Download Miracast for PC [Windows 7,8,10 / Mac]

Do you know what Miracast is? In short, Miracast is a technology that can allow you to display the screen back on your PC or laptop to other display devices. That is, you can display the screen in streaming and real-time directly from one device to another. Now to do that, you usually need Miracast for PC.

What is Miracast App

By using the application, you can also display the screen on your laptop or PC to the screen of other devices, such as televisions, projectors, or other similar devices. This is often the time you need usually when you want to present your work to be seen by others or to be able to enjoy videos or movies on a larger screen than your PC or laptop.

Generally, the latest PC or laptop devices already have technology because they have been implanted directly into the device. However, if your device turns out to be one of the devices that do not yet support Miracast, then using this application is the best solution you can do.

Miracast App Features

This application offers a variety of features that can help us to display the display on a PC or laptop now on other devices, including the following:

  • Supports almost all devices that already use Miracast technology
  • Connecting with other devices is easier because it uses the shortcut feature with just one click
  • Easy to change DPI
  • Allows to turn on a connected device when in standby mode

How to Download and Install Miracast for PC Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac

Downloading this application is very easy. Because you will download it on a PC or laptop, it is strongly recommended to use the emulator application. One of the emulator applications that you can use is BlueStacks. If you have a BlueStacks application installed on your PC or laptop, the steps to download the Miracast application are as follows:

  1. Open the BlueStacks application on your PC or laptop
  2. If you have just downloaded it, then the first time you open it you will be asked to enter the initial data, such as e-mail and terms of the agreement
  3. After completing this stage, then open the Play Store application on the home page
  4. Then enter the Miracast keyword into the search field
  5. Select the Miracast application that suits you best, then install and wait for it to finish



That’s the way to download Miracast for PC for your PC or laptop. Using the application aims to make it easier for you to connect to other devices easily using wifi without having to use cables.

However, if you still feel comfortable using a cable, that doesn’t matter either. The way is to connect the HDMI cable from the device you want to connect to your PC or laptop.

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