15 Best Love Test Apps: Which One Is Right For You?

While choosing a significant other, people certainly avoid making unwanted mistakes. Love test app programs definitely can help them in this process. That is the reason you should have any of them on your phone, too.

There is a massive array of compatibility tests on the internet. However, most of them only become a simple way to have fun.

In this post, we have listed some reliable applications for determining how compatible you and your life partner are.

List of 15 Best Love Test Apps: The One You Should Download

These applications will require the users to provide lots of information. For completely accurate results, you must answer all the questions honestly.

Use the love tester apps below to check your compatibility with him/her.

1. Love Test

love test app

If you have a crush on someone, give this love test app free download a go. It believes that names come with their own meanings. They can also reveal the compatibility between two people.

Love Test employs an old numerical algorithm. Furthermore, it instantly calculates the compatibility using names, birthdays, and zodiac signs.

To know the results, the users must answers some questions, too.

There are over 40 million users of Love Test. Not only is the app free to use, but also it features eye-catching wallpapers and graphics.

This cool application lets you express your love with more than 50 cards. It offers hundreds of affectionate citations, romantic stickers, quotes, and fonts.

Love Test is available in over 40 languages. In addition, it provides daily horoscope and love tips for free.

Love Test
Love Test
Developer: MobilPlug
Price: Free

2. Love Tester – Find Real Love

Love Tester - Find Real Love

With this app, you will surely find out the love compatibility immediately. First of all, enter the names. Then, wait for it to scan them.

According to this application, people’s names could affect compatibility. It also tells the users whether they are just friends or truly love each other.

This fun app boasts a love calculator. It will help you reveal the right person to create a future together or hang out with. Speaking of the best love test, this app deserves a chance.

Love Tester has lots of romantic sayings and advice. Moreover, it is such an awesome application. After seeing the results, do not forget to share them on WhatsApp or Facebook.

Realize that the application is just a game. It can disclose the compatibility between you and your existing partner. However, calculating real love actually seems impossible.

Love Tester - Find Real Love
Love Tester - Find Real Love
Developer: Famobi
Price: Free

3. Love Test 2020 – Photo Match Love Test Prank

Love Test 2020 - Photo Match Love Test prank

Looking for a love test online? This is another excellent application to check the compatibility in a romantic relationship.

It calculates the score using a standard algorithm. Moreover, the app comes with a love meter.

Love Test 2020 will offer the results to users after doing various tests. They must enter their fingerprints, pictures, lucky numbers, dates of birth, and names.

Key Features

  • Photo Love Test

Photo matching is really fun. First, upload the pictures of yourself and your spouse. Then, the app will generate the love score.

  • Birth Date Match

Enter the birthdays of you two. The app will immediately reveal the score in a love meter, thanks to its standard numerical algorithm.

  • Name Love Test

Love Test 2020 will identify the names of a couple to determine romantic compatibility. Then, it automatically displays the score in a love meter.

  • Number Love Test

With this test, the users can find out whether they and their soulmates are compatible or not. The app will uncover the score instantly.

  • Fingerprint Love Test

A fingerprint scanner becomes the other feature of the application. It is a great place to determine how well you two fit together.

Initially, touch the screen with your fingers. Next, the app will do a scan and provide the end result.

Love Test Fingerprint Prank
Love Test Fingerprint Prank

4. Fingerprint Love Test Scanner Prank

Fingerprint Love Test Scanner Prank

Searching for an awesome love testing app? Give this app a chance.  It will unleash romantic compatibility in an instant.

This app scans two people’s fingerprints at once, so you and your spouse can stare at each other deeply while waiting for the result.

When the love meter rises, the hearts will instantly bubble. Then, it displays the percentage.

In addition to dual fingerprint scanning, this user-friendly love testing app boasts animations and a cool romance calculator.

Moreover, it features HD graphics and attractive layouts. Best of all, the app is free.

The fingerprint love test app works for couples of all ages. Since the developer keeps its size small, it will not require much room on your phone.

Moreover, the app is currently available in more than 60 languages.

Love Test Scanner Prank
Love Test Scanner Prank
Developer: Polysoft Studios
Price: Free

5. Love Tester

Love Tester

This is one of the most fantastic love test apps. It enables users to test romantic compatibility for free. The application is both unique and fun.

Indeed, this application is a love detector. Simply write the names of yourself and your significant other. Then, press the test. It will disclose the finished result.

The app interestingly allows you to test love with your lover and favorite idols like Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, or Zayn Malik.

Additionally, the users can check the compatibility between them and princesses/princes. With its ancient algorithm, this app will show you a personalized love percentage.

This love testing application works nicely for both men and women. It helps users find their perfect soulmates, too.

Love Tester
Love Tester
Price: Free

6. Love Test Calculator – Compatibility Tester Prank

Love Test Calculator Compatibility Tester Prank

Undoubtedly, this love test application will unveil romantic compatibility between you and your sweetheart. It features different fun quizzes to play with someone special.

With this app, you can know how strong your love is. First, write the names. After that, answer all the love test quiz sincerely. Next, the system will tell whether he/she is the perfect lover or not.

The developer creates Love Test Calculator just for entertainment purposes. Furthermore, the app employs a numerical algorithm to determine compatibility.

Therefore, you should use it only for fun.

This application is certainly simple to use. What are you waiting for? Install it and then test love with your spouse or heartthrob.

Love Test Calculator - Compati
Love Test Calculator - Compati
Developer: DH3 Games
Price: Free

7. Love Calculator

Love Calculator

Sometimes, people are in love. However, they are not sure if their partners love them back. To find out the answer, we suggest using this app.

It calculates romantic compatibility using an ancient numerical algorithm that combines numerology and planetary system influences.

The developer stated that the love compatibility test is completely accurate. With the app, users will know whether their romantic relationships could work out or not.

Using Love Calculator is an easy way to find out the mutual harmony and stability in a romantic relationship between you two.

It also uncovers the chances of the user and his/her spouse getting close to one another.

There is one spectacular thing that you’d admire about this love testing app. If it generates an unexpected score, then go into settings. Next, create the desired result.

Besides settings, this love test calculator boasts other excellent features such as history, love quotes, and messages. Do not hesitate to share the test result online.

Love Calculator
Love Calculator
Developer: NightCoder Tech
Price: Free

8. Real Love Test 2020

Real Love Test 2020

Want to reveal a loving affinity with your soulmate immediately? If yes, it is time to download Real Love Test 2020. Apart from the result, the app will provide you with a sentence and a picture.

Before putting the love into a test, enter his/her name first and yours. Then, the application will instantly show how much she/he loves you.

Real Love Test 2020 offers accurate results because it employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as Scientific and Mathematical Algorithms. The app also considers astrological concepts.

This application will give you a love percentage. Moreover, the app is not only free but also easy to navigate. Both females and males definitely can operate it with ease.

The app is totally suitable for all devices. Apart from checking the compatibility between two people, it can test the user’s love for a princess or prince.

Real Love Test - Love Tester
Real Love Test - Love Tester
Developer: Unysyegor
Price: Free

9. Real Love Test

Real Love Test

This app helps users find their right life partners. Here, it helps you to uncover romantic compatibility with a stranger or your significant other.

It also will figure out all the relationship doubts.

Before passing the love test, enter your name first. Next, press the “check compatibility” button. If you like the finished result, share it via email or social networks.

Another way to get the answer is by uploading pictures of yourself and him/her.

Both men and women can use the Real Love Test to identify their lovers. It combines different smart algorithms and artificial intelligence for accurate results.

The app also determines loving affinity based on zodiacs.

Besides, the application provides hours of entertainment for girls and boys, too. They can find out their compatibility using adorable cartoon characters.

A brilliant algorithm will show you an individual compatibility percentage. The app is super easy to use. Simply register on it using your email or social media account.

Real Love Test
Real Love Test
Developer: Cars Informtion
Price: Free

10. The Love Test

The Love Test

With this application, you will find out if your romantic relationship works or not. Simply download it and then take the test.

The Love Test is user-friendly and offers lots of fun. First, take a nice photo of yourself and your significant other.

Next, the app does its job and determines what relationship type you two would have.

This app also works as an icebreaker really well. Create a conversation with someone new by using it.

Just bear in mind that The Love Test only serves entertainment purposes. It actually does not feature true picture analysis functionality.

11. Love Test

Love Test

If you and your spouse love retro themes, then give this app by Ellerium Soft a chance to know how strong the relationship is. Besides its splendid design, it boasts super fun challenges and tests.

The app will uncover the compatibility based on users’ names. Furthermore, it does its work by analyzing the shapes and tempers.

There are also 48 questions that you and your life partner should answer sincerely.

This application also generates the results by Chinese horoscope, birthdays, and zodiacs. Overall, it truly has a marvelous design. The software is certainly worth your while, too.

Love Test
Love Test
Developer: ElleriumSoft
Price: Free

12. Love Test 2021

Love Test 2021

Love Test 2021 is a real relationship calculator. It makes use of artificial intelligence and unique algorithms. Men and women of all ages surely can navigate the app with ease.

After installing this excellent app on your phone, you can start the test. First, select the gender and write the names. Next, press “calculate now” to find out how big the love percentage is.

If you are fully satisfied with the result, we recommend sharing it on your social networks. Since the app works well on all devices, anyone can become a love tester for sure.

Love Test
Love Test
Developer: Flip Developers
Price: Free

13. Love Tester – Crush Test Quiz

Love Tester - Crush Test Quiz

Want to know the compatibility between you and your someone special? Try this eye-catching application. Love Tester also can reveal the weaknesses and strengths of a romantic relationship.

This program is a free love testing app. The app calculates the compatibility based on the zodiac signs of the users.

Moreover, it boasts a unique numerical algorithm to help you find your true soulmate.

Love Tester can predict the future problems between you two. Apart from marriage and love, it also discloses the compatibility in your friendship.

‎Love Tester - Crush Test Quiz
‎Love Tester - Crush Test Quiz

14. Real Love Test 2021 – Name Love Calculator

Real Love Test 2021 Name Love Calculator

This love test app helps users worldwide find their life partners with ease. It utilizes an advanced AI algorithm, too. Initially, download this app on your smartphone.

Then, type the names. For further steps, press “test your love”. Finally, the app calculates the compatibility between both of you as a percentage.

Apart from various theme options, Real Love Test 2021 comes with a very attractive interface. It is secure, free, and simple to use as well.

True love calculator prank
True love calculator prank
Developer: MSDevelopers
Price: Free

15. Love Compatibility Test

Love Compatibility Test

Want to be fully sure of the relationship with your lover? We suggest trying this incredible love testing application.

Before taking a test, open the app first. Next, enter the names of yourself and your possible partner. Press start and the calculator will give you the unique results.

The finished result is complete with a comment. This app is actually great, but it contains ads. Purchase the pro version to avoid the advertisements.

Love Compatibility Test
Love Compatibility Test
Developer: AAndroid
Price: Free

Those love test app programs are worth trying. Despite their ability to calculate compatibility, they cannot be a guarantee of a happy and successful relationship. Nurture it with respect and trust.

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