20 Best Offline Strategy Games for Android 2024

It is known that strategy games give you thrill and excitement from their exploration, perfect timing counting, as well as their reward. But to get the whole experience you need to connect to the internet and sometimes your connection is not that good. So, offline strategy games for android are the answer.

Offline strategy games for Android are the best option for you who wants to keep playing without worrying about internet connection. This kind of game is suitable for you to play during waiting for doctor’s queuing, on the train, and when you lay down to bed.

Android coming out as one of the most used operating systems in the world with more than 2,5 active users. So, finding out what offline strategy games that run well on Android is necessary if you’re a fan of flexibility. Actually, there are hundreds of offline strategy games you can download but looking one by one might overwhelm you.

So, we have gathered the 20 best offline strategy games for Android that will save you from boredom. We promise you our provided list will contain no roller-coaster effect that makes your head spin. Check this out:

20 Best Offline Strategy Games for Android 2024

Playing strategy games is thrilling and exciting at the same time. It often transports you to the world where you can play God and set up things the way you want them. For you who just jump in this kind of game, there are several choices of level and game types. Below is the game you need to know:

1. Civilization Revolution 2

Following the success of its predecessor, Civilization Revolution 2 allows you to build your own empire and rule them all. Furthermore, as the first mobile devices game in the Civilization catalog, this game gives you a brand new 3D presentation. Also, you will be challenged to build more depth tactics than ever before.

Key features you can enjoy in this game such as new civilization, new leaders, new units, new technology, as well as new buildings and wonders. Thus, you can have Korean civilization and take the role of Lenin from Russia or King Sejong of Joseon. In scenario challenge, you can set your own battle and historic events.

2. The Escapist 2

Prison break can never be so fun! The Escapist 2 is the next offline strategy game for Android you can try. Create your own con and team up with 3 prisoners and set your strategy for an ultimate escape. If you think this game is simple and easy, you’re wrong. Behind its bright color and fun-looking character, lies the hard challenge of breaking into the prison.

You will never get bored because this game has new features to simulate. Such as spending time in the library and gym while keeping your mind busy thinking about the strategy. Don’t forget to adapt the daily life of a prisoner such as taking a job, attending roll call, and all the routines. Remember, blending is essential to keep you on the radar while waiting for the right time to break out.

3. Door Kickers

The next offline strategy game for Android is Door Kickers. Playing this game is absolutely thrilling because you’ll act like a SWAT team. Reading and planning a map is all you have to do before kicking all the doors. You can choose to stealth or blow up the door and be prepared for what’s behind it.

Door Kickers is suitable for you who like combat and strategy building. You will have to analyze the situation, choose equipment, prepare a team plan, free hostages, and most importantly kill the bad guy. Don’t worry about getting trapped too long in one map because each level can be finished in minutes.

4. XCOM: Enemy Within

Rewarded as the best strategy game in 2012, XCOM: Enemy Within is a must-add to your bucket list. Without connecting to the internet, you can fight unknown enemies in advance weapons and equipment. The content itself is exciting because there will be new abilities, maps, soldiers, missions, and also multiplayer mode.

Although all character and location in this game are fictional, the excitement and the thrill effect is real. With rich graphics and advanced features, playing this game will always be something fun. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting online.

5. First Strike

Prepare yourself for a nuclear war and its catastrophic effect. If you cannot have it in the real world, you can do it in the First Strike world. Don’t bother about the internet connection because this game is running well in offline mode. As an award-winning mobile game, First Strike offers you beautiful and smooth graphics.

With more than 5 million active users around the world, this game offers you Ad-Free by joining Nuclear Club Members. Feel free to choose who you want to be, from a known Superpower country leader to an unmerciful North Korean leader. Otherwise, there will be payments for some in-app products.

6. Cartoon Craft

Get ready to be face to face with zombies and orcs. Build up your strategy and fight them on the battlefield. But don’t expect a real human character because everyone in this game is in cute cartoon shape. To last in this game, you need to build an army, gather workers, collect gold and lumber, as well as build buildings.

Originally, this game came out as an indie game but developed to be one of the most interesting mobile games. You may need payment to be able to play this game and to buy in-app products. Furthermore, this game works well without an internet connection so you can keep building towers and raise an army in offline mode.

7. Iron Marines

Iron Marines is the best choice if you want to play a real-time strategy game of galaxy battle. All you have to do to survive the game is build real-time strategy and command your troops. Furthermore, changing roles is also how to win the game from missile launchers, snipers, rangers, or flamethrowers. Don’t forget to recruit the best marines to help you win the battle.

8. Steel and Flesh 2

If you like the medieval and dream about being king and building your own empire, then this is the game you must play. Choose your own map of which 20 large states are ahead of you. Visit Asia and face the Mongolian era gaining strength by concurring the world. Or, fly to the Middle East to join the Crusades. Should you like to build your own kingdom, then build your own army, capture more territory, and rule them all.

9. Total Domination-Reborn

As mankind is down and only a few remain, only the strongest will last. The world has crumbled because of endless plague and nuclear destruction, yet true threats to humanity are still a mystery. Until a powerful AI force has gone rogue and plans to destroy and overruled everything. Your task is not just to survive but to build an army to fight against them.

Set in post-apocalypse, the world you’ve seen before no longer exists.  This game is an absolute excitement because your mind will never stop working. From gathering all resources to your sector, upgrade army skills, and form a clan. Once you succeed you will be able to take down all enemies and rule.

10. Age of Ottoman

Another offline strategy game for Android is Age of Ottoman where you will travel to the Byzantium era. Win every battle by forming an army, commanding them, enhancing their battle skill, and gaining income in every winning battle.

Start playing by choosing a battle map and gain special power to be used in a critical situation. You can choose to play solo or multiplayer so you can set a battle with your friends. Don’t worry about getting bored because there is plenty of mission to accomplish in this game.

11. Mushroom Wars 2

Don’t miss this award-winning game because you will find yourself dwelling in the mushroom world and ruling them all. Despite being a strategy game, this game is so relaxing because the mushroom troops are so cute, and the environment is beautiful. Enhance your fungi base, regroup your army, and command them to victory.

12. Galaxy Refers

Find yourself in a spectacular space sim and build your battle strategy to fight the enemies. Activate combat mode so you can fight for your survival and join rescue and escort missions. Furthermore, your excitement will not stop because you must collect equipment. Don’t forget to customize your ship to be the ultimate fleet to go to battle.

13. The Battle of Polytopia

Don’t let an internet connection stop you from building your own civilization. The Battle for Polytopia is available in offline mode so you can play anywhere anytime. Before building your own tribe, first, you must control the map and beat the enemies. After winning, you can claim your land and master new technologies. Join the other 10 million players and build a new civilization.

14. Defense Zone 3 HD

To win this game, all you have to do is defeat your enemies to defend your territory. As a sequel to a successful action strategy game, Defense Zone 3 HD offers you a more thrilling battle. Moreover, you will get new types of weapons, a variety of landscapes and seasons, various turrets, and a spectacular battlefield. Play this game offline during your traveling time.

15. Bio Inc.

As a realistic simulation game, Bio Inc is a unique strategy game. Your mission is to create a disease and infect your victim. To gore? Don’t worry, you can choose other roles as a medical team to save human life. As a lifesaver, your mission is to find a cure and protect your patient. Bio Inc. has more than 600 real diseases making it insanely frightening.

This game has more than 15 million players around the world. The best part of this game is the realistic environment, character looks, and even the plague. You will feel real threats, fear, and pumped-up adrenalin while playing this game. Play it offline and see how it works well.

16. Galaxy Legend

The world in 2841 is absolutely different from the world we live in now. Humanity expands to the furthest star and builds civilization while surviving daily threats. Your mission is to be a commander and reign and rules your dominion. Most importantly, fight your enemies by building strategies and plans throughout the game.

Key features of this game is including RPG strategy for single or multiplayer, fleet transformation, cutting-edge interface, as well as the weekly tournament. Also, there are more than 100 missions to complete your conquest. Every mission builds your storyline so you will never get bored.

17. Kingdom Rush – Tower Defense

As part of the Kingdom Rush family, this game takes you on an epic journey full of adventure. As one of the best strategy games and gain positive responses from fans and critics, let yourself be part of it. The main storyline is you protecting your castle and kingdom with a well-planned strategy. You must set the best fighting tactics and defend your territory.

18. Vainglory

Another award-winning strategy game, Vainglory offers you smooth 3D graphics. Moreover, Vainglory allows you to play cross-platform MOBA. There are various objectives maps to explore and join in the 5V5 battle arena. Jump from one map to another map with teleports mode. Dive yourself into an amazing storyline of each character. Play offline anywhere anytime.

19. Plague Inc.

Create your own pathogen and create a plague by infecting Patient Zero if you dare. This game is an ultimate realistic high strategy. Once you create a disease you must build a defense system at the same time. Plague Inc. gain popularity and a positive response from more than 100 million users. Moreover, the developer was invited to give a statement to CDC according to the disease model inside the game.

20. Clash of Titans

The last offline strategy game for Android we recommend you to play is Clash of Titans. This game become the most popular strategy game where you can build your own clan, raise them, and join an epic Clan Wars. While building your clan, you’re also about to build your surroundings including mountain fortress, warfare, and most of all build a strong titan army.

So, which game is suitable for you? Feel free to choose whether civilization-building, space wars, or royal battles. Offline strategy games for Android are a must have because the games are flexible, doesn’t depend on internet connectivity, and are full of the unsuspected interesting mission. Should you feel overwhelmed with a long list of game titles, simply choose from the above list.

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