Top 10 Christmas Games for Android You Should Play 2024

Playing Christmas games for Android is not something to do only during holidays. Therefore, users might play them throughout the year.

Indeed, it is also a great choice of theme for android games during the Christmas season.

There are so many ways to enjoy the best time of the year, Christmas evening and day. Playing games is one of them, both virtually and physically.

Of course, the family needs special games for the special time.

Thus, check out these Christmas-themed android games. Then, enjoy the virtual games which are based on Christmas music, tree decoration, Santa Clause, Cooking, and other related themes.

10 Top Christmas Games for Android 2024

These top games are not designed for advanced gamers. Likewise, they are available to play for fun and kill time during Holidays or anytime.

1. Christmas Games

A special game for the special ones, this is a perfect Christmas app for your children. Also, this theme is very Christmasy.

Besides entertaining, this game is educational for children. Your little ones can develop motor skills, creativity, and imagination.

Furthermore, these Christmas-themed games will the children about shapes, numbers, and image recognition.

It is packed with many simple games such as Puzzles, dots, shapes, scratches, and so on. Besides, it comes with good graphics and speed for an amazing experience.

Moreover, it works on phones and tablets. Your kids and toddlers will love the appearance of Santa, Snowman, and many others.

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2. Santa Claus

If you are familiar with talking tom, this app is a Santa version of that. Thus, it is such an entertaining Christmas game for android.

Both kids and adults will enjoy talking to Santa on a phone and Santa will repeat the words. The funny and unique voice of Santa will give a lot of amusement to the players.

Besides, Santa will dance for you. Therefore, with this Santa Claus app, users can enjoy more than one game with a Christmas theme in this one application.

For adults, it is entertaining. For Children, it is going to be educating too.

Thereupon, it is a great choice of game to download during Christmas since it is only filled with that specific theme. Children will enjoy the game more than you.


3. Christmas tree decoration

Decorating a Christmas tree is a must-do activity to welcome the season. Likewise, it is obviously the most fun thing to do during the holidays.

Make the tree beautiful and festive to feel the amazing vibe of Christmas.

Besides doing it on an actual tree, you can decorate it virtually. This Christmas tree decoration is just perfect. Besides just decorating it for fun, you can use it for decoration ideas.

Additionally, plan your tree design in this app, then apply it to the real one.

This application system is very simple. It can even be an alternative to teach your kids about shapes, colors, names, and other Christmas-themed items.

There is a large collection of items such as Christmas Lights, Stars, gifts, Santa Clause pictures, garlands, snowflakes, and more.

After you design the most beautiful and festive tree from the app, it is time to make it come true.


4. Farm Snow – Santa family story

Farm Snow is a Christmas android game that offers a more complicated concept. It comes with an amazing dreamland that is designed just for the holiday season.

Kids and adults will enjoy this game with all the Christmas characters like Snowman, Elf, Rudolph, penguin, bigfoot, and of course, Santa.

Furthermore, this game is about:

  • Evolving Snow Town
  • Plant & Harvest products such as wool, paper, iron, chocolate, and iron
  • Build factories to produce toys, gifts, and sweets
  • Take Care of the Farm
  • Welcome the Guests
  • Help Santa for Christmas
  • Manage the Farm

You can play the games based on the available hints and assignments. Hence, feel free to explore the entire space in the game to expand your Christmas playfulness.


5. Christmas Hidden Object: Xmas

Hidden object games are always fun. It is a game to kill time. However, you have to be focused on playing this type of game.

Adding a Christmas theme to the game will be a lot more entertaining. It will be special when playing it during the holiday festivity.

This free Christmas game for android also has in-app purchases. You can buy some great items for an affordable price, starting at 1.99 dollars.

Enjoy finding hidden objects in various beautiful places. All areas and items are beautifully designed.

There are hints and zooms options to help you find the object. You are not just looking without purpose, there is some unique Christmas story to dive into.

Besides, the users can also enjoy some amazing mini-games. Therefore, it is a complete application to enjoy during Christmas.


6. Bubble Blast Holiday

It is another Christmas Puzzle game for android. Bubble Blast will let you burst the holiday character to make a chain reaction for eliminating others.

Therefore, it is a simple puzzle game concept that anybody can enjoy.

It has 2 available game modes; Arcade and Puzzle Mode. In Arcade, you can play freely. There are 2500 levels you can play with a Puzzle mode. Can you finish the game?

Actually, this one is a special edition of Bubble Blast. In addition, if you love this app, try its various edition, the Easter, Sports, Valentine, Halloween, and many others.


7. Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

If you are not a complicated person, a simple android game is what you need. There will be nothing wrong with Jigsaw puzzles. Thus, a simple person like you will enjoy this game.

There are different parts of the Christmas image that you need to gather and join. Each move will be counted. So, you have to think before you move.

The records will be very strict and precise. Also, your competitive instinct will make an impact.

If an ordinary jigsaw puzzle can get you excited, this Christmas game free will surely be an entertaining one. Four types of puzzles are available to play. Users can choose the number of pieces to solve.

Further, more pieces mean more difficulty. Set from 9 to 1600 pieces of a puzzle.

The developer claimed this puzzle game to be the most realistic jigsaw experience anyone can get. Besides, the Christmas theme makes it even more exciting.


8. Christmas Sweeper 3: Match-3

Look at that. It is going to be the most exciting game to play right now. It is a matching puzzle app that anyone can enjoy, from youngsters to elders.

If you are used to playing candy crush, this one is just a better version of it. Create a match of 4 to 5 items. The rewards from large matches will be very helpful to accomplish the mission.

Likewise, you can get gifts to support the next level.

There are more than 4000 levels you will face in this Christmas game online. This app is called sweeper because you play by sweeping the item to get a match.

Indeed, this is the 3rd edition of the app which is just updated recently.

It has 1 million downloads and 4.4 stars in a review. So, make sure your phone memory has more than 125 MB in order to install this program.


9. Christmas Coloring

There is nothing more simple than a coloring game. It is just the perfect application to kill time while waiting or during your spare time.

If you have a bit of an artistic side in your soul, this app will be a good friend, especially during Christmas.

This android application is designed to be easy and fun to play on. Besides, it comes with easy navigation and coloring options.

After you finish coloring, share the result as a Christmas gift for others. There are unlimited choices of colors to select from. Thereupon, this Christmas coloring game is a great way to stimulate creativity.

For children who love coloring, this is the right game to play with. All the Christmas-related pictures can be the reason why your kids enjoy them so much.

In addition, users can choose more than 300 coloring images. The available coloring themes are:

  • Rudolf the reindeer
  • Santa Claus
  • Elf
  • Christmas Trees
  • Christmas Gifts


10. Christmas Cookie: Match 3 Game

This game is quite similar to the sweeper game. However, this one specializes in cookies. As we know, cookies are always the treats that children will enjoy every Christmas.

This matching puzzle game for android would be a nice treatment during the holiday.

Enjoy matching the cookies and trigger an amazing graphic into the game. The mission of this game is to help Santa to get his feast. Santa needs the cookies and candies, the players have got to help him.

Thus, this concept will surely encourage the kids to play with a lot of excitement. Pass the time with such an amazing game that comes with more than 2500 levels to solve.

Besides, there are some other features to enjoy. Christmas Cookie comes with a lot of boosters, so the game can become easy, quick, and full of amazing graphics.

While playing, you will listen to famous Christmas music and tune to increase your festive vibe.


Final Note

Christmas is coming. Download those Christmas games for Android, and enjoy your holiday with style.

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