Best Sims Games Ranked: Which is the Best to Play in 2024?

For years, this game has developed and circulated in four series. Despite the popularity, which one is the best Sims game to play first.

Newbies who have just played may be confused about it.

Indeed, this game is a collaboration of two well-known developers, namely EA Mobile and Firemonkeys Studios. Meanwhile, Electronic Arts acts as a publisher.

In the four series, players will undergo real-life simulations.

They are such as building a house, doing everything related to lifestyle, and interacting with virtual people named the Sims.

This life simulation-based entertainment is indeed a choice for having fun and living life as you wish.

Interested in playing with the Sims series? Let’s get the review first!

Which Sims Game has the Best Gameplay?

As this game has been around for a long time, many should already know about the ins and outs. This installment is popular because it is a pioneer of real-life simulation video games.

If you do not know too much yet and want to play it, you better start from the best. Based on most of the reviews, the best Sims game packs go to the third one!

Most players agree that The Sims 3 becomes the whole series’ culmination. Also, this series has the most features of all installments.

It is a refiner of its predecessors. Playing this third series will make you feel the real world but in a version that suits your expectations.

The interactions are so real that it is not like playing a game. After The Sims 3, there is still one more series.

But instead of advancement, many people think The Sims 4 is a setback when comparing to the third installment.

However, calling this game worst is not the right thing.

Otherwise, many people seem disappointed because they had hoped too much from this series. Further, this series is not too bad as it seems.

One good thing you can take into consideration is that it is still the best Sims game for PS4!

Best Sims Games Ranked: Which is the Best to Play in 2024

Since its first appearance, The Sims has always provided surprises that have made fans loyal to wait for the latest series.

In general, the user satisfaction graph always increases with each new release. Unfortunately, the 4th series did not as lucky as its predecessors.

Due to the loss of several key features, it was considered a sneaky way to profit from naive fans who hoped to get something new.

But whatever the opinion out there, all The Sims games have extraordinary appeal.

Even the series that is considered the worst turns out that it also provides a pleasant experience when you play.

If you are a new player who is confused about the install order of the best Sims game, try to read the review first.

Based on the suitability of the times, here is the order of the best Sims game 2021 for you to install.

Therefore, try to play in the order below, and you will see the differences and developments from time to time.

1.      The Sims 3

The Sims 3

In the previous section, we have discussed the third installment as the best Sims games ever made. The features are the most complete but with a more advanced version.

Surely this will spoil all lovers of real-life simulation games. The success far surpassed its predecessor because it sold up to 1.4 million copies in just a week.

Furthermore, the Sims 3 is the first open-world game series that lets you visit other houses and travel to different locations.

You can also get almost anything in buy mode.

Many people claim that this series is most similar to real life. The Sims characters go through various life stages.

Besides, they have the opportunity to get lifetime happiness in which you can exchange it for rewards.

Lifetime happiness itself has accomplished wishes. In terms of Create a Sim feature, the players might find something new.

Since The Sims 3, you can change various elements, such as the shape of the face or body, voice, and tattoos.

Compared to the previous series, players will also get a wide selection of challenging new skills and jobs.

Apart from that, there are lots of upgrades that you could not miss. However, each series has its weaknesses.

Despite its complete features and best gameplay, many players complain about slow loading problems.

2.      The Sims 4

The Sims 4

From time to time, The Sims always offers rapid development. The first to third series has an increase in nominal sales.

But it is different when Electronic Arts released the fourth installment.

But relax! Despite the negative critics from those who are disappointed, it is deserved second place in the Sims game ranking.

Moreover, the loss of the open-world system differs it from The Sims 4. Thus, the player is no longer free to visit houses or locations.

Apart from that, many things make it more similar to the earliest series.

For example, you cannot find features, such as vehicles, several building features, and even create a Sim mode.

Hence, you will no longer use the editor feature to customize the characters you play in this game.

It is what makes many fans disappointed that they do not place it as the best one. But that does not mean the player cannot customize it at all.

Create a Sim in this series alternates with direct manipulation where you can use the mouse to edit the character as you wish.

In The Sims 3, there is a wish feature that allows you to earn rewards when exchanging.

However, the fourth series has replaced it with aspirations that are originally existed in the second installment.

Unfortunately, the features were removed in the third series. That does not mean The Sims 4 is without the addition of any features.

The characters now have various mood states, how this was not there in the previous series.

Overall, as the gameplay did not meet the fans’ expectations, many called The Sims 4 only as a tool for profit.

Otherwise, not everyone thinks so and thinks this is just a matter of taste.

3.      The Sims 2

The Sims 2

Once you fall in love with the first installation, you will adore the second one.

Sims 2 will bring you to the more advanced stage of the life simulation game. Many additional features are sure to please.

No wonder the game, released in 2004, managed to break its predecessor’s record as the greatest selling game on PC.

From the start, you will feel pampered by its fledged 3D display instead of isometric projection. Besides, the customization options are far more sophisticated than the previous series.

Additionally, Sims 2 has three life stages; from babies to adults.

You will also have three premade neighborhoods; they are Pleasantview, Strangetown, Veronaville.

In this series, players can use the feature of create a Sim. Thus, this editor menu allows you to change the characters in the game.

The family and all character classes can grow; even the old ones can die.

You can also interact with all the NPCs, receive calls from other people, and even have a memory to remember past events.

It is not the best game compared to its later generations, particularly the third installment.

But this series is already very capable of satisfying your ambition to create an ideal life according to your version.

4.      The Sims

The Sims 1 Free Download

When it first appeared in 2000, The Sims immediately attracted the attention of many fans.

Not without reason, this permanent is a breakthrough because it introduces a real-life simulation.

Within 2 years, this PC-based game sold up to 6.3 million copies worldwide. But unfortunately, instead of being the best Sims game, it is at the bottom.

This game is quite fun with a simulation that is related to everyday life. Otherwise, most people think the gameplay is too primitive with an open-ended plot.

Players do not have a clear goal of how to win it.

You only do simple activities such as raising a baby, building a house, forming a family, and socializing.

Your main activity is how to serve the needs of the Sims in the game. To make it real, the players will be able to socialize with NPCs around them.

Further, to run this game, you will have access to enter 150 buildings and furniture elements.

Moreover, there are three groups in this game, namely babies, children, and adults. In the Sims game, you can have kids after marriage, even without going through pregnancy.

However, only the baby category can get older, while the other characters will remain similar.

Final Thoughts

The Sims will be a fun game to pass the time, but never put down the strategies, such as managing Simcash, to make it efficient.

You will get SimCash throughout the game by completing quests and to-do lists. The more often you play, the more your account balance.

That way, you can level up quickly and get lots of items.

After a discussion, you can judge which one is the most suitable for you. Each has its character, and maybe everyone has a different opinion.

To conclude, the third installment becomes the best Sims game ever because of the completeness of its features. Hope it’s useful!

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