18 Best Palm Reading Apps for Android & iOS

Many people these days still believe in the result of hand reading to know about their future. Nowadays, technology has raised so much so we can see the palm meaning using smartphones. There are available many palm reading apps but only a few are good ones, be smart while choosing.

List of 18 Best Palm Reading Apps for Android and iOS

Smartphones, both Android and iOS, give a lot of good applications for palm reading. Here we give you some of the best palm reading apps that work on Android or iOS:

1. Palm Reading Insights Palmistry 

Palm Reading Insights Palmistry

The Palm Reading Insights — This application will give you a lot of information from your palm lines. However, the interface of this one is pretty simple so everyone can use it easily.

You should choose one picture of the palm lines that were close to your lines there. After that, the Palm Reading Insights will automatically do something like a chiromancy test.

As one of the biggest reading palm apps for iOS, Palm Reading Insights has the newest standard chiromancy test. There are available almost all the kinds of palm lines so you will also find yours here.


2. Palm Reading Personality Test

Palm Reading Personality Test

This is one of the best palm reading apps for Android that will give you much information about chiromancy. You can read the lines of fate on your palm lines and get the meaning.

Palm Reading Personality Test needs the internet connection at first to download some resources. However, this application has its own animation for each character while they present the information.

Not only the inner perspective, but you will also get the outer world of the perspective. It is very important information so you can see both sides of your character.

Palm Reading Personality Test
Palm Reading Personality Test
Developer: Zabirko
Price: Free

3. Palm Reading – Connect with Live Palm Readers

Palm Reading – Connect with Live Palm Readers

The next one is Palm Reading, this application looks like a video game with the start button on the first interface. Palm Reading acquires you to take and upload both pictures of your palm lines.

However, you will get three main information using this application including me, profession, and then relationship. It is very interesting to use this application, there is no turning back button.

Above all, this application will not take any of your hand’s picture unless you give direct consent for it. There are no reports about the collection of data for some illegal activity.

‎Palm Reader: Live Readings
‎Palm Reader: Live Readings


4. Free Palm Reading Chart – Palmistry Secrets

Free Palm Reading Chart is one of the great palm reading apps you can ever get only on Android. First, you need to take a picture of your hand, and this application will scan it.

With only several seconds, this application will give you the result. Not only fun and entertaining, but this application also gives you the highest accuracy on the result.

This day, you don’t need to waste your time to meet the fortune-tellers. Above all, you will find no annoying ads and built-in video advertising while using this application.

Free Palm Reading Chart - Palm
Free Palm Reading Chart - Palm

5. Palm Reader ScannerPalm Reader Scanner - Palmistry

If you want detailed information about your palm lines, then you should try this Palm Reader Scanner. It is effortless to use, and you don’t need to take any pictures of your hands.

At the start, answer 4 questions, all of them were accompanied by pictures so it will be funny. Just answer every question due to your palm lines so you will get the closest result.

Every question will also give several choices, they will collect the information from what you choose. As a result, you will get some information about your character, love life, privacy, and so much more.

Palm Reader Scanner. Hand Read
Palm Reader Scanner. Hand Read


6. Astroscope – Palm Reading, Numerology, Tarot Card

Even science has grown too fast. Most people still enjoy the chiromancy and reading palms. It comes from the ancient centuries and many people believe it will give you a prudent life.

This application will give you much information about your fortune based on the lines of your hands. However, this application is using the old science of chiromancy so it will give the best result.

Furthermore, this application will teach you about the meaning of every single line of your hands. Try to install this application on your phone so you can also see your fortune without meeting the experts.


7. PalmistryHD – Palm Reading Daily Horoscope

Palmistry HD is one of the top palm reading apps that can work offline without the internet. But, you should download some data the first time you install it as a database.

You will get not only palm reading but also several articles and daily horoscopes here. You can also add the articles you love to the “Favorites” section so you can find it easily next time.

If you love palm reading, you might also be interested to read the daily astrology and zodiac horoscope. You can get the full package both palm reading and also the horoscope in one application.

‎PalmHD: Palm Reader
‎PalmHD: Palm Reader


8. Palmistry #1 Palm reading app to Scan hand Reading

Like before, this application also collects some data about your palm lines using several questions. It works very simply with the ability to let you read the background information about chiromancy.

You can learn to read your friends’ palm lines using this application as long as you want to read. Moreover, talking with the experts is also available in the special tab on this application.

There is no advertising content in this application so you will never feel uncomfortable. Also, you can use every feature of this application for free. Just install this application and enjoy it anywhere and at any time.


9. Palm Reading Guide

If you just do the palm reading only for fun, then you need this Palm Reading Guide app. This application can give some results in a short time without too many complicated things there.

Because this application doesn’t need a single photo of your hand, you should answer several questions there. You should be able to identify which explanation is closest to your palm condition to get the best result.

Moreover, there are only three main questions you should answer to get the result. Even if it is very quick, you will get accurate information about your characters like your relationship or more.


10. Palm Reader Master

Palm Reader Master your future with palm reading

If you want to study palm reading, then this might be the perfect app for you. This application will read several predictions that your palm line shows for your destiny.

You can learn how to read the palm in this application at no cost. Palm reading is about the ability to think and analyze and this application will give you everything about it.

If you still don’t understand how to read the palm, there are several videos you can see here. However, sharing the palm reading result with your friends will be interesting, you can do it here.

Palm Reader Master
Palm Reader Master
Developer: Appsoup
Price: Free


11. Soul Master – Daily Horoscope Palmistry

Soul Master – Daily Horoscope Palmistry

This is one of the best free palm reading apps with the full package of chiromancy you will ever find. You will have access to forecasts every day based on palm reading using this application.

Besides, there is also the compatibility of zodiac signs from the horoscope, Astro-prediction, and many more. This is the one built-in application that will let you get a lot of information.

Remember, if you start guessing and predict the future, you should be ready for the upcoming events. There will be good news and also bad ones so you should be careful while taking any steps in your life.


12. Scan Your Future – Palm Reader

Palm Reader - Scan Your Future

Developed by Mango Technologies, the Scan Your Future application is available both in Android or iOS. You can get some information about your personality and personal potential for free using this app.

This application is using the ancient study about palmistry so the result you get will be closed right. However, you will get the palm reading result in a quick moment without any difficulties at all.

If you pay attention to this application, you might be able to interpret the palm reading by yourself. Not only the palm, but this application will also read the marks, the mounts, and many more.


13. Fortunescope – Live Palm Reader

Fortunescope Live Palm Reader

Yumobi Tekhnolodzhi also develops the app for palm reading and its success works well. Both Android or iOS users can access this Fortunescope for free on their device.

Before use, it, make sure you are ready to see your future because this application will reveal it for you. However, you will also get daily, monthly, and annual horoscopes along with the palm readings here.

They can show you the condition of your work, career, health, and also love in the future. Above all, this application has used the information from the experts so you can believe in the result.

Astroline: Zodiac & Astrology
Astroline: Zodiac & Astrology
Developer: Appsella
Price: Free


14. How to Read Palms

How to Read Palms apps

Another free app for palm reading with an easy interface and free features is this How to Read Palms application. This application will also help you to learn about palm reading and how to do it.

You can easily understand the popular and also the easiest method of the read palms. The best thing about this application is the ability to read the fingernail shape and your personality.

With this app, you can understand the meaning of the shape of your fingernail. However, the How to Read Palms app is available both on iOS and Android for free without any payment.

How to Read Palms
How to Read Palms
Developer: Chelin Apps
Price: Free
‎How to Read Palms
‎How to Read Palms
Developer: Diego Correa Bonini
Price: Free


15. Alpha Horoscope & Palmistry

Alpha Horoscope & Palmistry

Alpha Horoscope is also one of the best palm reading apps for your iPad or iPhone. Not only the palm reading, but you will also get the information about horoscopes as it is named.

This application offers you the best version of palmistry projection while you do the palm reading. There is much information you will get from the lucky projection, relationship, and many more.

You can easily understand how your days are going every day using this application. Just also set the information about your zodiac sign so this application can serve you based on that zodiac sign.

‎Palm Reading App - Palm Reader
‎Palm Reading App - Palm Reader


16. Basirly

Basirly - Coffee Tarot reading

This is one of the best palm reading apps without payment that will provide you to predict how the future will go. TeleCloud is the developer of this application and it is such a wonderful application with many features.

You can easily get the full package of palmistry, chirology, and also Hartline if you use this application. Just spend your short time taking the picture of your hands, let them read it for you.

The result will show pretty quickly but it still has high accuracy, so you don’t need to worry. However, this application requires a subscription to remove any advertisement from there.

Basirly - Coffee Tarot reading
Basirly - Coffee Tarot reading
‎Basirly - Coffee Tarot reading
‎Basirly - Coffee Tarot reading


17. Palmistry and Daily Horoscope

Palmistry and Daily Horoscope

Volha Kaziura has developed a great and free reading palm app for iOS or Android users, Palmistry, and Daily Horoscope. You can look into the future and predict how it will be going using this application.

Try to take a picture of your palm so this application can read it for you. You will get some results on many aspects like your health, money condition, relationship and so much more.

However, you can also get the daily horoscope aspects, also available in multiple aspects so it will ease you. If you need more functions, then there are available subscription options for your needs.

Palmistry and Daily Horoscope
Palmistry and Daily Horoscope
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

18. Kasamba – Most Accurate Palm Reading App

Kasamba Psychic Reading Daily Horoscopes

Neither than waiting for an hour to meet the palm-readers, better you use this Kasamba app for palm reading. It will allow you to do palm reading without any difficulties for iOS or Android users.

The unique thing about this application is you can randomly chat with strangers and tell them about the result. This application is available for free, don’t be worried about any payment.

There are available different advisors and you can try it one by one just to find the perfect match. It will be interesting to know the future before it is happening but make sure you are ready for it.

Kasamba Psychic Reading Chat
Kasamba Psychic Reading Chat
‎Kasamba Live Psychic Reading
‎Kasamba Live Psychic Reading



So these are some of the best palm reading apps that we can give you. Make sure you try one of them for fun because the bad result might disturb your day if you take it too seriously. Good results surely lead to a good mood, yet the bad one can ruin your day. But if you got some ‘warning’ results, you can just try to be more cautious.

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