12 Best Graph Paper Drawing Apps for Android and iOS

It is already proven that visual information is preferred to words. No matter how details the description is, people tend to be attracted by information through pictures, graphs, or photos. So, if you want to present something, you better know the graph paper drawing apps for Android and iOS. Within this app, you won’t face any problem dealing with sketching because it feels like really working on real paper.

The best apps for drawing on graph paper below will make you like a professional in front of your audience. More than that, you can also show a unique presentation with a high-quality result. These apps are helpful for those who hard think systematically. The following apps create information and data more interesting and structured.

List of 12 Best Graph Paper Drawing Applications for Android and iOS

Please note that not all of the graph paper drawing apps below are available both in Android and iOS. Some of them can be found in Google Play Store and App Store, but the rest are not. But don’t worry because all the apps here are the best. You will get the same quality, even seen from the final look, ease to use, and the features. Let’s jump to the app to use:

1. ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

This digital sketchbook is available in Google Play Store. By using this app, you turn the device into a real sketchbook. There are more than 80 paint brushes, smudge, fill, and also an eraser tool to support your imagination. One more thing, the sensitive pens make you feel like touching the real canvas.

We think that it is suitable for newbies. They don’t have to get confused about the panel because it is easy to use, provides many tools, and the interface is very intuitive. For a better result, ArtFlow allows you to adjust the brightness and color tone as you want. In the end, the app will save your work in a high-resolution mode and be able to be exported into PNG, JPEG, or PSD format.

It is a free app, but if you want to activate the advanced features, you should make a purchase. Once you pay for the app, all features will be associated with your Google account. So, whenever you sign in and use a device with ArtFlow, you can enjoy the sketching time.

Download : ANDROID

2. Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper graph paper drawing app free

It is nice to find this app on Google Play Store and Apps Store. So, no matter if you are using Android or iOS, you can have Bamboo Paper. It is one of the recommended graph paper drawing apps because it turns your ideas into reality. As a marketer, this app is a solution to communicate your product or service becomes more attractive.

Bamboo Paper has 36 color swatches. For those who want to experiment in combining color, then just have this app on their phone. Another interesting feature is editing the picture or photo. You can add an image or photo from your album, then sketch or write on top of it. After that, save the result and input it into your journal or share it on media social.

We know that some people are comfortable sketching in a conventional way. No worries about this case. You can simply scan the paper and transfer it to your device. Then, edit as you like. Get your ideas further with no boundaries with Bamboo Paper.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

3. Paper by WeTransfer

Paper by WeTransfer

This drawing app is only for iOS users. It is really a helping hand. You can see it from the guide they give, the tips and tricks until the ideas shared inside from around the world. It seems like the app wants you to create a masterpiece. So, it is a perfect app for sketching, painting, coloring, and anything you want to do with a picture.

If you are a multi-task person or someone with bubbles inside your head, let Paper help you to manage. This app is completed with great synchronization. Pick all your sketches across devices and organize them. Finally, you can make a storyboard from separated files.

To get an upgraded feature, simply choose the subscription version. Surprisingly, you can cancel it anytime, but you can’t access the pro tools, features, and journals. Make a payment and complete your purchase because the price doesn’t cost you much.

Download : iOS

4. Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches app is another best graph paper drawing app for iOS. Sketching on the phone becomes more realistic with more than 20 ultra-realistic tools, watercolor wet brushes, and other features. Use layers to simplify your task or import the photo you want to edit. After finishing, you can import the result into PSD files or export as PNG with transparency.

The user is fully on hand for their works. They can manage all work into folders with a special mark. This feature makes the app more personalized for everyone. So, you will find a different look at each user. That is what makes the Tayasui Sketches app interesting.

One last impressive thing from this app, you will feel like using social media. Share your work with the Sketches Community. You are not only getting a rate from others but also you can search for ideas among people. Try the pro version by purchasing the paid app. It is worth the price to increase your work.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

5. Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter

This app is different from other all graph paper drawing apps you might know. It has advanced algorithms for painting. Within over 160 natural brushes, you can costume the image as you want. Make a special effect and get rid of noises from external factors. Even though the app looks for the expert, it is really easy to use. So, don’t pull yourself down to try Infinite Painter.

Try a new experience with four types of symmetry. It is one of its superior tools to place your work into everything. You can even create a 3D work with five various perspective guides. Once you have this app, you will get many tools and features. To make it simple, you can personalize the interface by dragging the tools you need to the top bar. This way makes it easier to use.

Finally, to wrap up your work, you can import and export to PSD layers or make it in PNG, JPEG, and ZIP format. If you want to get feedback about your work, you can share it with the Infinite Painter community, PEN UP, or Instagram. See what people think and upgrade the palettes and patterns through ColourLovers.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

6. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Are you looking for an app to help you express ideas naturally? Try Adobe Photoshop Sketch now. It is one of the best graph paper drawing apps in Google Play Store and App Store. You will love the 11 tools to adjust the color, size, opacity, and blending. Also, the flexibility to manage the tools and colors that are frequently used.

If you have to do many works at the same time, you can add multiple images or photos, then do whatever you want like rename, transform, or merge them. To get more various quality results, send the art to Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. You will be able to scale up the quality for printing, layer with a paper background or separated images, and many more.

There is a monthly subscription version. By using the paid version, you can get more advantages. The subscription can be stopped anytime you want for the renewal period begins, or at least 24-hours before it is started.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

7. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw

If you want to upgrade your skill time by time, Adobe Photoshop Sketch is the right app to use. Whether you are holding an Android phone or iPhone, this app is available for both of them. By using this app, you can work with multiple layers and five different pen tips with adjustable size and color, also the opacity.

We will recommend this app to the illustrator that falls for details because they can zoom up to 64 times. There is nothing great to get the details without Adobe Photoshop Sketch. So, it is no wonder when this app won a prize in the PlayStore Editor’s Choice Award.

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Besides the tools and the features, Adobe CrativeSync will impress you too. Bring all your works across devices and start to update whenever you want. Don’t forget to spread your art through Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail. It is nice to get comments from others and do the same to their post too.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

8. Draw A Graph!

Draw A Graph!

Do you still remember the first time making a graph at school? We know how it feels dealing with lines and all the details inside. Now, you don’t need to face that problem anymore. Draw A Graph! app will help you draw lines and sketch lines as a professional. Also, you can easily change the shape and the look of an object.

There are six drawing tools here. They are for making lines, parabolas, cubic curves, arcs, freeform lines, and text labels. If you need to edit many works at the same time, just use the group editing tool. Do you still want more solutions? This app allows you to define the grid as you want and point snapping to create lines to other lines.

Get the app now and enjoy other features inside. Seeing a complete hand here, we think it is really the best app for drawing on graph paper for iOS users. Make sure you have Facebook, Twitter, and Sina Weibo inside the phone so you can share the work with everyone.

Download : iOS

9. Graph Paper for S Pen

Graph Paper ( for S Pen )

If you are really a minimalist person and love to draw, we recommend you have a Graph Paper app. We see that this app is very simple and clean. By seeing the interface, you will feel like sketching on the paper naturally. Besides, digital paper works as real paper. If you don’t finish the work, you can just leave the app without having to save it. Once you come back to continue the work, it shows just like the last you leave.

This app is suitable not only for the illustrator but also for students who can use it too. They can use the Graph Paper app easily. The pen can be changed into different colors and sizes, so they can adjust the work based on what they need. Thus, this app is one of the great Android graph paper drawing apps for everyone.

Download : ANDROID

10. Draw on a Graph Paper

The interface is quite the same as the previous app. Here you will find a clean and simple look. The app is more likely for beginners which have no basic knowledge and skill for sketching. Yes, this is the right start to jump into the illustration world. By using this app, you will learn many basic things to do the artwork.

If you want to use a minimal tool without any distraction, then this app is also a great choice. Not many recent graph paper drawing apps are clean, minimalist, and simple. It might be a little bit challenging using this app for complicated work. But it doesn’t mean the app is not worth trying. We believe that authentic ideas come from something that simple.

Download : ANDROID

11. Drawing Grid

Drawing Grid Best Graph Paper Drawing Apps for Android and iOS

There are many ways to make good art. One of the techniques is by using an app. Drawing Grid app allows you to create an artwork quickly and in every detail. If you are a newbie, you can start by selecting one image and upload it to the app. Make a sketch by drawing a grid on the picture. Then, you can choose colors inside and if it is already finished, you can copy to the other devices.

This app is available on App Store, so for iOS users no need worry about a perfect image editing result. If you are losing any idea to create something, you can go with the paid version. This version is not only deleting the ads but also shows you a demo to add more inspirations.

Download : iOS

12. Graph Draw Ad

Graph Draw Ad

We might say that this app interface is quite different from the other graph paper drawing apps on Google Play Store and App Store. The reason is obvious because this is very useful for the graphic maker to deal with lines and numbers. When you want to make a digraph or statistic, we recommend you use the Graph Draw Ad app.

There is a feature that allows you to put in data, then turns them into an interesting visualization. Another thing is you can choose any text to be uploaded there. But one thing to remember, keep the data realistic and precise, so the app will work properly. To highlight the important things, you can select colors for the lines, texts, and title.

Download : ANDROID 


In this technology era, it is nice when we are able to do our work everywhere anytime. That is why you should have one of the graph paper drawing apps to help your work. We know that some people might feel different sketching on the paper directly and on the display screen. But just believe that you will get more interesting results if using an app.

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