby and pregnant caring game but it is so relaxing. You won’t be stressed out of packed activity and tasks. In this game, your role is as a doctor who gives treatment to a pregnant woman. Your job includes measuring the belly, checking temperature, and also heartbeats.

You will help pregnant moms prepare for delivering a baby in a scheduled period. After doing the above-mentioned treatment, you will check how the baby’s going through the screen. The treatment will be checking the baby’s heartbeat as well as his size. Fun, isn’t it?

A pregnant woman needs nutrition and this is also your job. Make sure mommy eats well by giving her fruits, medicine, reading her a book, and even plays her some music to comfort her. And when the time comes to deliver the baby, you will help her. Don’t be nervous, because it is just a game. This game is available only for iOS.

Download : iOS

5. ER Hospital 1- Zombie Mommy Pregnancy Games

Just because she is a zombie doesn’t mean she doesn’t need help. This birth game for adults is very unique and interesting. Actually, it’s not the actual zombie who will have a baby. The set is in a city that has been attacked by a nuclear power plant. This makes all expecting mothers undergo surgery immediately.

Arzt hotline is a lifesaver because they help all of the expecting mothers sent to the ER. The situation at the ER is crazy because having surgery in a tight and rush period is such a challenge. But, thanks to the crazy doctor Cara, all of the pregnant mommy is going to be okay.

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You will be playing as Cara, the doctor, and must give examination before operating surgery. It is a medical examination such as a complete body examination. This game is so much fun because you will experience a real-life situation at the chaotic hospital and ER. Don’t hesitate to download this simulator game that is available on Google Play Store.

Download : ANDROID

6. Pregnant Mother Simulator

Pregnant Mother Simulator

This is actually a virtual pregnancy game that will give you the experience of real-life pregnancy. As a simulator game for baby birth, this game has a likely real scene of a doctor operating a USG examination on a pregnant woman. Another excitement is that you will also experience how to be a pregnant woman.

Playing as a pregnant woman, you must go through every semester of your pregnancy. Each semester has different types of treatment and rules. For example, you are not allowed to use stairs in your first semester to avoid miscarriage. You will find more activity in this mini-game.

In another mini-game, you will experience how to be a mother of a newborn. You need to take your baby to the hospital for a routine checkup. This game allows you to simulate how a good mama is. It will teach you how to be well prepared for your big day. This game is available on Google Play Store & App Store.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

7. Pregnant Mommy Virtual Reality

Pregnant Mommy Virtual Reality

This game is quite different from other birth games for adults. In this game, there will be no delivering baby activity. But, you will be buried with pregnant ladies in your daily routine. This game is focused on how pregnant ladies go through the day.

The most interesting part is that this game gives you a likely very real environment. Such as family plays together or one by one. You will love the pregnant lady in this game because pregnancy doesn’t stop her from being active. She takes care of her pregnancy as well as doing household chores.

Unlike any other birth game for adults, this game features the husband. The pregnant lady will constantly interact with her husband which is fun. This game seems to relate to real-life where pregnant ladies must be strong going through a busy day and take care of almost everything in the house.

Download : iOS

8. Pregnant Hospital Maternity Doctor

pregnant hospital maternity doctor mom give birth

Experience of owning a hospital where a lot of moms expect to be taking care of. In this game, you will play as a doctor who must treat a pregnant mommy. But, you must work fast because they keep coming and waiting to be treated. Their satisfaction is your goal.

Besides taking care of a pregnant woman you will also help the mommies deliver a baby. You will find it so interesting because this game is colorful and bright. Besides, even this game is a little bit rushed, the task is simple and relaxing. Don’t expect a 3D perspective in this game but the graphic is quite simple and clean.

You can play this game with your kids because it’s so simple. Also, it doesn’t contain a scene or task that is too hard for your kids. This game is available on Google Play Store and free to download. It contains ads only though.

Download : ANDROID

9. Pregnant Girls Giving Birth

pregnant girls giving birth & mommys newborn baby

You will play the role of a pregnant girl who is expecting her baby. So, you have to manage your day to prepare for your big day. Another role you have to play is becoming a nurse. You’ll be helping the pregnant girl to be comfortable by giving her nail polish, choosing her clothes, and other fun activities.

After the baby is born, you will feed him and take care of him. Give him a nice and warm blanket and hold him. This game is full of fun activities of a motherhood life. It also includes a simulation of the surgery process. You will also experience how a hospital instrument used to help pregnant girls check her pregnancy condition.

This game has no scary activity or scene. So, you will be able to play this game with your kids. The color and brightness will never make your eyes tired. This game is available free on Google Play Store and on Android Market.

Download : ANDROID

10. Pregnant Mom Newborn Baby Doctor Mommy Birth Games

Pregnant Mom Newborn Baby Doctor Mommy Birth Games

Another best birth game for adults is Pregnant Mom Newborn Baby Doctor Mommy Birth Games. Available on Android and you can download it on Google Play Store. In this game, you will be transported to the virtual world of pregnant mommies waiting for labor and how they take care of a baby.

You will be playing as a babysitter for the mommy and the baby. When pregnant mommy needs to go to the doctor, you will help them get there. Plus, don’t forget to keep the mommy healthy and happy by giving them vitamins and healthy food.

In this game, you will have so much activity related to helping mommy get help from labor. Start from calling an ambulance to get them to the hospital and also check the pregnancy condition. You will act like a doctor who gives the mommy USG treatment. Mommy will be able to see how the baby is. So much fun isn’t it.

The best part is when you prepare healthy juice for the mommy. You can choose any healthy food containing so much vitamin and nutrition such as folate. It is like you are a nutrition expert. Besides, as a maternity doctor, you will experience a virtual version of helping mommy giving birth. Don’t worry, there are no scary scenes here. Moreover, the mommy itself appears so beautiful and cute.

Download : ANDROID

Finally, you have a bunch of simulation games to prepare you for a very big day. All of the above games are suitable for adults but not too scary for kids as well. Try to download and play these birth games for adults and feel the real world of a pregnant woman and baby caring mommy.

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