17 Best Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS 2024

Sometimes, people are curious to know their male and female versions. Want the same thing? Then trying a gender swap app is certainly a great choice.

Thus, they will transform you into someone of the opposite sex.

Taking funny selfies and sharing them on social networks is an easy way to have fun nowadays. Moreover, it undoubtedly makes people more well-known.

What are you waiting for? Just edit your pictures using a face swap app and then upload them.

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List of 17 Best Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS

In this post, we have had some marvelous apps to change your gender on the smartphone. They do not only have awesome features but also offer you realistic and hilarious results.

1. Magic Face

Magic Face

This is one of the fantastic gender swap apps. Besides changing genders, Magic Face can reveal more amazing secrets about your face. Simply shot an image and let the app do the job.

Magic Face is truly a remarkable gender swap online editor. It is able to predict the users’ faces when they get old. In addition, you can see what your future baby looks like instantly.

With an Expression Change feature on Magic Face, you can add a grimace or smile to your picture. Meanwhile, Young Camera will bring users back to their 18s in no time.

Also, this app offers a Past Life feature. You could have been an Italian opera singer or princess. Reveal the answer by using it.

Besides, there are other cool functions like Celeb Gene and Ghost Makeup.

Magic Face:face aging, young c
Magic Face:face aging, young c

2. Reface


Searching for gender swap app celebrities? Give Reface a shot. It serves as an online GIF and meme editor. By using the application, you can switch your face with any celebrity.

In 2020, Reface became the best application for fun. Moreover, it provides numerous pictures, videos, GIFs, and daily updates.

You can pick a picture of your favorite actor, singer, or even influencer to switch faces with. The app offers users realistic face swap GIFs and videos on the go because of its advanced technology.

Millions of people really enjoy Reface as an awesome meme maker. With this app, anyone can animate pictures in just a few steps before sharing them with friends.

3. FaceApp


Faceapp is one of the most fantastic apps to swap faces. This photo editing app is worth trying. It offers various amazing effects.

With the application, the users will know if they were much younger, got old, or had a wide bright smile. You can also switch your gender on it.

FaceApp is absolutely user-friendly. First, take a selfie. Then, tap any of the buttons at your screen’s bottom.

Unlike other gender swap apps, the results are instantly visible. They look realistic, too.

The developers stated that they use artificial intelligence to modify photos. Before imposing the selecting effects on the picture, the system will analyze it.

Basically, FaceApp is a photo editor that lets users change their images. After getting the funny results, post them on your social media.

4. Snapchat


Snapchat features a unique megapopular filter that enables users to look exactly like people who are of the other sex.

It immediately makes a woman’s face look masculine with stubble and vice versa.

Using gender swap Snapchat filter is definitely a breeze. Just search for the “Make a photo” button first. Then, find certain icons on the bottom right of it.

Next, select a mask. You need a couple of masks, one with eyelashes and the other with bristles.

After choosing the masks, point your camera at Snapchat’s frames for the face. Finally, record and share the image with online friends.

Unfortunately, this filter of Snapchat only works in live mode. That means you cannot upload a picture from your gallery.

However, the users can take a picture of anyone using the back camera and add it to the app.

Developer: Snap Inc
Price: Free
Developer: Snap, Inc.
Price: Free+

5. Face Story – Gender Swap, Age, and Sketch Voila

Face Story Gender Swap Age and Sketch Voila

With this male to female photo changer app, you can make outstanding virtual manipulations easily.

It also provides various impressive features such as Face Aging, Gender Swap, Cartoon, Horoscope, Baby Face, Celeb Lookalike, and Artistic & Sketch Effect.

Simply add a picture to Face Story and choose Gender Swap. In no time, it can change a man or a woman into the opposite gender. No worries, you will not look like a humanoid on the app.

The Gender Swap filter works pretty fast, so you do not need to wait for some time. However, the users must pay for their subscription to use all the features on Face Story.

6. Face Changer Photo Booth

Face Changer Photo Booth

This gender swap app boasts a simple interface. Furthermore, it is very easy to operate. There are lots of options for making your pictures more hilarious.

With this application, you can swap your face with animals, favorite celebrities, or friends. It undoubtedly will result in funny images. Get-togethers have never been more fun.

You can either add photos from the device or take a picture of yourself and someone else to swap faces with.

Besides the face changer feature, the app lets users try other fabulous filters. Save the hilarious images to the gallery or share them with friends on any social media platform.

Face Changer Photo Booth
Face Changer Photo Booth

7. Face Swap Booth – Face Changer

Face Swap Booth Face Changer

This is one of the most magnificent gender swap apps. The iPhone and Android users can install Face Swap Booth on their smartphones.

With its advanced editing tools, the application will blend photos perfectly.

Face Swap Booth actually does not feature a specific program for switching genders in photos. However, it blends people’s faces of different sexes together.

Moreover, users can save their edited faces and use them later on.

The users can swap faces from multiple pictures. Another option is superimposing your face onto any image.

Additionally, the app allows you to change only the eyes or mouths. Well, the possibilities are limitless.

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8. Instagram


Most people definitely know that Instagram is a very popular social media platform. But, many people do not know that app features tons of interesting masks and gender swap filters.

You only have to find the story section. After that, tap the masks in the screen’s lower part. Next, search by the mask’s name or the developer.

If you are specifically looking for a mask to swap your gender, just type the phrase. Instagram will surely offer something cool. The user can either make reels or take selfies with the masks.

Trying certain Instagram’s effects on yourself is very easy. Simply record the video by holding the large white button in the screen’s lower part.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free
Developer: Instagram, Inc.
Price: Free+

9. TikTok


This gender swap app gains enormous popularity. It comes as no surprise because TikTok boasts creative masks, effects, and filters. With the application, users can change their genders.

First of all, go to the filming section. Next, select “masks” and TikTok will show them to you along with all the filters.

TikTok gender swap filter is unquestionably fun to use. After using any visual mask on your face, you can make a video and then add sound or music to it.

The integrated editing tools make the users’ jobs much easier.

Then, the users can share the video with their friends or family through this application. If you post the result on Tiktok, the app will definitely promote it automatically.

Developer: TikTok Pte. Ltd.
Price: To be announced
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

10. Face Lab: Gender Changer

Face Lab Gender Changer

This face editor application helps you turn yourself visually into a man or a woman, thanks to its wonderful beautify tools.

The users also can add wrinkles, make them tall or beautiful, and reduce their ages.

With this app, you can give your pictures visual enhancements. In addition to gender-bending, it allows the users to have bald heads.

Face Lab: Gender Changer
Face Lab: Gender Changer
Developer: WAKANA
Price: Free

11. Face Changer Gender Transformation Apps

Face Changer Gender Transformation Apps

With this app, you can see your look as an old woman or man, thanks to the face aging booth machine. Simply upload pictures from the camera or gallery. Then, wait for the results.

Aside from changing the face from young to old, the application will transform your gender. There are many astonishing stickers and filters available, too.

Face Changer Gender Transformation Apps enables you to apply makeup on your edited picture in seconds. The users can also add hairstyles, masks, eyelashes, hats, and glasses.

Further, the application will make your face look skinny or fat. Furthermore, you can add various emotions such as sleepy, happy, sad, or angry.

Face gender changer app swap
Face gender changer app swap
Developer: ufesia
Price: Free

12. Face Changer Photo Gender Editor

Face Changer Photo Gender Editor

This is another terrific gender swap app. Face Changer Photo Gender Editor can make you look older, creepy, ugly, or much younger.

It also transforms the users into people who are of the opposite sex.

The application will add magic to any picture or selfie immediately because it employs Artificial Intelligence (AI). Aside from letting the users meet their future, the app will make them smile.

Without a doubt, this app does a splendid job of swapping people’s genders. Additionally, it allows you to either grow your beard or change the hairstyle virtually.

Face Changer Gender Editor
Face Changer Gender Editor

13. Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2

Compared to the previous version, it is not only funnier and better but also stronger. Moreover, the developer claimed that there are over 50 million happy users.

Just take a selfie or two and then have fun. You can switch your face with your partner, friends, or certain characters.

Furthermore, the app allows users to add silly hats, backgrounds, stickers, funny glasses, or accessories.

Want to laugh a little extra? Then join the PhotoBooth. It will instantly transform you into anyone.

Face Changer 2 also provides fun games, quizzes, and photo stacks. Do not hesitate to share the funny masterpieces with your loved ones.

Face Changer 2
Face Changer 2
Developer: Scoompa
Price: Free

14. Cupace


Cupace is a user-friendly free face swapping app. Thus, it enables you to both cut and paste face in a picture.

The application becomes a great place for making funny memes or swapping people’s faces. Add cute stickers and text to spruce them up.

There are zoom and cut modes on Cupace. Meanwhile, Face Gallery will save your cropped photos so you do not have to do the same thing later on.

The users of this app can move their friends’ faces to other pictures, too.

Cupace - Cut Paste Face Photo
Cupace - Cut Paste Face Photo
Developer: Picmax
Price: Free

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15. Old Age Face Effects

Old Age Face Effects

As the name implies, this app will change your age virtually. The users can see how they would look in the next few decades. Be ready for some mind-blowing transformations.

However, the application does not only employ unique technology but also photo editor filters. They will show how your future face will look. Do not hesitate to add cute stickers.

For switching your gender, you can either change your hairstyle or add a beard. Undoubtedly, the app is superb because it places a special focus on quality, value, and visuals.

Old Age Face effects App
Old Age Face effects App
Developer: DHEW
Price: Free

16. FaceLab Photo Editor: Gender Swap

FaceLab Photo Editor

FaceLab becomes one of the most incredible apps that let you virtually swap your gender for free. In addition, it works as an age changer application.

There are plenty of old face filters. Fortunately, they are simple to use.

The effects of this gender swap filter can make people look younger or older in no time. If you are curious about your future appearance, then the app will certainly reveal the answer.

Besides those effects, this application comes with various face swap categories. There is a unique filter that will offer you a realistic zombie look.

The gender changer option converts you into someone of the other sex. Just click pictures on FaceLab before sharing the results on your social media.

17. Jiggy


There is a wide array of apps to switch faces. This gender body swap app can specifically swap people’s bodies, too. It enables the users to convert pictures into hilarious dancing GIFs.

That means you can make your significant other, grandma, friends, or parents dance with ease now.

Jiggy lets you create realistic body pictures and deep fake videos with only a click. Furthermore, the users do not need to edit them manually. The app will offer instant results. Try using the application to prank your close friends.

Jiggy: Face Stickers & GIFs
Jiggy: Face Stickers & GIFs
Developer: Botika
Price: Free

Those are 17 mesmerizing gender swap apps on the internet for free. Be ready to laugh your head off and get popular.

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