10 Best Castle Building Games for PC (Worth to Play in 2024)

Nowadays, finding a castle building game for PC seems hard. It is due to the development of mobile technology. All information seems centered on this platform, including games.

Although playing it via mobile is easier and more flexible, most people still prefer to use a PC.

It is related to ergonomics and the ease of using the features in completing the tasks. Until now, the public interest in castle building game PC-based is still very high.

With many installments circulating, players need accurate information before deciding to install. Therefore, if you lack information about this and want to find out, it is time to read this review.

Let’s get started!

10 Best Castle Building Games for PC (Must Play in 2024)

We all know that video games are a trend that has been going on for decades. Therefore, something like castle building is not a new thing in the lives of gamers.

Thus, do not be surprised to find the castle building game online in quantities on the market.

They have different criteria, gameplay, and different storylines. Several games have good quality. Otherwise, some may merely want to spend your money and time without giving satisfaction.

However, since information about PC-based video games is very minimal, it is hard to determine what you want to install.

Moreover, look at the best castle building games 2020-2021 trends that you should know.

1.      Stronghold Legends

stronghold legends

This castle strategy games must be very familiar among players. But for those who do not know, this installment combines nation-building strategies with fantasy elements.

Further, you will find three fractions with their respective strengths and abilities. They are:

  • King Arthur (Alliance of Light)
  • Siegfried of Xanten (Powers of Cold)
  • Vlad Dracula (Forces of Darkness)

You can see their abilities through their aliases. Players might opt for one of these fractions to become your character in the game.

Uniquely, the player can also switch to play a multiplayer mode or single-player campaign. After selecting your character, you can start playing the game.

You will build castles, develop the economy with your strategies, and create troops.

2.      Banished


The castle building game that is no less exciting is Banished. You are a character who starts everything from scratch with minimal supplies.

But you are not alone because some followers accompany you on the journey.

At first, you were wanderers but finally decided to make your village. Armed with this potency, you can start to build a building economy and promote prosperity.

As the leader of your people, you take the role to manage everything. Then will they prosper or be destroyed under your auspices? Try to prove yourself by starting to play Banished.

3.      Age of Empires II HD

Age of Empires II HD

This game is not at all new and has been around for 20 years. However, recently, Age of Empires II HD underwent significant improvements.

This game’s setting is the Middle Ages, where you can choose one of the 18 Civilizations in it.

They all fought for dominance. Age of Empires II HD not only gives you fun with gameplay but also contains history lessons.

You can also play it single-player history or with friends.

The main objective of this game is none other than how you manage the economy by relying on everything you have.

In the end, everything will be the capital to defeat the enemy at night and expand your territory.

4.      Kingdoms and Castles

Kingdoms and Castles

The next best castle-building game that you should also try is Kingdoms and Castles. In this case, the strategy for governing a territory will be the key.

This kingdom building game has the same quality as Stronghold or Banished.

Initially, you will get a small settlement with all the potential. However, as time goes on, the player should continue to apply this strategy to develop it.

You will get rewards if you succeed in making it even more successful.

5.      CastleStorm


Most online castle building games implement a real-time strategy system. If you are bored, CastleStorm is the right choice because it implements a different thing.

This game setting takes place in the Medieval Ages, where Vikings and Knights are in between.

Also, the confrontation of the two produces an exciting and different feel for the game. You certainly will not get bored playing this game because it is available on many models.

They range from story, multiplayer, cooperative, and a combination of various exciting challenges.

Apart from the gameplay, everything you do will bring extraordinary effects, for example, when you build a castle for the first time.

The choices you make at that time will affect how the enemy can defeat you easily or not. Therefore, do everything with careful consideration.

6.      Heroes of Might Magic VII

Heroes of Might Magic VII

The seventh installment of best castle builder game is Heroes of Might Magic that is quite well known as one of the best games. All you need to do is use a turn-based strategy to defeat all opponents and gain dominance.

If you are a new player, the initial thing to do is selecting a territory. The trick is to move the “Hero” on the map. You will also directly get all the resources and artifacts there.

After getting what you need, begin to build a settlement. On the way, you may also face enemies.

Your job is to make sure the settlement development process runs smoothly while defeating the enemies that come. For this, you will enter battle mode.

In this game, the process of building the castle is critical.

Players have to decide carefully so that the shelter is strong enough from enemy attacks. The stronger your castle, the more powerful your army will be.

It will help you win every given challenge and task. Ease your path to becoming an influential ruler.

7.      Warcraft III

Warcraft III

This game, created by Blizzard Entertainment, has never been abandoned by fans, even though it is outdated.

The visuals in this game are deliberately adopting an old-school theme to give a nostalgic feel. However, even though it carries a classic look, the gameplay from Warcraft III is already capable.

Its simple style allows players to use various features easily. Developers also have to pay attention to every detail.

It is visible from the visualization of characters, buildings to the environment, which are all impressive.

Compared to the previous generation, this castle building game has significantly improved graphics.

Besides, it offers additional cut-scenes that keep you from getting bored during campaign time.

Additionally, the recent characters look alive now. Arthas, Sylvannas, and the others looked more impressive in every appearance.

8.      Medieval Engineers

Medieval Engineers

When playing Medieval Engineers, you will be in an earth-like location called Planetoid. The environment looks uninhabitable because there is no water.

However, you can explore there, one of which is by mining. By the way, this game is indeed somewhat similar to Minecraft, which uses blocks.

Although it seems worrying, you can do various explorations to turn it into a livable one. In the end, your strength will be at the heart of how you can process everything into a settlement.

This game has two modes, namely Survival and Creative. The second will take you to an environment that has unlimited resources.

Meanwhile, the first mode will force you to try to survive with a small supply.

Survival mode also requires you to fight from scratch. If you take the right strategies and choices, you will find enough resources to build your castle.

9.      Foundation


If you like something aesthetically pleasing, then you should give Foundation a try. This game allows you to explore uniquely designed buildings.

Foundation is a castle building game that focuses on the construction of the organic city and monumental creation. You can create a beautiful city with various ornaments and designs.

However, to create a city, you also need resources. Make sure you do the right economic strategy to make your settlement bigger and more prosperous.

10.  Conan Unconquered

Conan Unconquered

Conan Unconquered ended up being the last in this review. Most people must already know what it is like to play this installment. Players must face attacks from hordes of Hyboria who attack blindly.

It is a survival game where your castle building skills will determine your strength.

This game may be easy at first, but over time, the enemies can be stronger. If you neglect to make a decision, then they will take over your territory.

However, you can work together with your friends to defeat the enemy in this game. Try activating co-op mode so you can fight together with your friends like a real war.

Final Words

A video game is still one of the most popular ways of entertaining. The reason is the visuals and graphics that are usually attractive.

However, due to the many of them currently available, some may not meet your expectations. Therefore you must study the reviews well before installing.

The 10 best castle building game reviews above are several recommendations to consider. As everything depends on the individual’s interest, there may be other better installments outside.

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