Trends of Video Game Company

The gaming business has been around for nearly 50 years. During this time, dozens of genres and millions of projects arose, all of which had an impact on the growth of the industry.

At the same time, the industry was driven by year-to-year patterns.

Because we are on the verge of a new generation, We’d like to look back at the major patterns that have influenced video games. If you are interested in this topic, please check the team of experienced developers:

1. Engagement and revenue will continue to grow

Mobile developers have benefited the most from the pandemic. The audience for their games is growing rapidly, but retaining it will be one of the biggest challenges next year.

According to Newzoo forecasts, in 2021 the number of gamers on all platforms will reach 2.8 billion people, and the market turnover will amount to 189.3 billion. The emerging markets of Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa will also contribute to growth.

2. Issues with console supply for the following generation

There will be a lack of new gadgets on the market, according to Newzoo. In addition, the release of certain AAA games will be postponed.

As a result, games for the PS4 and Xbox One, the shift of some projects to a free-to-play model, and significant Switch sales will be the major drivers of growth and income in the console industry.

3. The popularity of cloud gaming is growing, as is the size of its audience.

Almost every major company, from Microsoft to Google, will have a presence on the market by 2021- 2022. Their presence on iOS, which will be driven by web app releases, will also help them grow.

According to Newzoo, the market’s turnover will surpass $1 billion for the first time next year.

4. Brands will continue to build virtual events through gaming.

The popularity of commercial and celebrity partnerships with popular games, such as Travis Scott’s Fortnite job, will have an impact on this.

This will help both businesses looking for new methods to advertise their products and game creators looking to reach new audiences.

5. Gaming will become more inclusive and accessible.

Major game makers will follow in the footsteps of The Last of Us Part II, Apex Legends, and other games that provide a wide range of accessibility options for disabled players.

The firms will also continue to combat community toxicity by implementing safeguards to shield different groups of gamers from virtual attacks.

6. Integration into related content

Some brands are trying to integrate into non-standard and related media content. Such integrations allow brands to reach both esports fans and that part of the audience that actively follows any new products in the entertainment industry: informative podcasts, new music, popular YouTube shows, interesting films.

For example, in 2020, Spotify announced a partnership with the League of Legends World Championship. The streaming service has released themed playlists for its subscribers: the official soundtrack of games and the tournament, the tracks most listened to by gamers, as well as playlists with the favorite songs of all participating teams.

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