17 Best Apps Like Flipagram for Android and iOS

These days people often need to edit their pictures, photos, and videos. Editing it on a computer or laptop might take time, but now people could do it easily on their phone. One of the applications that people often use is Flipagram.

Aside from Flipagram, there are several alternatives that you can turn into. These are the best apps like Flipagram to make videos that you can try:

1. PicsArt 

PicsArt Photo Editor

One of the best apps like Flipagram for Android and iOS is PicsArt. It is a famous application that more than 10,000,000 people have downloaded. Picsart could edit starting from pictures, photos, and videos.

Besides editing there also a cool feature is drawing. Users could draw and doodle their pictures or photos that could make it even more unique. Users could even draw an illustration from the start as well.

However, people could also get paid an amount of money and become a gold member. With being a gold member, they could even access more stickers, frames, aesthetic things, and other premium features.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

 2. Wondershare Filmora Go

The next recommended best video editing apps like Flipagram to make videos with music is the Wondershare Filmora Go. It is an easy application that people could use for editing pictures and videos. However, this application is more specific for editing videos.

Users could edit their video with many great features. Starting from trimming and cutting, giving effects and filters, exporting into HD, adding music or even recording sounds into it, blurring, speed adjustment, and more! It is a perfect application for a professional result.

Also, users could even add texts and stickers into their videos. There are many kinds of various fonts, text styles that people could create here. Another great thing is that there are no watermarks on the final result, however, you could still use this application for free.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

 3. PicLab

PicLab - Photo Editor like flipagram

PicLab is also an editing application that people often use. The users are usually teenagers and young adults. This is because the application is designed chic and present. They usually use this app for editing photos and videos that have themes about food, scenery, architecture, fashion, and of course, selfies.

PicLab is easy to use. The most used features are the typography that users could find in themes categories. The typographies are even created by the world’s best designers. Besides that, there are also stickers, photo filters and effects, artwork, image overlays, drawing tools, and even college tools.

People could get PicLab for free. However, there is also a PicLab Pro for users that upgraded their account into a premium one. With upgrading, they could access all of the features, get no ads in their application, all-access without watermarks, and more.

Download : ANDROID || iOS 

4. VideoFX


One of the best similar apps to make video like Flipagram that was first released is VideoFX. The application is not a professional use app, however it is so super fun to use. The main feature from VideoFX is the lip-sync music videos that users could use with live video effects.

The steps of VideoFX are easy. By choosing the song from their music collection, they could immediately shoot the lip-sync video. They could use video effects during shooting, pause, and resume it whenever they want.

There is also a stop motion feature that is funny and exciting to use. After taking the shoot, users could then edit the video, starting from the speed, effect, soundtrack, duration, and others.

As for the themes, there are more than 50 that users could try. For example, there are cartoons, film, cinematic, ghost, mirror, neon, and other great interesting themes.

Download : ANDROID

5. PicMotion

Picmotion photo video slideshow apps like flipagram

The PicMotion is good slideshow apps like Flipagram for Android. The main feature of PicMotion is creating a video slideshow. To create a slideshow, people would use a compilation of photos. However, they could still edit video or photos itself.

When creating the video slideshow, users could add music or record their voice and even use both. With only one click, users could also share the result of their editing on their social media. The application is easy to use and also straight forward.

Download : ANDROID

6. Slideshow Maker

Slideshow Maker apps like flipagram

Another video editing apps like Flipagram that the main feature is creating a video slideshow is Slideshow Maker. Users could combine up to 50 files into one. If they want to eliminate one or more of the files, they don’t need to start from the beginning.

Users could also add text, stickers, frame, adjustment, and also music to the slideshow. The application is easy to use. Not only that, but users could also share their videos easily with other applications like social media or chatting forums.

Download : ANDROID

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7. VivaVideo


The next good video apps like Flipagram to make videos with music on the list is VivaVideo. The main feature of this application is editing videos that even professionals would use to edit videos on phones. Moreover, besides editing, VivaVideo offers a video maker community in the application.

Like a pro video, VivaVideo gives various editing tools like effect and transition with high quality. Users could also insert filters and effects into their videos. Moreover, texts, sounds, music, pictures can be added to the video as well.

Users could export the video up to 4K! That means the quality is very good. The quality would be excellent, especially when people upload on their social media.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

8. Meipai


The next application would be special for female users only, it is the Meipai application. It is an application that is created especially for women to share their daily activities. Even though the main feature is to communicate, this application has editing features that are great to use.

Users could still edit pictures and videos without sharing them if they feel uncomfortable. As for the video feature, users could use various themes while shooting or editing. For example sweet, suspense, traditional, romantic, and other great themes.

Because this application is special for females, of course, there would be natural and beauty effects. There are many templates that users could try and use. It is easy and fun to use by themselves and with friends as well.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

9. GlitchCam


Like the name of the application, the GlitchCam would give an old video effect to your photos or videos. Besides the glitch effect, there are also broken video or image effects, creepy effects, and other aesthetic effects.

Users could even control the effect that they want to use. Like using it horizontal, vertical, and even cross position. Editing and creating with a little bit of messy image would make a great and unique result. After that, users could easily share them on social media or just save it to their phone.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

10. InShot

inshot video editor and video maker apps like flipagram

When searching for a video editing apps that work like Flipagram to upload not only for TikTok or Instagram but also for Youtube, well InShot is a great professional app to use. With InShot, users can crop, slip, combine, edit effect, add or edit music and sounds, filter, effect, transition, stickers, frames, texts, blur, and still many more! There are so many features to explore in this application.

Users could manage at the start, for what occasion the video would be uploaded. Moreover, no matter how much we add videos or pictures, the quality of the video result would be HD. However, it might take quite a space in the phone’s memory. Take time on exploring all the features and you could create a professional video for your social media.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

11. Videoshow

Videoshow video editor apps like flipagram

The next application is Videoshow, It’s good slideshow apps that work like Flipagram. This application is usually used for a specific occasion like for a birthday, valentine, Christmas, Halloween, and other special days in the year.

Besides creating normal videos, users could also create their vlog with this app. Not only that, but they could also create interesting memes. It has more than 50 themes that users could pick. However, users could also edit pictures and videos besides the special occasion. They could do the basic editing without using any themes in it.

When saving the video or the picture in the end, it would not compress so the quality would be just like the original one. Moreover, the application is supported by more than 30 languages and almost all devices.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

12. Music Video Maker

Music Video Maker

With only 2 steps, you could create a great video with this application. The Music Video Maker is the fastest and easiest way to edit and create photos and videos. It does not limit the total of your pictures and videos.

Besides the effect, there is also music that is provided. Moreover, the music is free to use. Users don’t need to worry if they don’t have enough memory space on their phone while saving. The music video maker is supported by Google Drive, so we could save our results directly to Google Drive.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

13. VLLO

VLLO video editing app

For those who need to edit their vlog videos easy and fast, then VLLO is other apps to make video like Flipagram with free music to choose. It is easy that beginners and casual users could use and enjoy it. For those who are pro editors, it is also a great choice. However, they might need to upgrade their accounts to premium for more great and expert features.

Like a pro editing on computers or laptops, while editing video, there would be a grid to help check the ratio of the video. There is no doubt for the basic editing tools like cropping, trimming, splitting, speeding, rearranging, speeding, and also adding other additional features. There are also hundreds of free music and sound effects. Not only that but also thousands of stickers, text, labels, and frames to use.

As for the watermark, even though users haven’t upgraded their account, they could still remove the watermark unlimited. There is no worry if you accidentally close the application because it would not delete your editing, even though you haven’t saved it yet.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

14. iMovie

Not only Android provides editing applications, but so does iOS. One of their following applications is iMovie. As shown in their commercial, with iMovie it could create a Hollywood-style beautiful trailer movie with its design and intuitive multi gestures.

Users could edit videos using iMovie not only from their phones but also on their tablets as well. For a Hollywood-style trailer, there are templates with excellent graphics that users could use. Moreover, it is all created by the world’s best film composers. Users could also use the logo, credits with names in it as well.

Don’t worry about the basic editing because you could still use them in iMovie. Combining both pictures and videos are also available, and you could also use music in it. So, iMovie is best video making apps like Flipagram for iPhone/iPad.

Download : iOS

15. Dubsmash

Dubsmash video maker

The main feature of Dubsmash is the lip-sync video feature. With the combination of entertaining sounds and filter, it would create a great video. There are many kinds of themes in it, starting from funny, education, info, and even trends.

People could even upload their versions on the application so that other people could use and make their videos. Even though this is also a sharing platform, people could still always share it on other applications like Instagram.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

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16. Vizmato

Vizmato video editor slideshow maker

In just several minutes, you could create a great video! With Vizmato, anyone could create and edit videos. It comes with powerful video editing tools like Flipagram, giving many various choices to use. People could also convert their photos into a video. There are also music and sound effects that users could use free. Some of them are even used for Hollywood movies.

Another great thing about Vizmato is that it could not only insert stickers but also GIFS! Users could even create their GIFS by making a text before. After that, it would then change into a GIF.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

17. Triller


Not only an editing application but Triller is also an entertaining platform. This application offers many great auto-editing video templates that could save you time on editing and creating a video. However, users could still create their styles.

Besides editing by themselves, users could edit or create through collaboration with their friends. They could do it in a video group call in this application. Many artists have even made their Triller videos starting from Justin Beiber, Rita, Ora, and more. Users could still share their videos outside this platform, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

What Happened to Flipagram?

Before these applications, people would use Flipagram as their editing application. However, what happened to this application? Several years ago, this application was considered a threat to one of the famous platforms, Instagram. Because of this action, the application is then acquired by the Chinese.

After the acquisition, the daily active users have also increased. This is because not all users now can access this application again. The application would still be available and running. However, now it is fully independent. Users could also still share their results of editing on other applications. But they could not share it directly. They must save it first on the phone and then share it on social media.


So those are the list of the best video editing apps like Flipagram for Android and iOS. Most of the apps could be used for editing both photos and videos. However, some of them are specialized. Most of the applications are free to download, with some additional payments for the upgrades. Happy Editing!

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