18 Best Vine Editing Apps for Android/iPhone to Make a Cool Video

In the past, you need to use the software on the PC or laptop to create an amazing video. But now, you can create the video through the smartphone. To do that, you need to choose one of the vine editing apps and install it on your smartphone.

There are many benefits of using these apps to create or edit a video. The most prominent one is you don’t need any special skills as these apps are very easy to use. Some of the apps are free, so you won’t pay anything to create a cool video.

On top of that, most of these apps connect directly to social media. That way, when you finish creating the video, you can upload it on social media and share it with your friends.


Ultimate List 18 Best Vine Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

You may want to create a video to commemorate or to make a memory of an event. However, you can’t make one unless you have a video editing app installed on your smartphone. So, here are some recommendation of those vine maker apps:

1. Videoshop – Easy & Fast Vine Maker App

Videoshope easy fast vine editing apps

If you want to make a perfect video with excellent quality, then Videoshop is the best vine editing app for you. There are a lot of features you can use to make the best video ever. Also, this app is very easy to use, so even an amateur can make good videos.

One of the features of this app is trim. When making footage, sometimes there will be an unwanted clip in the video. Then using this feature you can cut the unwanted clip. You can also use filter to make your video looks in better quality.

Videoshop - Video Editor
Videoshop - Video Editor
Developer: Jajijujejo Inc.
Price: Free
‎Videoshop - Video Editor
‎Videoshop - Video Editor


2. Magisto – Create Oustanding Video Edits for Vine

Magisto Video Editor

For someone who has no knowledge of video editing, Magisto can help you to produce interesting videos. You can turn a bunch of your photo collection into video series. Additionally, the images will automatically get special filter effects.

To be able to use this app, first, you have to sign up using your Google account or Facebook. After that, you will see the initial screen of this app that consists of two options: viewing already created videos and create new videos.

When create a video, you can use all the files of videos and photos that available on your phone. After you finish creating the video, you can share it with everyone via social media.

‎Magisto Video Editor & Maker
‎Magisto Video Editor & Maker


3. AndroVid – Good Vine Editor App for Social Media

Androvid best vine editing apps for social media

Another great vine editing app for Android that you can use is AndroVid. In this app, there are two versions you can choose, the free and paid version. The difference between them is that the paid version has wider options to edit the video, for example, rotate the video or convert the video into another format.

In general, the function of both versions is the same. You can cut the video into several parts and then combine it with another video. When making a video with this app, you can also add audio as the soundtrack for your video.

Furthermore, sharing the video on social media option is also available so everyone can watch the video you have made.

Video Editor & Maker AndroVid
Video Editor & Maker AndroVid


4. KineMaster – Easy Create Incredible Video on Mobile for Free

Kinemaster Free Vine Editing Apps

KineMaster is one of the free vine video editing mobile apps that is easy to use. Using this app, you can create a video that is not lost to a professional. There are a lot of features in this app that will help you to make the best video ever.

In this app, there is an option to import videos, audios, and images. You can also modify them as you wish with cut features. The other features that KineMaster offers are rotation to rotate the videos and transition.

To improve the quality of your video, you can add the audio to it. There are several options regarding this feature. Aside from the audio tracks, you can also insert sound effects and voice samples. Moreover, with the voice recorder function, you can record your comment for the event in your video.

‎KineMaster (OLD)
‎KineMaster (OLD)
Developer: KineMaster, Inc.
Price: Free+


5. VideoShow – Create Amazing Vine Video Like Pro

VideoShow Video Editor

To create a memory of some events in the form of video, you can use VideoShow. This app is one of the best vine editing apps for both Android and iPhone that can create an amazing video. Not only that but VideoShow is also easy to use so you don’t need to have special skills to create a good video.

In this app, you can either editing your video or create a new video using the files in your phone memory. There is a lot of functions such as transition, glue stickers, record and impose audio, add text to the video, and many more.

Aside from those amazing functions, this app also has several tools to help you create a masterpiece. The tools that this app has are zoom in, zoom out, crop, and adjust the playback speed.


6. VivaVideo – Free Video Maker Like Pro

VivaVideo is the Pro Video Editor and Free Video Maker app

VivaVideo is the most popular vine editing app for both Android and iPhone. This app is easy to use and also free of charge. Additionally, you can also share your edited video on social media and let people watch your video.

When using this app, not only you can edit videos from existing files but you can also take the footage directly from the application. Furthermore, through this app, you can mix photos and videos into one, then adding the music as the soundtrack.

‎VivaVideo - Video Editor&Maker
‎VivaVideo - Video Editor&Maker


7. FilmoraGo – Best Vine App without Watermark

FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor
Do you want to create a video using a free app that will not leave a watermark? Then the answer is FilmoraGo. This app is totally free and you also don’t need to worry about the watermark once the video is finished.

There are two main menus of this app, create a new video and project. If you want to make a new video, you can choose the “create a new video” menu. The project menu is used to store all of your workpieces.

When working with FilmoraGo, you can use the existing files on your phone memory such as photos and videos, or shoot directly from the camera. After that, videos can be shared on social media.


8. Lomotif – Free Vine Video Editor App without Ads

Lomotif Free Easy vine editing apps

One of the vine editing apps that you can use is Lomotif. This apps is very easy to use. On top of that, it also free of charge, so you don’t need to pay anything to edit a video through this app.

When using Lomotif to create or edit a video, you don’t need any special skill. After all, the program will take care of video editing. What you need to do is just choose the video or photos that you want to create and add the music.

After you finish editing the video, you can share the video with your friends through social media.


9. YouCut – Free & No Watermark Vine Video Editor App

Youcut free and no watermark vine editing app

Creating a great video with no watermark is a dream for everyone. To do that, you can use YouCut as the video editing app. It is a very powerful and free app. With this app, you can create an amazing video without spending the money.

Even though this app is free, the tools and features on it are top-notch for the vine editing app for Android. With this app, it is possible to choose a moment in your video. Then, edit the moment you choose with the tools in this app.

Once the video is finished, you can share it through Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or any social media.


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10. Filmigo Video Maker – Good App to Make Vine Edits

Filmigo Video Maker

For you who love to create a unique and fabulous video, Filmigo Video Maker is the right vine editing application you can install on your smartphone. Be it photos or videos from your phone memory, you can turn them all into a great clip.

It is also easy to use. First, you just need to choose the photos or videos that you want to edit or create. Then, you can do a little bit editing such as cut to shorten the duration or even merge it with another video. After that, now it’s time to add some effects.

When finished, you can save the video on your phone or share it with your friends.


11. InShot – Best Vine Video Maker App for Instagram

Inshot Best FREE HD Video Editor and Video Maker

Do you like to post your video on Instagram? Then you have to install InShot Editor on your smartphone since this app is one of the best vine editing apps for Instagram. Using this app, you can improve the quality of the video.

A user-friendly interface is one of the benefits of this app. With it, you can make a unique video without difficulty. To support the creation of a great video, InShot Editor carries several features such as sticker, zoom in, and imposing audio to the video.

Though the main point of this app is to upload the video on Instagram, you still download the edited video to your phone memory.

‎InShot - Video Editor
‎InShot - Video Editor


12. Quik – Easy & Awesome Vine Editor App

Quik Free Video Editor for photos

If what you’re looking for is an easy and quick vine editing app, then Quik is the best choice. It can be installed both in Android and iOS. With this app, you don’t need to think hard to edit the video. After all, just a few taps are enough to create a marvelous video.

What you need to do is just choosing the photos or videos that you want to edit. Then just leave for this app to do its magic. In just a few seconds you will be able to witness its result. This app will find the best moment and combine it with the right transition and effects.

After adding the text and the music to the video, you can share it with your friends through social media. It’s very easy, isn’t it?

‎Quik - GoPro Video Editor
‎Quik - GoPro Video Editor
Developer: GoPro, Inc.
Price: Free


13. Animoto – Easy Turn Your Slideshow into Vine Video

Animoto Slideshow Maker

Animoto is one of the easiest to use vine editing apps. If you frequently upload a video on your social media such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, installing this app on the smartphone will help to create high-quality video.

What makes this app great is that you can create a good video without any special skills. This can happen because of the tools that this app has. The video template, music, layouts, cut, and trims video are some of the tools to make your video looks better.

With Animoto, editing video becomes so much fun. Furthermore, the result of the edited video is also great so you can upload it on your social media with feeling proud.

‎Slideshow Creator
‎Slideshow Creator
Developer: Animoto Inc.
Price: Free+


14. Vigo Video – Best Way Create Good & Funniest Vine

Vigo Video Funny Vine Editor App

Do you want to create funny videos and be friends with other people with the same interest around the world? Vigo Video exists to fulfill those wishes. This app is great to create short videos. Moreover, you can also watch other videos that people create through this app.

To make a stunning video with Vido Video is not hard. There are several tools that will help you to create a fun and great clip. One of them is merging. With this tool, you can combine two or more videos into one.

You also can add music or recorded audio into the video. Additionally, the effects and filters tool will help you to make the video looks nicer.

Vigo Video - Funny Short Video
Vigo Video - Funny Short Video
Developer: Vigo Video
Price: Free+


15. Vizmato – Make Your Own Vine In Minutes

Vizmato Video Editor & Slideshow maker

Using the Vizmato you can get cool video or GIF without trouble. After all, this app is one of the most popular vine editing apps for Android and iOS. With this app, you can create both video and GIF then share them with your friends on social media.

To operate this app is easy. You can shoot the movie through the application camera and then edit it with the tools on this app. Be it adding special effects or adding the music to the video, this app can do them all. Moreover, with the share feature, you can directly share the video on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.


16. Funimate – Musically Video Maker

Funimate Video Musical editor

Are you looking for a video editing apps for Android or iPhone to make your TiktTok contents look great? Then Funimate is the answer. This app is another popular vine editing apps and also free to use. You don’t need to be an expert to create cool and amazing videos since this app will help you.

There are various tools in this app that can make video editing is easier and funnier. However, the most prominent tool of this app is one-touch magic. With this tool, you can create a cool video with a unique effect with just one touch.


17. Hype Text – Create Awesome Vine Video Stories for Instagram

Hype text type animated text

Hype Text is an app that especially designed for animated text. With this app, you can make your video looks more artistic with the animated text and caption. This way, you will be more confident to upload the video on social media.

This app is more focused on text animation, so there are many well-designed text layouts to make your video cooler. Moreover, you can add the caption with the text into the video intro fast and easy.

Hype Text - Animated Text & In
Hype Text - Animated Text & In
Developer: cerdillac
Price: Free
‎Hype Text - Type Animated Text
‎Hype Text - Type Animated Text


18. VLLO – Vine Video Editor App for Amateur

VLLO Easy Video & Vlog Editing App

Another the best vine editing app for iPhone and Android that you can use is VLLO. Not only can help you create cool videos but this app also has a user-friendly interface. This makes VLLO is easy to use even for the amateur.

To create a cool and funny video, you need to use many features, and VLLO has them all. From trimming the video to add effect and music, all of them can be found in this app. Furthermore, when you finish editing the video, there will be no watermark left behind and you don’t need to pay for it.

VLLO, My First Video Editor
VLLO, My First Video Editor
Developer: vimosoft
Price: Free
‎VLLO, My First Video Editor
‎VLLO, My First Video Editor
Developer: vimosoft
Price: Free+


Creating and editing a video is a fun activity. Installing one of those vine editing apps will definitely help you to create an amazing video. What makes those apps are good is that you don’t need to be an expert to produce a cool video. So, let’s create a bunch of nice videos using these apps.


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