Download SoundHound for PC [Windows 7/8/10 and Mac]

As a music enthusiast, I know the feeling every time you hear a familiar song but suddenly lose all the words to name the title or the singer.  Infuriating, is not it? Well, say good-bye to this experience once downloaded SoundHound for PC!

For those who spend most of the time in front of the PC’s screen, it is probably great news. Even though you are in the middle of the work, information about any song that crossed on your mind or hearing can always be gotten.


What Is SoundHound App

As stated before, SoundHound is a software that provides information about live playing songs. It is simpler and more efficient rather than typing the lyrics on Google. You should try!

For example, if a song is heard when shopping in a mall or from the radio, you can directly open the app and let it listen to the melody. Wait a minute, and, voila! SoundHound app for PC instantly gives details of the singing.


SoundHound App Features

After listening to a song, what will this SoundHound for PC give to you?

1.       Music Identification

SoundHound is designed to recognize countless songs. When this app is run, it will identify the music like title and singer. Do not forget to tap the ‘identify’ button every time you want to use this service. The good side is it processes faster than any other similar application.

2.       Lyrics

Do you want to sing along while listening to your favorite song? Go download SoundHound app and enjoy the live music karaoke everywhere, every time.

3.       Official Social Media Account

Sometimes, basic information is never enough, especially if we talk about your favorite music. If that so, then SoundHound for PC is all you need. Because it provides you the detailed information of social media updates from the artist itself.


How to Download and Install SoundHound for PC [Windows 7/8/10 and Mac]

Either you want Soundhound for Mac or Windows, downloading this app is a piece of cake! Go check the guideline below.

  1. Make sure the BlueStacks emulator is ready on your PC. You can download it through the official site. After that, do not forget to install it on the personal computer. Find guidance on the website.
  2. Open Google Play, and then type ‘SoundHound’ on the search box. After you find it, click the ‘download’ button.
  3. Wait until the download finished. Usually, it takes a few minutes, depends on your internet connection.
  4. Afterward, install it directly to the emulator. Once it is done, the shortcut will instantly show up on the home screen.
  5. SoundHound app  is ready to be used. Click it every time you want to discover your favorite song and lyrics .

Concisely, SoundHound for PC is a perfect match for those who love music but often forget the title or the singer. Besides the easiness of accessing it, you also can enjoy various advantages that will fulfill your need. Go try it now!

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