20 Best Cartoon Yourself Apps for Android & iOS

Before there was advanced technology, it took extra effort for people to change their face into a cartoon. They would have to draw it themselves or draw it manually on the computer. However, these days, people can change their form into a cartoon with the best cartoon yourself apps. Download them on your phone and turn yourself into a cartoon with just a few clicks.

 20 Best Free Cartoon Yourself Apps  for Android & iOS 

So, whether you are an Android or iOS user, there is plenty of cartoonize a picture apps that you can download. Most of them are free, whereas others may need some additional payment for extra characters. However, overall, they are fun to play and download for greeting cards. Now, for those looking for the best apps, here are some recommendations:

1. Sketch Me! Sketch & Cartoon

Sketch Me Sketch Cartoon

One of the top app to turn yourself into a cartoon that are easy to use is Sketch Me! Sketch & Cartoon. All you need to do is upload your photo to the app and choose the type of sketch you like. Whether it is a pencil sketch, crayon, or marker, they have it all.

The colors of the sketch are also more than just black and white. Because you can adjust it with the colors you like red and white or grey and white. You can also brighten or sharpen parts of the pictures to make it look clearer. When you are finished you can save and download it on your phone.

Sketch Me! - Sketch & Cartoon
Sketch Me! - Sketch & Cartoon
Developer: XnView
Price: Free
‎Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon
‎Sketch Me! Sketch&Cartoon


2. Cartoon Sketch Picture Filters

Cartoon Sketch Picture

Want to make your social media look more interesting and get more likes from your followers? If so, then try editing your photos to a cartoon with Cartoon Sketch Picture Filters. This app provides many kinds of filters you can use for your photo including cartoons. All the tools to edit are on one screen so it easy to edit.

If you ever get bored with the cartoon filters you can choose other effects. This app has over more than 90 filters that they update every month. So, you won’t get bored by the time they update the new filter.

‎Cartoon Sketch Picture Filters
‎Cartoon Sketch Picture Filters


3. Comics and Cartoon Maker

Comics and Cartoon Maker

Change your photos into a comic with Comics and Cartoon Maker. All you need to do is choose a photo in your gallery and upload it to the app. Then choose one of the effects available and add a speech balloon to add a speech. This app is the best use for making memes and funny pictures to share with your friends.

After you are done, save your photos and send them to your friends to enjoy. A great thing about this app is that it doesn’t slow your phone down. So, even after editing a lot of photos, your smartphone will work as usual.

comics and cartoon maker
comics and cartoon maker
Developer: Game Brain
Price: Free


4. ArtistA Photo Editor : Cartoon Face

arista photo editor

Make your photo like a sketch made by professionals with this great app. The results of the photos are just great, making them look like a real sketch. You can paint, pencil, or even oil painting for the effects to make them look different.

So, without having to be a real artist you can have artistic photos in your gallery. Choose different filters every day by editing the colors on each effect. The best part is all the features on the apps free to use without any limit.

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5. MojiPop – Funny Cartoon Stickers

Create instant cartoon pictures of yourself with MojiPop. Just within 2 taps you can create funny cartoon characters of yourself and use them for greeting online cards. Or you can make them as a sticker and use them on chatting applications to express your words.

Other than simplicity, these apps are great to use because you can use it as a sticker or for greeting cards. The also many animations to choose from, making them fun to use against your friends. They update their stock every day, so you will always stay entertained.

MojiPop - Art Metaverse
MojiPop - Art Metaverse
Developer: Eureka Studios
Price: Free


6. Art Camera – Cartoon, Pencil Sketch

Art Camera cartoon pencil skets

Give pencil effects to your picture using one of the best photo to cartoon app. The app can change your pictures into something more interesting and artistic. One of the best effects they have is a cartoon, where they have many kinds of characters.

This cartoon app only available for Android systems that are 4.2+ or higher. And don’t worry all the apps and features available are free from charge.

Art Camera -Cartoon,Pen Sketch
Art Camera -Cartoon,Pen Sketch


7. Painnt – Pro Art Filters 

Painnt Pro Art Filters 

Use Painnt to make different and real art pictures from your original photos. This is one of the cartoon picture app that can change your picture look like real paintings. Not like other apps, the edited photos will have a sharp brush and beautiful color pallets to make it look good.

To get the best result you will have to pay for an extra payment. You can use it for free, however, the resolution will be limited and there will be watermarks in it too. So, if you want a better result it is best to pay some money.

‎Painnt - Pro Art Filters
‎Painnt - Pro Art Filters
Developer: Moonlighting
Price: Free+


8. BeFunky Photo Editor 

Edit your photos with any kind of style you like whether it is classic or funky with this photo editor. They have many tools that are easy to use and understand to make your photos fun. Rather than just sharpening the pictures, why not edit them to funny and cute characters. They have a variety of effects you can choose from which are all just funny.

The app will give you total control of what you want to do with the picture. Because there will be no ads, no watermark, or even no limitations. So, be creative and start creating the pictures you like from your phone.

Photo Editor by BeFunky
Photo Editor by BeFunky
Developer: BeFunky
Price: Free
Developer: BeFunky Inc
Price: Free+


9. Cartoon Camera Photo Editor

Cartoon Camera Photo Editor

Cartoonize your photos with the amazing and fun app Cartoon Camera Photo Editor. Just like its name you can edit your photo into a cartoon effect from the very start. So, before taking the photo, choose the cartoon you would like to use and click it. Them, when you take the pictures it will already be in a cartoon effect.

Cartoon Camera Photo Editor
Cartoon Camera Photo Editor
Developer: AppsForIG
Price: Free


10. Cartoon Face Changer Pro Anime

Cartoon Face Changer

Find your favorite Anime in this Cartoon app, where you can use their bodies and your face. Whether it is your face alone or with your friends, you can change them all. You can even make it seems like you are a friend with Naruto and his friends.

Just like other cartoon apps, this app is also free to use. So, don’t hesitate to download on your phone and use it with your friends.


11. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

MomentCam Cartoons

MomentCam is an application that doesn’t only let you edit your photos into a cartoon. But it can also be used as a sticker that you can use for social media or chatting application. You can customize the picture with the character, design, and colors you like. Not only that, make the background look interesting by choosing places that aren’t normal.

MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers
MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers
‎MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers
‎MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers


12. Sketch Photo Maker

sketch photo maker

One of the cartoon yourself app that can convert quickly but with a neat result is the Sketch Photo Maker. Just by choosing the picture, you like; the app will change your picture into an amazing sketch. You can save the results in JPG or PNG; both have high-quality results.

Some of the features that the app has is a pencil sketch, water sketch, hard pencil sketch, and many more. So, with many features it has, you can choose the best sketch you like. Also, choose the best pencil for drawing so that your photos look good.


13. Moments Cartoon Caricature

Moments Cartoon Caricature

Are you bored with the existing stickers on your chatting applications? If so, then make your own loveable, sweet, and funny sticker with Moments Cartoons Caricature. From the name of the app, you can see that this app is used to change photos into a cartoon caricature. The designs are not the same but they are cute to use.

Just like the app before, this app can also make a sticker from the photos. Once you like and save the photos, you can easily convert it into a caricature and sticker. Then, you can use it to tease your friends or paste in on a greeting card.

‎Moment cartoon caricature cam
‎Moment cartoon caricature cam


14. Cartoon Photo Editor: Cartoon Yourself, Selfie Art

Cartoon Photo Editor Cartoon Yourself

One of the best app to turn yourself into a cartoon that create great results must be the Cartoon Photo Editor. The results of this app are just like a real cartoon with its sharp and degradation colors. Some results are even better than original ones, making people want to make more and more pictures.

Unfortunately, not all the features and effects on this app are free. So, the better the design is the more cost you will have to pay. But once you see the results, you will surely love it all an not feel sorry for paying an amount of money.


15. PicMagic Cartoon Photo Editor

PicMagic Cartoon Photo Editor

If you want something more girly and soft looking result, then PicMagic Cartoon Photo Editor is a must. The pictures from this app are so beautiful because the colors are soft. They use soft color pastels and the pictures are made with an oil painting effect.

This app is inspired by many artist artworks that have been developed in many ways. However, rather than developing their artwork, they show it in the effects that people can use on their photos. Most of the effects on this app are free but some you must pay.

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16. Sketch Camera

Sketch Camera

The next impressive cartoon yourself app that have got great ratings is Sketch Camera. From capturing your moments to choosing the photos in your gallery, you can edit it into a sketch. However, this app focuses on pencil sketch only, therefore the colors are black and white. Even though the colors are just black and white, the results are just as good as others.

Overall this app has been used by many people in the world and they have given 4/5 value. So, if you are looking for a simple yet fun app this is one. By using this app, you can see the world from a different world they say.

Sketch Camera - photo editor
Sketch Camera - photo editor
Developer: Pixelab
Price: Free


17. FlipClip

Flipaclip Cartoon Animation Creator

One of the cartoon maker from photo is FlipClip. Not like other apps, the characters in this app are cartoons that aren’t beautiful or handsome. However, the characters are cuter and lovable than others. The system of this app is by inserting images and videos and converting them into a cartoon character.

However, other than that, they also have drawing features where you can draw your character. Then make a video from it up 10 layers for the pro version. Save it with the format you like and share it with your friends with any social media apps you like. So, not only is it an editing photo app but also a creative app to show your drawing ability.


18. Clip2Comic & Caricature Comic

Clip2Comic Caricature Maker

For people who are looking for a high-quality looking app, then try Clip2Comic & Caricature Comic. The results in this app are neat, tidy, and look so real that people may not notice that it is an edit from an app. The colors are made closest to real painting, so they are sharp yet detail.

You can convert as many photos as you want for free. However, for the free version, the effects available are limited. So, if you want to edit and use all the effects, you have to upgrade into a pro version.


19. Toon Camera


Make your editing easy with Toon Camera, another great cartoon yourself app on iOS and Android. Without having to edit the photo, you can capture it directly from your camera. All you need to do is open the camera from the app and choose the effect you like. Then capture the moment just like using a normal camera.

Developer: Code Organa
Price: $2.99


20. Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit

photo to cartoon your edits

The last cartoon yourself apps that we recommend is the Photo to Cartoon Yourself Edit. Not like other apps where you can only use one filter for one photo. In this app, you can use as many filters as you like and apply it to one photo. Therefore, you can customize it maximally making it look unique and artistic at the same time. So, download it for free and start using it on your phone.

So, make your gallery full of artistic and unique photos by using some of the best cartoon yourself apps. Download the best ones you like and save it on your phone so you can edit your photos easily with no effort. Most of the apps available are free, however, if you want the best filters you should upgrade them to a pro version. Whichever you choose, they will give you great results of photos.

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