Download SmartNews App for PC [Windows 7/8/10 and Mac]

Picking the news app to keep you updated with current information somehow can be a tricky thing. It is about not only hoax and fake news that should be avoided, but also how fast the app loads and how far the ads ruin your screen are things that need to be considered.

Good thing, SmartNews checks all of the boxes. It delivers daily news from across the globe at your fingertips. Besides on smartphone, you also can download SmartNews app for PC.

So, every time you need to see what happens in the world accurately amidst your productive time, go check this app.

Why You Need SmartNews on PC

Having a news app on a smartphone sometimes cannot be considered as a ‘smart’ move, especially if you are the one who prefers to work with PC than a phone. Instead of checking your calling device all the time, which is something unlikeable, better to download SmartNews on PC.

Besides the real-time update, you will be amazed by how great the notification popup because it looks very similar to the phone version: simple and clutter-less. Very suitable for those who do not want the PC looks messy and unorganized.

Downloading SmartNews for PC will be more advantageous if you are a media enthusiast or, even more, someone who works in the media industry. This app will save lots of your time logging onto various news platforms just to keep updated.


SmartNews App Features

Do you still doubt SmartNews? Compare with other news apps, these features will blow your mind!

1.       Do you fear missing out on the breaking news update? With notification popup, you will always know all information, right at the moment.

2.       Sometimes, losing an internet connection or suddenly becoming unstable is something you can deny. Nevertheless, need not to worry. You still can enjoy the news with customizable offline mode.

3.       Do you have favorite topics to follow? Go look for it on the search box and erase the uninterested category.

4.       Activate the readability mode, so the interface will adjust your screen. It helps you enjoy the article with a better appearance.


How to Download and Install SmartNews App for PC [Windows 7/8/10 and Mac]

Follow the steps to free download the SmartNews app for PC.

  1. Make sure the BlueStacks emulator is ready on your PC. You can download it through the official site. After that, do not forget to install it on the personal computer. Find guidance on the website.
  2. Open Google Play, and then type ‘SmartNews’ on the search box. After you find it, click the ‘download’ button.
  3. Wait until the download finished. Usually, it takes a few minutes, depends on your internet connection.
  4. Afterward, install it directly to the emulator. Once it is done, the shortcut will instantly show up on the home screen. Click it every time you want to find interesting news.
  5. Happy reading!


In this digital era, it feels impossible to miss the latest news. No matter in the midnight or weekend, the necessity to see what happens on the other side of this earth every so often is unneglectable. By downloading SmartNews for PC, you get all the access to every type of news wanted.

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