Top 10 Apps for A Better Samsung Phone Experience

Samsung, like the majority of Android smartphones and tablet makers, has an ecosystem of applications, many of which come pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy devices, but others may be downloaded through the Google Play Store. Samsung has you covered whether you want to track your workouts, transmit data, take notes, manage your house, or make mobile payments.

In addition to the applications described below, Samsung offers apps that are compatible for all their series, from A series like Samsung Galaxy A50, to Samsung Galaxy S21 of the S series, to the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, your Samsung phone experience will be improved and become more convenient than ever. Let’s check out these 10 applications and find out which one you might be interested in.

1. Samsung Health

As health is one of the most important things to keep track of our daily life, an app that can tell how well you are is always a good thing to have. You can also set goals that are appropriate for your level, and keep track of your daily activities, workout intensity, sleep status, heart rate, stress, the oxygen level in the blood, and so on.

These apps are can also be matched or linked with the Galaxy Smartwatch. With the Galaxy Watch, you can keep a closer eye on your sleeping patterns. Improve the quality of your sleep through sleep levels and sleep ratings to make your mornings more refreshing. It can also monitor food and water intake.

2. Samsung Notes

Samsung Notes is an app where you can create and save everything from your doodles, photos, voice recordings, and music. You can also import files from the Samsung Note app with the help of a smart switch. You may add text by typing it in or writing with your finger or a Samsung Pen because this app works well with a Samsung pen too. Samsung Notes has a variety of brush types and colors, allowing you to create stunning paintings like an expert artist. Samsung Notes provides a platform for all of your handwritten notes, sketches, and drawings.

3. SmartThings

Samsung’s approach to home automation control is SmartThings. Using SmartThings, you can personalize your home to your preferences. It provides insights into your connected devices, helps with the housework, and improves your experiences both inside and outside the home. It can manage your home settings without you ever getting out of bed. Check devices and more using the SmartThings app from anywhere. This app is also compatible with Z-Wave and Zigbee plus it’s much easier to set it up. It’s also much more affordable.

4. Samsung Smart Switch

Transfer contacts, music, photos, calendar, text messages, and device settings from another Android smartphone or an iPhone to your Samsung Galaxy. With Smart Switch, switching from another OS to Galaxy is getting simple. The software is compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms, making the transition to the Galaxy easy for everybody. The Samsung Smart Switch application is also featured a PC full back up where you can back up your mobile data to your computer so that it may subsequently be recovered on your Samsung smartphone or tablet.

5. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is designed as a digital wallet service provided by Samsung that allows their user to make payments using smartphones and other Samsung-produced devices. You may use Samsung Pay to make payments easier by linking all of your credit, debit, gift, and membership cards to your devices. Samsung Pay has also partnered with the American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa payment card networks, as well as leading U.S. institutions. You may also earn extra incentives for making the same purchases you do every day. With Samsung Rewards, you can earn points for every purchase you make and then redeem them for Samsung goods and more.

6. INKredible

INKredible, like Sketchbook, provides a work surface for drawing and is also used to import and mark up PDF files. It comes with a minimalist interface and provides two modes: finger and stylus. You may rest your palm on the screen while writing in stylus mode, and pinch and zoom in finger mode. INKredible also features a rapid-erase option that crosses out text in the same way that a pen and paper would. Automatic backup and restoration to Google Drive are supported by the app. You can also share files through related applications such as text, social media, email, and VSCO.

7. OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a full-featured software that can organize your typed and handwritten notes, drawings, web page clippings, pictures, and audio recordings all in one place. You may collaborate with others by sharing notes, and it also has a great search function where all files are searchable in case you lose track of something. The software also provides an easy home screen widget, allowing you to capture your thoughts without having to activate it. This app is also popular among students because they are not only can take important notes everywhere but also can easily scan a document with this app. You can also check out another educational app for your smartphones.

8. Adobe Fill and Sign

With e-signature software and applications, signing papers on the move is easier than ever. Adobe Fill and Sign is a free application that fills up forms with text, adds fields, then signs and dates them without the need for you to have an Adobe account. You can simply use a Samsung Pen or your finger to draw your signature and initials to your account. You can also save the name, address, and other contact information that you often need when filling out forms. Finally, the app allows filling out paper forms when taking pictures.

9. Google Handwriting Input

Google Handwriting Input converts scribbles into text in more than 50 languages and is compatible with a wide range of Android apps. You can try the functionality in the app, but because it’s a keyboard option, you’ll get a better notion of what it can accomplish when you text, email, post to social media, or use it in another app. It also produces a perfect and accurate outcome even with messy handwriting. When using a Samsung Pen, another pen, or your finger, it also supports over a thousand emojis, as well as written and cursive writing.

10. Sketchbook

The Autodesk Sketchbook application is a free sketching tool that includes a large selection of pens, paintbrushes, and effects. Sketchbook goes wherever your imagination takes you, from short sketches to fully polished artwork. Sketchbook is a drawing, painting, and sketching app for anybody who enjoys drawing. It also has a professional-grade feature set and tools that are extremely configurable. Not only that, but it also features an attractive design and a natural sketching experience that is clear of interruptions, allowing you to concentrate on capturing and expressing your ideas.

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