20 Best Fallout 4 Sniper Rifle to Win Every Combat 2024

As an award-winning video game series, Fallout 4 is determined to always impress fans by providing a wide range of rifles to win every combat. Fallout 4 sniper rifle is one of the most important weapons for your character to survive. Since you are the sole survivor in the wasteland where your life will always be threatened, you must equip yourself with an effective weapon.

Fallout 4 sold for about 1,2 million copies only 24 hours after release. In 2017, this game gained more sales and received numerous awards as well as a nomination. The background story of this game is unique. Sets in the open world after the apocalypse event, precisely in the year 2287, our world is something you can never imagine.

The exact location itself is somewhere in Boston and Massachusetts where people knew them as The Commonwealth. Not only fight with people but also radiation attacks. Nuclear blast as the impact of The Great War in the previous series is the cause of this apocalypse. But, despite the dark and thrilling environment, you will be involved in an unavoidable combat scene which is awesome.

Therefore, you need a Fallout 4 sniper rifle to equip you during combat. Do you want to know how to get it and what variety this weapon provides you? This article will help you recognize it.

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20 Fallout 4 Sniper Rifle 2024: The Best Deadly Weapons to Win Every Combat

When you start to jump in the game, your character will directly step into a quest of finding your lost relatives and family. You will land in scattered and ruin Boston, where everything burned out. See no more colorful Boston because everything you used to know and see is destroyed.

Furthermore, your character has no choice but to explore the open world of post-apocalypse Boston. Somehow, you have power that makes you eligible in this dark new world. Fear no enemies because you are equipped with armor and weapons. A Sniper rifle is one of the most important because shooting is what makes you alive in this game.

So, how to get it and where? Well, there is no such specific weapon as a Fallout 4 sniper rifle. Instead, it appears in weapon mod. Since you will have to be involved in combat by combat, this game provides you with a wide range of weapon selections and is available in almost every Fallout series. Below is all you can choose to be your killing machine gun:

1. Gauss Rifle

Gauss Rifle

This one best Fallout 4 sniper rifle is an absolute deadly weapon. It has 441 damage points as it relies on magnetic induction. So, once you pull the trigger, Gauss Rifle will release bullets’ jaw-dropping speed. The interesting part is that you can charge your shoot as well as push damage level while holding the trigger.

You may get this weapon offered to you at level 25. If you want to boost Gauss Rifle’s sneak critical damage, try to collaborate it with Ninja Perk. To make it more deadly to your enemy, combine it with Rifleman Perk. When you pursue Battle of Bunker Hill, you will see this rifle on Brotherhood and Railroad grasp.

2. Tinker Tom Special

tinker tom special

You may feel uncertain when you first look at this weapon. It’s just like any rifle in most games or movies you used to see. But, despite its common look, Tinker Tom Special is exceptional because you need to be a Railroad Member first to get access to it. Also, there is only one place where you can find it, Railroad Headquarters.

Don’t worry about the price, Tinker Tom is a generous seller so he will give you an affordable price. What you get from using this legendary rifle is Stalker’s effect. Your VATS accuracy may increase to 100 percent while once you shoot, it performs 66 damage points, 185 shooting range, and 3 first-rate. As a Fallout 4 sniper rifle with a wide shooting range, you need it.

3. Reba II

Reba II

This rifle is quite similar to a common hunting rifle but with a more terminator effect. You may get 50% bonus damage when you shoot bugs or Mirelurks. It performs 55 damage ratings, 112 shooting ranges, and 3 fire rates. This weapon suits you best in this game because it will help you through every combat.

So, where can you find it? You have to reach the town of Salem, particularly in Rock Family House. Make the entrance and go down to the basement where you will find a locked room. But, you must finish Get Run Quest First. Another way to get this rifle is to get Barney killed or steal the basement key from him.

4. The Last Minute

The Last Minute

If you’re a fan of Gauss Rifle, then wait until you get access to The Last Minute. This one is a modification from Gauss Rifle with additional limb damage to 50 percent once you initiate its crippling effect. It becomes better than its predecessor because of new features such as boosting oil capacitors, night vision scope, shielded barrel, and compensator mods.

Once you finish Old Gun Quest, you can get access to visit Ronnie Shaw where you will be able to buy The Last Minute. This Fallout 4 sniper rifle is a must-have because of its 192 base damage, which is higher than its older brother. With a 203 shooting rate, you have a killing beast in your hand.

5. The Problem Solver

The Problem Solver

With a body that looks like an AK47, this weapon is effective during combat because of its long shooting range. Yes, it’s not like a sniper rifle in common but you don’t have to worry about its damage level. You can increase it though by adding accessories. Also, it has a legendary effect called Furious. It has a 108 damage rating which is lethal to your enemy.

To boost its effectiveness, you may add some perks such as Rifleman or Commando. To get this in your grasp, you must pass Mason’s Check to get to An Ambitious Plan Quest. You need to focus because it’s only a one-time check and you must activate the right-hand dialog option. Once you fail, there is no way but to start over the game.

6. Reba


When Barney Rook created this gun, it was just some ordinary hunting rifle. You can easily get it because it comes with random mods. So, you may find it right after you meet Barney Rook no matter your level. Somehow, you may feel this weapon has nothing special because there will be no legendary effect, except its damage rating of 37 and shooting range of 131.

But, you will need this rifle as a hunting weapon. And for your information, this weapon works best when you combine it with Basher, Rifleman, or Bloody Mesh. With a 71 rating of accuracy, you need to finish Gun Run Quest to make it more effective.

7. Hunting Rifle

Hunting Rifle

Another Fallout 4 sniper rifle you may need at the beginning of the game is the Hunting Rifle. When you face your opponent in heavy bolt-action, this weapon is all you need. Furthermore, if you modify it, you can even rely on it in your later stages. The legendary effect makes it work better.

You can buy this weapon from the College Square kiosk. But, College Square is not the only place to get this rifle. Go to Kendall Hospital, Old North Church, and Mass Pike Tunnel to get it. Others who also carry this weapon are Raiders, Gunners, and super mutants. You can count on the Hunting Rifle because it performs 42 damage ratings and 191 shooting ranges.

8. Wazer Wifle

Wazer Wifle

The next rifle you must possess in Fallout 4 is Wazer Wifle, a laser rifle with Never Ending Effect that allows you to have unlimited magazine capacity. It is a must-have because of its high-level effectiveness where you don’t have to reload but are always full of bullets. But, one thing you must know is that this effect needs some particular ammunition from earlier.

To be able to use it, your character must finish a quest in Shaun of a minimum of 3 unmarked quests. Or, you may have this one after finishing the main quest. The other function of this rifle is as alternative energy to a hunting rifle.

9. Virgil’s Rifle

Virgil’s Rifle

Since your enemy in Fallout 4 is not only human but also mutant, you need some weapon to wipe mutants off. This Fallout 4 sniper rifle called Virgil’s Rifle is an energy-based weapon with a mutant slayer effect. With various mods such as gamma wave emitter, night vision at medium level, improved long barrel, as well as full stock, you don’t have to be worried when you encounter a mutant.

Your path to being able to have this weapon is not easy. It is because you must convince Virgil to commit suicide in Virgil’s Cure. But, if you find it too dramatic, you can choose to steal it from Virgil. He always seems to carry it all the time after all. With a shooting range of 227 and 33 damage ratings, the mutant is no longer your concern.

10. Overseer’s Guardian

Overseer's Guardian

This weapon is all you need during combat because it’s effective for the short or long barrel. It also performs a two-shot effect so you can have an extra projectile every time you make a shot. Furthermore, the short night vision scope as a useful mod makes this weapon a must-have. Don’t hesitate to make it your main weapon during the game.

If you want to buy this rifle, you must visit Alexis Comber at Vault81. With a high damage rating which is 115 and a shooting range of 215, this weapon is lethal to your enemy. You can use this rifle at different stages and will accompany you during combat.

11. Old Faithful

Old Faithful

This Fallout 4 sniper rifle is a lethal weapon because of its 300 damage only in a single shot. Surely it is a jaw-dropping effect but that’s the way Old Faithful is. This weapon has no silence so probably not suitable when you choose to be stealthy. The best way to use it is in a raid when you reach level 3 or 4 in the early game.

Old faithfulness has an instigating effect which is why it is so effective to fear your enemies when they hunt you. But, as you get into other stages in the game, better combine it with another rifle. For example, the one with silence because somehow you need to sneak and stealth too.

12. Hub Alien Blaster

Hub Alien Blaster

You must finish the Trip to The Stars quest to get this weapon. Just like Virgil’s Rifle, this weapon is an energy weapon. Once you modify it at the workbench, you may get an energy cellar. As a variant of the alien blaster, it’s very effective for critical shots that rely on the Luck stat. You can also double the damage of your critical hit by using this weapon.

Consider having the best long-range, almost every player wishes to have this gun. Moreover, as a semi-automatic rifle, you get the fastest reload speed so no need to worry about reload time. During combat, you can enjoy its silencer ability that makes you move unnoticed. But, you have to be concerned about shooting multiple times to kill your enemy.

13. Sentinel Plasmacaster

Sentinel Plasmacaster

You need this rifle to face a super healthy target because this one has a double damage effect. Equip with instigating effect as its feature, makes it one of the best weapons you must have in this game. But somehow, some players underestimate this rifle. It is because Sentinel Plasmacaster is lacking the silencer. But, speaking of stats, this one is the best.

As a powerful rifle, Sentinel Plasmacaster will wipe your enemies in a single raid with raw damage. But, if you are forced to do this in stealth mode, you must stay unseen. But it can’t stay unnoticed, then leave this one as you will be exposed eventually.

14. Old Reliable

Old Reliable

We can say that this Fallout 4 sniper rifle is a marriage of Gauss Rifle and Overseer’s Guardian. That is why Old Reliable can shoot in silent mode and is filled up with functionalities as Gauss Rifle has. This one is suitable for all beginners who still try to find a way to survive Fallout 4. Expert players often consider this weapon as underrated because of its short-range and smaller clip.

But, if you still want to explore Fallout 4 and get used to it, this sniper rifle may suit you. The ability of Old Reliable is extraordinary though. Once you feel comfortable and familiar with this game, you can change your weapon.

15. Laser Musket

Laser Musket

This sniper rifle is unique simply because Laser Musket is a homemade and nonstandard version of the rifle Fallout 4 usually has. It consists of various electronic and mechanical parts and is then strapped into the wooden rifle. But, don’t you ever try to use this weapon in the stealthy mode because it’s jarring when you fire it.

If you want to get it, you can get it outside of the Museum of Freedom as optional objectives to When Freedom Calls Quest. You can also collect it from Minutes Man’s dead body as this weapon is their signature weapon. Should you need an additional musket, go to a shelf in the Castle Tunnels. You will find General McGann’s body not far from security doors, collect it from there.

16. Pipe Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Pipe Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Some players may say this Fallout 4 sniper rifle has nothing special. But actually, you can turn this one into something powerful by combining it with Gun Nut 2 and the weapon’s workbench. It’s not difficult if you want to get this, simply take it from the dead body. To collect more, go to Concord, and you will find it in any house but you need to be quick.

It has a 63 rating of accuracy, 65 shooting range, and 34 damaging levels. So, to make it more effective and lethal, you can collaborate with Basher and Rifleman, Astoundingly Awesome, and Ace Operator. Notice that it uses 50 caliber bullets when you take them to combat.

17. Plasma Gun

Plasma Gun

As an energy weapon, Plasma Gun is the best for you in a deadly mission. To be able to access it, players must reach level 16 first. It has a long shooting range so that is why you may want to upgrade it to different mods to maximize its killing effect.

You can try to include another item such as Large Recon Scope Sights, overcharged capacitor, and also Large Recon Scope Sights. It has a wide range of variants too such as Plasma Pistol, Plasma Rifle, Plasma Scattergun, and also Plasma Thrower. With an accuracy rating of 142 and a fire rate of 33, this is the weapon you need to win a combat.

18. Combat Rifle

Combat Rifle

This Fallout 4 sniper rifle is an effective weapon as it is a semi-automatic rifle and can shoot at any range you want. Plus, it is easy to find because it’s everywhere in the Commonwealth. But, you need to reach level 15 first before you can access this weapon. It is something you need to take down your enemies when they approach you. With a shooting range of 199, Combat Rifle is a must-have.

19. Laser Gun

Laser Gun fallout 4

It is a unique laser rifle. However, it is not the actual laser rifle you used to find in the Great War period. This gun gives you a high damage level despite its lower fire rate. To get this weapon, you can go to Nuka-Cade or Proctor Teagan.

20. Mighty Sniper Rifle

Mighty Sniper Rifle


The last Fallout 4 sniper rifle we recommend is the Mighty Sniper Rifle which is effective for a hunting rifle. Most players find difficulties when using this one. So, they combine it with Medium Scope Sights as well as Large Quick Eject Magazine. If you use Plasma Infused effect to it, then you may get extra points of energy damage.

Final Note

Fallout 4 sniper rifle comes with various mods and names. You must possess them to survive and win the combat. Without this weapon, your life will always be threatened. Remember, Boston is long gone, everything you used to know is gone. Prepare yourself for never-ending survival.

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