15 Best Decoy Apps for Android and iOS

A smartphone, tablet, or any gadget is a private thing for someone. Thus, they have to protect photos, messages, and anything inside from an unwanted person. But, today, there are many hackers who stole someone’s files or documents. To prevent this leak, you need to have one of the decoy apps below. Whether you are an Android or iOS user, both of them must keep this app on their phone.

Perhaps you still don’t get what the decoy apps use for. Generally, it works for hiding the stuff, like text or message, photo, contacts, and the logs, or a certain folder. Files or data you want to keep in secret should be put inside these stashes. So, when you delete the files or data from the original storage, other people won’t find it, unless they can access your secret storage. They need to know the password or security code to open and get the document.

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List of 15 Best Decoy Apps for Android and iOS

Actually, the decoy apps are made not only to keep your privacy. For the parents, this app is also helpful. They are able to keep away pornographic, inflammatory, and other sensitive things from their kids. Unluckily, the kids can do the opposite to the parents too. Also, if you want to save yourself from cyber-bullying, keep your files privately so no one won’t get it.

1. Private Photo Vault

Private photo vault ultimate

The main feature of this app is to keep your photo in secret. People can’t see the images inside without the password. You can choose two kinds of password which are pin lock and pattern or dot lock. Someone who knows the lock can open the app automatically.

Another feature is a trick to fool the unwanted people who try to crack inside. More than that, the app will also help you to manage photos, videos, until a web browser. There is a feature to browse the internet privately and download the picture directly to the app.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

2. Gallery Lock (Hide pictures)

For those who are using Android, this is one of the best decoy apps on the Play Store. Just like the previous app, you can hide the photo and video. But an interesting thing is you can hide the app too. There is a stealth mode that allows you to let the button hidden. So, people won’t see the app on your menu.

Don’t worry if you forget the password. The app will ask for taking pictures when three times of password insert fault happens. Also, the pictures and all documents inside can be stored in your cloud because it is supported by Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.

Download : ANDROID

3. Best Secret Folder

best secret folder

Hide, organize, and save are you can do with this decoy app. There are many decoy apps for iOS on the Apps Store, but we think there is no one like this. First, there are various security systems you can choose from, such as pattern lock, password number lock, FaceID, and TouchID. Then, if you activate the alarm security, your device will make noise once someone tries to get inside the app without your permission.

The other thing is you will feel personalized. This app allows you to manage all files as you want, starting from creating a folder, choosing the view, until importing or exporting to your email. The Best Secret Folder app is not great to keep something secret, but also controlling your privacy on the whole.

Download : iOS

4. KeepSafe

Keepsafe Photo Vault Hide Private Photos Videos

You can find KeepSafe both in Google Play Store and Apps Store. It proves that this app is one of the best decoy apps for everyone. It is true, we believe that you will fall in love with all things inside. First, when you open the app, a simple interface welcomes you. There are options to get the files, like inserting the PIN, finger-print touch, or military-grade encryption.

Besides keeping your files safely and stored to the cloud as the backup, KeepSafe will also compress the file. So, you don’t have to be worried about your storage capacity. The original size will be put on the cloud and other devices once you sync this app to them.

Download : ANDROID || iOS


Secret photos KYMS

KYMS stands for “Keep Your Media Safe”. It is available in Google Play Store and Apps Store. Many people use this app to hide their media and text files. Just tap the file and it will directly store in KYMS. No need many times to do this thing.

Unlike the other decoy apps, it has a unique display. Someone won’t realize this app because it appears like a calculator. It keeps pretending like that until you tap and insert the code on the screen. Besides helping you to protect multimedia and text files, it can be used for browsing, video download, and creating private bookmarks and history.

Download : ANDROID || iOS


6. PhotoVault (Hide Pictures)

PhotoVault Hide private pictures and videos

We might say that PhotoVault has the simplest look among the best decoy apps for Android. If you just want to hide photos and videos without other features, then getting the PhotoVault app is a good move. So, there is no wonder when it takes not much time to install.

Don’t think about the storage because it has no limit to hide as many private photos and videos inside. The files you hide will disappear from the public gallery. Your friends won’t find the files anymore unless you give the lock to access the app.

Download : ANDROID

7. Secret Calculator Vault

Secret Calculator Vault - Hide Photo Lock Videos

This is another interesting app to hide your photo and personal file. People won’t think you have an app for that. All they see is an ordinary calculator. In fact, you save a lot of secret files behind. Yes, this is what the app does for you. Not only photos and videos, but you can also hide some contacts there.

Secret Calculator Vault is one of the recommended decoy apps for iOS in the Apps Store. More reasons why it is loved because you are able to browse the internet freely without being noticed by anyone.

Download : iOS

8. Vault

Vault - Hide Pics Videos, App Lock, Free Backup

If there are many things private on your phone and you really want to keep it secret, then the Vault app is the best answer. Luckily, this app is available for Android and iOS users. This app will hide your photos, videos, contacts, text message, until apps. More advantage features, with the Vault app, you can take a picture of the intruders.

For the paid version, you can get an additional benefit which is the hiding icon. Yes, no one will see this app on your phone. Also, if you are able to make several Vault apps too with different files inside. It is so easy to manage your secret with this app.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

9. Safe Gallery (Media Lock)

Safe Gallery Media Lock

We might say that this app has the best interface compared to the other decoy apps. Once you enter the app, you will see a modern display but still easy to understand. No need for a special demo or direction because people understand by looking at once.

The features work for the audio file too. So, if you have a secret recording or conversation, you can hide it from anyone. More than that, usually, a decoy app only keeps the JPEG or PNG file format. Here, you can save the GIF format inside. Safe Gallery app is a must-have app to manage your files and secret just by one tap.

Download : ANDROID

10. FotoX – Hide Photos & Videos

FotoX Hide Photos Videos

There is nothing unique protection that FotoX gives to you. Sometimes people try to break the app without you realizing it. But FotoX will save you because if someone inserts the wrong password for times, it will show a crash. Yes, just like the ordinary app that has a crash system. In fact, this is only a feature to keep you safe. At the same time, the app will capture the picture of the intruders. So, you will know who tried to break your secret.

If you want to upgrade the protection, you can buy the pro version. By using the paid version, you can access all files stored on other devices. It is nice to bring your privacy everywhere. Also, this version provides you a hiding app to give you more security.

Download : ANDROID

11. HiCalculator – Spycalc

HiCalculator Spycalc

The icon looks like a calculator, but it saves your privacy behind. No one can get inside without a passcode. Once you enter the secret number, the hidden data will appear, such as photos, videos, text messages, and other files. One thing that the other decoy apps for iOS don’t have is the account setting. HiCalculator app allows you to make two accounts.

The first account can be accessed by decoy code, while the other must be entered by the actual password. The account with the actual password will reveal more files you hide. More than that, you can also share the secret file with others easily through email, Dropbox, WeChat, or Evernote.

Download : ANDROID

12. Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos

Secret Photo Vault Lock Photos

Get this app now or you will regret not hiding your privacy today. This is the perfect protection for your files. Not only photos, videos, and audios, but also documents in various formats, such as PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, and PowerPoint. You can manage your secret as you want in many ways.

It has a variety of locks which are password number, pattern/dot, and touch ID. Once you get inside, it feels like you enter your File Manager because all things in managing are available there. This app is good for those who have high mobility. You can access via the web and import/export everything you want.

Download : iOS

13. GalleryVault – Hide Photo Video

GalleryVault Hide Photo Video

Compared to the other decoy apps for iOS, this app has the cleanest interface on the screen. It works for photos, videos, audios, and browsing history. So, you can access any information without being seen by anybody. The nice thing is the app always asks you whether to delete the original file or not. Here, you avoid duplicate files on your phone which take the storage.

What’s more with the app? Choose the protection as you want, like pattern lock or password lock, changing app icon, and activate the break alert for those who try to break-in. One final word for this app is beautiful. Yes, indeed, the look and how it protects you are really beautiful.

Download : iOS

14. Hide it Pro – Hide Photos, Video and App Lock

Hide it Pro - Hide Photos

It is one of the free decoy apps for Android users. You can hide all files just in one device. Also, you can personalize the options and navigations inside. It is easy to categorize the data, view slideshow, and play the audio. Decide your lock: PIN, password, pattern, or fingerprint, then keep the secret inside. To increase the functionality, you can use the plugin. By using the plugin, you will get more privacy.

More features are free of cloud backup, the app disappears from the recent app list, the gallery is integrated with WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media, also secret chatting and private messaging / calls are available here.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

15. Photo Locker

Photolocker hide photo

Now, you can hide the secret photo safely with the Photo Locker app. Just put all sensitive things here. If you want double protection, then don’t forget to upload the photos to the cloud. No need for much time and many devices to sync the app to the cloud.

If you forget to exit the app, don’t worry because it is automatically locked as your phone gets into sleep mode. With the PIN recovery feature, you won’t lose the files even though you are hardly finding the password. The app will send you an email privately so you can access it again.

Download : ANDROID


Seeing what decoy apps can do is really beneficial to everyone. You can keep your private thing without the other people having to know. But, one important thing to remember, the kids are able to have this app too. If you are a parent, you can ask them why they are installing this app. For the iOS user, you can use the “Ask to But” feature so you can control what your kids want to put on their phones.

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