Top 10 Merry Christmas 2022 Apps for Android

When the Holiday season is coming, these Merry Christmas 2022 apps would be a good company for you. Thus, December is the year that would bring a lot of happiness.

Furthermore, you can make it merrier with some of the best Merry Christmas applications out there.

Some of you might get tired of the usual activities you do every year during Christmas. Well, these applications would be your savior.

There are a bunch of unique and new things you could do. Hence, the Merry Christmas app will help you with that.

Top 10 Merry Christmas 2022 Apps for Android

This Christmas would be much more special and enjoyable when you have these apps ready on your phone. So, this list would have all kinds of Christmas applications to support your holiday spirit.

1. Christmas Countdown

If you want to wait for Christmas in style, this is the app to download. It is as simple as its name. The Christmas countdown would count the time for the coming holiday.

Likewise, there is no need to mark the calendar or even count the date with your fingers.

This app provides more than just a countdown. You can also have detailed information about the Upcoming Christmas.

To make this Merry Christmas app feel more enjoyable, it comes with beautiful scenes in the background of the counting time.

The vibe becomes complete because of the sweet music in the background. Waiting for Christmas couldn’t be more exciting. It really gives you the pleasure of waiting.

Moreover, there are several beautiful themes available to decorate the counting-down scenes. Choose the character to have such as Santa and the reindeer, Snowman, and many others.

Then, some classical music is also available to select as the background music to maximize the vibe.

The highlight design of the countdown screen is the snowy vibe. Indeed, there are no ads. That is the best thing about this application.

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2. Christmas Photo Frame 2022

It is another free Merry Christmas 2022 app to check out. This is the best method to share photos to celebrate Christmas.

Thus, decorate your pictures with beautiful Christmas frames you can find in this application.

It would be a perfect touch to turn the ordinary photo into a Christmas gift for family and friends. All the frames are also stylish and adjustable.

Besides, you can turn any picture into a stunning photograph with a holiday vibe. Fill the framed pictures with heart-touching wishes too.

Furthermore, Christmas Photo Frame 2022 really works like magic. Within a few clicks, you can edit your photo easily.

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3. Christmas Advent Calendar 2022

One of the amazing Merry Christmas 2022 apps is about the calendar and countdown. Obviously, this is not an ordinary calendar.

It offers a fun way to enjoy every day waiting for Christmas to come. Likewise, with this fun activity, you can make them wait happily from the beginning of December.

There are 25 windows that your kid can open. Then, each window has a gift that comes in a form of pictures and games.

They can open one for each day. So, the kids will enjoy every single day opening the window for a gift while waiting for Christmas.

In addition, it is a way to let your children spend their day with a lot of joy. Here are all the features you can get when using this application.

Enjoy 25 free games that you can find behind every window. Hence, it will help the kids to get into the Christmas spirit.

For the interface, you can enjoy the beautiful Landscape with a Christmas theme to let the user scroll its way through the dates with style.

Thereupon, it is a great recommendation for kids. Additionally, adults can also enjoy the features.

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4. Christmas Sticker Packs for Whatsapp

For WhatsApp users, this Christmas stickers app is for you. It has all the Christmas-related stickers for your chatting experience.

Nowadays, connecting with friends and family using WhatsApp is just an ordinary thing.

Most smartphone users have WhatsApp on their phones. Stickers are just a fun addition to your chatting behavior.

When Christmas is coming, download all the Christmas emojis and stickers to share the holiday spirit right through your phone.


  • So many Christmas Stickers Packs available for Whatsapp only
  • Add the packs into WhatsApp easily by tapping on the plus icon
  • Stickers come with detailed screen

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5. 100+ Christmas Greeting Cards

Specifically, this app offers you more than a hundred Greeting cards. You can modify and personalize the design based on your style. Next, you can add some special words for your receiver.

After that, share it on Whatsapp and other social sites.

What is more, explore a large number of card designs. Each card has different words to represent your greetings. Therefore, find the right sentence that would touch the heart of your loved ones.

Indeed, 100+ means there are more than one hundred words and cards you can select.

You can share the cards with every person you know. In addition, This application is totally free. You do not have to purchase anything in the app.

One thing is for sure, this app provides an Ecard, not printed ones. Don’t bother searching and googling for the right words to write.

Otherwise, just pick one of the cards within the app. As a result, you will get the most appropriate and thoughtful cards to celebrate Christmas.


6. Merry Christmas Photo Stickers

Christmas is right around the corner. Celebrate the festivity with these photo stickers app. You can create amazing Christmas postcards with it.

Further, amaze friends and family with how cool this app could be. Try using some funny stickers on your cards. It is another way to create some laughter within the family.

First, you can select a picture from the gallery. Second, start adding fun Christmas stickers to it. It is as simple as adding decoration to a photo.


7. Sparkle Soft Light Effects: Christmas Special

Some sparkle in photos gives a touch of glamour to the image. It also creates Halo effects to release some aura in the surroundings.

Thereupon, make your special moment more magical with this amazing application.

For those who do not know, Sparkle Effects is a mix of Glitter photo elements. So, it gives you an extraordinary look at the image.

However, it is not just about the sparkles. This app also provides users with some stickers and text for a perfect result.

Meanwhile, there are various kinds of Sparkle effects to apply. Finally, it turns a boring photo to be a glamorously outstanding one.


8. Secret Santa 22: Gift Exchange

Christmas is about gifts. Giving presents to each other would be a special moment that everyone wants to experience, especially children.

Exchanging gifts with friends is a must-do activity during Christmas. It would be a lot more fun and easier to let an app organize this activity for you.

Therefore, try this Secret Santa 22 app. It is claimed to be the best secret Santa generator on the market. Exchanging the gift has never been so easy.

Moreover, you can set the budget, delivery date, and message for your friends. Net, share it with the member of the group that you have just made.

Make sure you invite all the friends and family that want to join this activity. This app really helps anyone to find the right and proper present.

If you want to know how fun this Christmas app is, ask a million users that already try using the application. The app only takes 6 MB. That is what makes this program special for your phone.

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9. Christmas Gift List

It is another app to help you find the perfect gift for Christmas. Right after you open the application, the ideas of gifts will pop up right away. It is that easy.

You can set a budget for each person. Then, decide what to buy and mark the gift after you purchase it from the stores, online or offline. Just like a shopping list.


  • the list is password protected
  • send the list via email and Twitter
  • After the new year, the list of gifts gets archived automatically.
  • edit / remove people and gifts from the list
  • Provide a budget for each person
  • Add a picture to the list
  • the app supports multiple languages and currencies.
  • Google drive for backup and restore


10. Christmas Movies Christmas Songs

The holiday season is not complete without watching some Christmas movies and listening to Christmas songs. This application also provides you with all the entertainment you need.

There is no need to wait for the schedule on TV when you have this app on your phone.

All the music and movies are related to Christmas. Enjoy your time with your family with the best films and songs to entertain everyone.

Download the app right away and it is completely free.

The songs in this app come with lyrics. So, everyone in the building will enjoy singing along songs with holiday spirit in their heart.

The warmth and happiness during the Christmas celebration would feel so complete.

Finally, the important point of this app is that you can enjoy movies and music anytime you want without even paying any dollar.

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Final Note

Let’s prepare for this Holiday season the right way. Those Merry Christmas 2022 apps would definitely make the celebration merrier.

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