15 Best Anonymous Chat Apps for Android and iOS

You currently want to make new friends online and communicate with them secretly. Thus, an anonymous chat app surely can serve such purposes.

Therefore, it lets users from all over the globe talk to others without disclosing their identities.

Indeed, spending hours on smartphones and having a conversation with strangers are parts of modern human behavior. So, choose one of these anonymous chat apps below that you like most.

List of 15 Best Anonymous Chat Apps for Android and iOS

The social networking apps like Facebook and WhatsApp do not allow you to send messages fully anonymously.

Otherwise, stranger chat apps enable you to interact with new people in a completely anonymous and safe environment. Let us check them out!

1. Wakie Voice Chat

Wakie Voice Chat

The developer launched Wakie on April 24, 2014, as an unconventional alarm app. Thus, that means users could receive calls from friendly strangers to wake them up. It offers so much more now.

Wakie Voice Chat allows you to express your feelings and thoughts with strangers in secret. Further, it lets users make requests for a nice company by simply posting them on live feed boards.

Additionally, it is the best app to chat with strangers. Users can either hide or show their personal information.

For a fun conversation, be sure that you and your discussion partner speak the same language.

Wakie Voice Chat: Make Friends
Wakie Voice Chat: Make Friends
Developer: Wakie
Price: Free
‎Wakie Chat: Talk to Strangers
‎Wakie Chat: Talk to Strangers

2. MICO: Make Friend, Private Live Chat & Live Stream

mico make friends live chat

If you are bored with your old friends on WhatsApp or Facebook, using MICO is definitely a brilliant choice. It provides real-time translation.

Also, this feature helps you talk to global strangers without language barriers. Users might find their soulmates on it, too.

Moreover, MICO gets lots of positive reviews on Google Play Store from more than 10 million users.

Main Functions

  • Live Chat

Have a conversation with nearby or distant strangers directly. Additionally, MICO allows users worldwide to start a live chat in their groups.

  • Moments

MICO is the place where users can share their stories and get connected with new people. By sharing your short videos or funny pictures, you will attract strangers’ attention.

  • Live Streams

Watch thousands of spectacular live videos every day. There are wonderful streamers who are great at singing, gaming, or dancing. It is the right place to unleash and broadcast your skills.

  • Party

First, you have to enter a group chat room. Then, start a fantastic live chat party with random strangers. The more the merrier.

  • Match

Match new friends fast by either swiping left or right. You can also hang out with actual people.

MICO: Go Live Streaming & Chat
MICO: Go Live Streaming & Chat
‎MICO: Make Friends, Live Chat
‎MICO: Make Friends, Live Chat

3.      Chat for Strangers, Video Chat

Chat for Strangers Video Chat

This app enables users to do video chatting with strangers from other countries. Thereupon, it will certainly convert your short downtime into a fun chat.

With Chat for Strangers, you can have an exciting discussion on anything with random people.

Furthermore, it is such a lovely place to find new friends, tell secrets, ask for suggestions or questions. Also, some people use this app to kill their boredom and free time.

Additionally, the connections on Chat for Strangers, Video Chat can be both fun and genuine. Users are able to stay in touch with their new friends, too.

The key features of this application are:

  • Age filter
  • Interact with thousands of strangers around the world anonymously
  • Message notifications
  • Real-time private video chat
  • Photo sharing
  • Immediate 1 on 1 chat
  • Clear user interface
Chat For Strangers - Video Cha
Chat For Strangers - Video Cha
Developer: FunPokes
Price: Free
‎Chat for Strangers, Video Chat
‎Chat for Strangers, Video Chat

4. Chitter – Anonymous Chat

Chitter Anonymous Chat

Undoubtedly, Chitter is one of the most amazing anonymous chat apps. Then, it enables you to meet fun strangers and make new interesting friends on the internet.

This app is not only fully free of charge but also simple to use. Thus, you can add your online friends either using Chitter link or ID.

Indeed, the minimum age of Chitter users is 17. However, you cannot share pornography, send spam, and bully others. When caught violating its rules, it will surely block your account.

Top Features of Chitter

  • Add strangers to your friend list
  • Reliable chatting experience
  • Fast sign up (fully secure and private)
  • Sync with iCloud to keep your Chitter account safe
  • Send images, GIFs, voice notes, and calls
  • Post your Chitter link and other users will talk to you anonymously in an instant
‎Chitter - anonymous chat
‎Chitter - anonymous chat

5. Chatous

Chatous Chat with new people

It is one of the most impressive world chatting apps for adults. Hence, if you want to interact with strangers and have an exciting discussion on specific topics, give Chatous a go.

Chatous brings different people with common interests together. Add hashtags so the application can easily help you find some individuals who have similar preferences.

Meanwhile, if you want to discuss certain topics with strangers, then use the tags and join the chat room. The users can exit a conversation at any time.

You pay nothing to download and use Chatous. However, there are some in-app purchases on it.

Moreover, conversations are not only private but also anonymous. The system will delete the messages shortly after being sent.

Features of Chatous

  • Anonymity helps protect your identity
  • Change user’s name at any time
  • Share audio messages, images, and videos
  • Video chat
  • Find strangers with similar interests through hashtags
  • Use Chatous on desktop computer or smartphone
Developer: Castle Global
Price: Free
‎Chatous - Chat with new people
‎Chatous - Chat with new people
Developer: Chatous
Price: Free+

6. Connected2.me

Connected2.me Chat Meet 17 Find Meet New People

This is one of the most excellent online chatting app anonymously. Likewise, it combines different social media elements into one fabulous application.

So, just create your Connected2.me account and then enter the interface to chat with strangers.

Connected.2me is suitable for iOS and Android users. On this anonymous chat app, people can upload their profile pictures with a little bit or lots of information about themselves.

After getting an anon link, you can invite other users by sharing it on Twitter and Facebook. The chatting experience on Connected2.me is completely secure.

Besides, the anonymity on Connected2.me is there. It lets you connect with random people worldwide without giving away your identity.

Amazing Features of Connected2.me

  • Protect your online privacy
  • Meet new people without knowing who you are
  • Make calls when necessary
  • Send pictures, video, and voice memos
  • Use Shuffle to see who is ready for a conversation
Connected2.me Chat Anonymously
Connected2.me Chat Anonymously
Developer: C2M
Price: Free
‎Connected2.me - Chat & Meet
‎Connected2.me - Chat & Meet
Developer: C2M
Price: Free+

7. MeetMe – Chat & Meet New People

MeetMe Go Live Chat Meet

MeetMe is essentially a combination of stranger chat apps and social media platforms. The Meet Group developed it in 2005.

Further, this application allows users to interact with others anonymously through video chatting, streaming and messaging.

The total users of MeetMe are more than 100 million. Not only is it free and fun, but also lets you talk about certain discussion topics to strangers using mobile devices and browsers.

Unlike typical chat apps, people can use MeetMe as long as they are 13 years old or over.

Furthermore, it has a different membership structure. No matter what your age group is, there will always be some potential matches.

Cool Features of MeetMe

  • Connect with strangers near you and all over the globe
  • Enjoy an exciting video chat with new local people
  • Live streaming
  • Find friends with shared interests
  • 3 million unique visitors from the U.S. every month
MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People
MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People
‎MeetMe - Meet, Chat & Go Live
‎MeetMe - Meet, Chat & Go Live

8. Telegram


When people mention chat to strangers app, you instantly think about Telegram. The developer found this application in 2013. Moreover, the user can choose either the X version or a standard one.

What makes Telegram different from other chatting apps is that it boasts a real-time counter to execute messages in secret conversations.

Hence, when the countdown hits zero, you definitely cannot read the content.

Moreover, Telegram lets users access their messages from different devices. You can begin typing on your computer and finish the chat on your mobile phone.


  • Secure, fast, and free messaging app
  • Make a group that consists of up to 200,000 users
  • Simple to use
  • Send files with no limits
  • Emojis, stickers, GIFs, customizable themes, video, and photo editing tools
  • Secret Chats for maximum privacy
Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free
‎Telegram Messenger
‎Telegram Messenger
Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free+

9. Anonymous Chat Rooms

Anonymous Chat Rooms Dating

Facebook and Whatsapp always have constant updates, but they do not give users the ability to send in an anonymous manner.

Therefore, with this application, you can easily meet random strangers without unveiling your true identity.

As the name indicates, this app lets you join many anonymous chat rooms either to date online or make new friends.

Also, the users can send self-destructing messages while sharing their confessions.

Anonymous Chat Rooms’ Features

  • No ads, bullying, and surveillance
  • Find your crush and make new friends
  • Totally safe
  • Chat with real people
  • Express your thoughts anonymously
  • Tips on how to start conversations
Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating
Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating
‎Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating
‎Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating

10. RandoChat

RandoChat App

This app enables you to communicate with cool people worldwide without searching for them because of its random offer. Both Chat Roulette and RandoChat provide the same topic.

Unfortunately, RandoChat is not available for iOS users. There are over 5 million downloaders on Google Play Store.

RandoChat is the best stranger chat app without login. Hence, creating an account ID or register your email is not necessary. After launching it, start chatting with strangers right away.

The app is fully secure because the system will not store users’ IP or other network data. Besides, it will delete all text messages after sending them to your conversation partner.

To use RandoChat, 18 years old is the minimum age for its users. Do not try posting racist material, inappropriate content, and nude photos.

Thus, when users break the terms, they cannot access the app permanently.

RandoChat - Chat roulette
RandoChat - Chat roulette
Developer: WR
Price: Free
‎RandoChat App
‎RandoChat App
Developer: Weslei Ragnini
Price: Free

11. Moco Chat

Moco Chat Meet People


Moco Chat first emerged in 2005. It is a great place to connect with strangers nearby, play games, meet real people, and make new friends.

Before talking to other users, you must create a new chat room or enter an existing one. The subject can be anything.

Moreover, Moco lets members interact with thousands of actual people. Then, they can choose group, private, or public chats.

Not only is Moco user-friendly, but also looks tidy. The location, age, and gender filters enable people to be selective.

In addition, you can watch live streams or even make your own and earn cash online.

Moco: Chat & Meet New People
Moco: Chat & Meet New People
‎Moco - Chat, Meet People
‎Moco - Chat, Meet People
Developer: MocoSpace
Price: Free+


HOLLA Live Video Chat

This is another excellent anonymous chat app. It provides video chat functionality. Thus, no surprise, HOLLA becomes very popular among users of all ages.

Interestingly, HOLLA supports a clean and simple tinder-like interface, so users can swipe strangers to find the right person to interact with.

Furthermore, all people on the application are real.

This random chatting & unknown chat app always promotes decent conversation. Therefore, it does not allow users to do wrong.

That means you cannot share adult content and use offensive language on the platform.

Features of HOLLA

  • Elegant yet simple interface
  • Free international voice and video calls
  • Swipe to either match love or make friends
  • Completely free to download
  • Safe live talk community

13. SLOWLY – Connect to the World!

SLOWLY Connect to the World

If you need meaningful conversations, then using SLOWLY is the right choice.

Unlike other instant messaging apps, it lets you communicate with international friends at a slower yet better pace. Hence, the user can only send one letter at a time.

SLOWLY gives you a pen pal experience on your phone. This anonymous chat app is an ideal place to exchange feelings, learn new languages and cultures.

Top Features of SLOWLY

  • Find new friends based on similar interests and languages
  • Collect stamps from various countries
  • Anonymous profile, avatar, and nickname
  • Unlimited free letters by buying certain features

14. Frim: Find friends online & chat

Frim meet new people

Frim is not only an incredible stranger chatting app but also very easy to navigate. Users can meet new people easily with one click.

This anonymous group chat app with friends allows users to create groups of up to 20 members. Meanwhile, the filter options on Frim help you find people that fit your criteria, too.

Moreover, turn the filter on to ease your work. Besides having video sharing features, it is also complete with a timeline, so you can express your thoughts.

Price: Free
‎Frim: meet new people
‎Frim: meet new people

15. Whisper


The users on Whisper can share interesting stuff on their timelines or even tag others. Fortunately, lots of things are still pretty secret.

Whisper allows you to search for new people who live nearby or abroad. Then, find strangers that suit your interests and begin talking to them without any restrictions.

In addition to sharing videos and photos, users can either join existing groups or create new ones. Moreover, Whisper lets you send GIFS from your own message box.

Price: Free

Finally, if you are in need of a great anonymous chat app, the options we have rounded up above will do the job. Choose the one that meets your expectations. Happy chatting and meet new people anonymously.

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