16 Best Eye Color Changer Apps for Android and iOS

Editing pictures on Photoshop is definitely fun. Fortunately, you no longer need it. Nowadays, there are lots of eye color changer apps that employ mesmerizing features.

By using any of these applications, the users can know which lenses suit them best. In addition to altering your pupil color, the apps will offer you alien or reptile eyes.

Therefore, we seriously recommend getting one.

List of 16 Best Eye Color Changer Apps for Android and iOS

In this post, we have gathered up some remarkable apps to instantly change the color of your eyes. Let us have a read!

1. AirBrush


This multi-functional photo editor will not lower your picture quality when you try corrections on it. On the other hand, the app makes any picture look better than the original one.

As a true eye color app, users definitely have so many possibilities with AirBrush. One of them is editing the color of the eyes.

First of all, click on the menu “change eye color”. AirBrush will locate the area of your eyes immediately. Next, select any shade from the application’s gallery.

The transformation will look natural. However, turning eyes from dark brown to light blue or green can be challenging.

In addition to altering the eye color, this app lets you edit your facial features. It can make the users’ noses smaller or polish the skin.

Moreover, the application virtually whitens the teeth and enlarges the eyes. Best of all, the changes seem natural.

2. Facetune2


Facetune2 is another app to edit eyes in photos. It will instantly enhance your selfie in only a few swipes and taps.

The users can whiten their teeth or remove their unwanted dark circles and blemishes.

This selfie and photo editor application lets you edit your pupils on the go. With Facetune2, the users can emphasize their gazes, get rid of the white and red-eye effects, and alter the eye color.

Since everything uses a brush, you must be precise with the movements of your finger. Facetune2 has a few drawbacks though.

It does not feature a flexible eye color-changing tool. Moreover, the selection of colors is limited.

On a positive note, Facetune2 offers all-natural eye colors that work for anyone. In addition, the app boasts a simple but workable tool.

Even though it will not give you much, but the essential features are there.

3. Change Hair and Eye Color

Change Hair and Eye Color

This eye color changer app is not only user-friendly but also multi-functional and fun. It enables you to change both eye and hair colors to your liking.

To get your favorite effect, adjust the color intensity first. The app provides over 70 different colors for the hair and more than 40 for the eyes.

You can blend two eye colors and create a spectacular one. For example, layer red on blue eyes to attain purple.

The method also works for the hair. Despite its slightly outdated interface design, the app does the job quite well. Unfortunately, iPhone users cannot install this application.

Further, the app to change eye and hair color is perfect for people who like playing with their photos.

It allows them to try new eye colors in a digital version first before getting the real colored contact lenses.

Change Hair And Eye Color
Change Hair And Eye Color
Developer: Csmartworld
Price: Free

4. Eye Color Changer

Eye Color Changer

This is one of the coolest eye color changer apps. With this app, users can try out various eye effects and colors in their pictures for free.

If you have dreamed of having cat or blue eyes, then give it a go.

The application boasts plenty of natural and realistic eye colors. Besides, your eyes will look bigger and more beautiful.

This photo editor is truly simple to operate. Moreover, it comes with other splendid features like red-eye removal and flag eye effects. You can save the photos to a gallery or share them online.

Photo Blender: Picture Mixer
Photo Blender: Picture Mixer
Developer: VysionApps
Price: Free

5. Eye Color Studio

Eye Color Studio

This app provides more than 150 eye colors. Not only does it alter the original color of your soul reflectors, but also changes their shape.

With the application, the users can try out either reptile eyes or alien ones.

Before applying the effects, you must calibrate your photo. It will automatically detect your eyes. However, the users have to adjust their eyeballs’ size, so the eye masks fit nicely.

Interestingly, you can add different colors to your eyes. Additionally, the application enables the users to create their own effects from the gallery. It features contrast and brightness adjustments, too.

If you think that the results seem unnatural, try lowering opacity a bit. Although Eye Color Studio contains ads, it is worth installing.

Eye Color Studio
Eye Color Studio
Developer: ModiFace
Price: Free

6. Eye Color Changer – Photo Grid

Eye Color Changer Photo Grid

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most astounding eye color changer apps. It digitally helps you edit the true color of your eyes.

The application offers very natural results, thanks to its excellent blending technique.

This application works really well for light and dark-colored eyes. Moreover, it lets you create either fabulous picture collages or photo grids.

Simply select images and then the app will show various grid options and collage layouts.

Even though you take the pictures under low light conditions, this application still works well. After getting the masterpieces, do not forget to share them online.

7. FoxEyes – Change Eye Color by Real Anime Style

FoxEyes – Change Eye Color by Real Anime Style

FoxEyes is another superb eye color changer app. It employs hundreds of exotic eyes. Furthermore, you can apply both contact lenses and makeup to the application.

This smart app allows you to try out cyborg eyes or anime-style ones. The choice is yours. Speaking of eye effects, they are pretty amazing. In addition, the users can find any shape easily.

The application enables you to adjust the contact lenses size, opacity, darkness, and brightness of each eye.

As usual, the users definitely must go through the calibration process. With this app, people can reinvent themselves and become spectacular creatures.

Unfortunately, FoxEyes contains pop-up ads. On top of that, the users need to watch a 20-second to wear a new couple of lenses.

However, if they only test it once, the advertisement will not seem annoying for certain.

FoxEyes - Change Eye Color
FoxEyes - Change Eye Color

8. Eye Lens Photo Editor

Eye Color Changer Eye Lens Photo Editor

This is one of the most incredible eye color changer apps. Whether you like dark or light-colored eyes, it deserves a chance.

With its outstanding blending technique, the application will offer natural-looking results.

The eye color changer editor app has awesome features such as exotic lenses, standard contacts, and scary eye effects. Moreover, it is simple to navigate.

Just select your favorite lens or color among the available options. Apart from altering your eye color, this application can edit the size of your soul reflectors.

There is also a mode to place different lenses on the eyes. Regulate opacity first to easily merge with photo.

The app works on babies, children, and adults. It will undoubtedly give you hours of entertainment trying the effects on your friends or artists.

9. Eye Color Changer – Camera

Eye Color Changer – Camera

As the name indicates, this application will edit your eye color automatically after you turn the front camera on and take a selfie. In addition to photos, it it can change eye color in video.

In reality, this app will require some time to match eyes with the circles. That is why we suggest taking a picture first. Then, edit it later on.

The application has numerous eye masks which fall into certain categories such as rainbow, 2-tone, special, flags, red, gray, and yellow. Pick the one right after you calibrate your picture.

You have to determine the location of your eyes in the photo and regulate the eye size first. Since the application is quite sensitive, the users must approve the adjustments sometimes.

Next, they can try out the background or eyeshadow filters.

Basically, this application is both handy and simple. The users need to delete the ads by paying for a subscription.

Furthermore, the app lacks natural eye colors. Most of them seem unearthly or artificial. If you are completely okay with that, then give it a shot.

Profile Picture Maker
Profile Picture Maker
Developer: VysionApps
Price: Free

10. Eye Color Booth

Eye Color Booth

This eye color changer app is one-of-a-kind. It allows you to change your existing eyes into multicolored ones with a stunningly textured iris.

The end results are surely captivating and realistic. You can create full-spectrum or single-colored eyes.

Moreover, the app is complete with an eraser tool. It will retouch the final picture to get rid of the excess color.

Before editing eye color, we recommend setting your original photo to black and white first, so the eyes will become the center of attention.

You can either share the edited pictures via your social media networks like Twitter and Facebook or save them to the smartphone library.

Eye Color Booth
Eye Color Booth
Developer: Go Forth Apps
Price: Free

11. Eye Color Changer Real

Eye Color Changer Real

Looking for an amazing eye color changer app? Give this application a try. There is a massive array of lenses and colors to select from.

The application is really simple to use. Before altering the color of your eyes, upload a picture from the camera or gallery first. Then, pick any lens or color as desired.

Eye Color Changer Real can detect the users’ eyes automatically. It lets you regulate the opacity of all the effects. Moreover, there is a mode to place different lenses on the eyes.

The color and monochrome background effects help you highlight your gorgeous eyes. After editing the photo, save it to the gallery or share the result online.

Eye Color Changer Real
Eye Color Changer Real
Developer: itsmyapps
Price: Free

12. Eye Color Changer Booth

Eye Color Changer Booth

This realistic eye color changer app is ideal for changing your soul reflectors digitally. It boasts a user-friendly editing tool.

Furthermore, the application offers more than 100 photo-realistic pupil templates such as alien, electric, animal, simple, and exotic.

You can try splendid eye effects out on everyone, be it adults or kids. In addition, this smart application gives the users hours of fun.

The app will locate and adjust the eyes instantly. Moreover, you can control the brightness, opacity, and contrast in your photo.

13. Eye Color Changer Editor

Eye Color Changer Editor

There are many eye changer apps on the market. However, not all applications can change pupil color well.

On most occasions, the software only layers the new colors on the eyes, so the end results seem indefinite.

Fortunately, this eye color changer app for iPhone provenly can add a magical eye effect to your pictures. Apart from altering the pupil color, it makes the eyes bigger.

With this application, the users can pick any color, from orange to blue. Furthermore, the app has the ability for getting rid of red eye.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

14. Eye Color Changer – Face Makeup

Eye Color Changer -Face Makeup

This brilliant application is only suitable for iOS devices. It offers more than 100 contact lenses to users. Some are simple, while others are very amusing.

What makes Eye Color Changer – Face Makeup spectacular is its calibration process and advanced face recognition technology.

They allow the user to make precise adjustments, and thus beautiful pupil masks perfectly match the eyes.

The drawback of this app is its big file size. Furthermore, it has some pop-up ads. To remove them, you have to purchase a premium subscription.

‎Eye Color Changer -Face Makeup
‎Eye Color Changer -Face Makeup
Developer: 毅 朱
Price: Free+

15. Eye Lens Photo Editor 2019

Eye Lens Photo Editor 2019

If you want to try pretty lens out on your eyes digitally, then give this eye color identifier app a shot. It can immediately change the pupil color and make yours more attractive.

On this application, you will find a huge collection of contacts such as animal eyes, flags, or scary ones. Moreover, it enables the users to blend different natural eye colors.

To edit the pupil color, choose your favorite lens first. Then, drag and drop the contacts on the eyes. It is very simple, right?

16. Eye Lenses: Eye Color Changer

Eye Lenses Eye Color Changer

This magnificent photo editor app allows you to alter the color of your pupils. It provides real-looking effects on the eyes because of its smart blending technique.

The users can lighten or darken their soul reflectors easily, too.

Indeed, this application features a smooth user interface. Moreover, it features hydrogel lenses. Since the pieces are both pliable and thin, they fit the front eye surface perfectly.

With those eye color changer app programs, you can wear different virtual contact lenses for free. Let us install any of them and try astonishing pupil effects out!

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