10 Best Bigger Keyboard Apps for Android and iOS

Dealing with small buttons on the touch screen can be tiring at times. The high error rate will stress you out. Instead of grumbling, why not install a bigger keyboard app?

No need to utilize the built-in rows of keys on your smartphone. Instead of struggling, you can use the free big keyboard app for iPhone and Android that is now widely available on App Stores.

Given that everyone has different characters, habits, and pleasures, of course, the design and specifications of each app are also not the same. Thus, everything should be adjustable.

With the many software available, it is free to choose any big keys keyboard app that suits your needs, as we are about to discuss in this article.

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List of 10 Best Bigger Keyboard Apps for Android and iOS

Various types of huge keyboard app are now available and waiting to download. Every application brings distinctive design and features.

Some are good enough, but you also have to be aware that some may not be suitable for your needs.

Therefore, you first need to study the keypad specifications before installing it on a smartphone. For your references, here is the list of the best big keyboard app for iPhone and Android to download:

1.             Easy Big Keyboard

Easy Big Keyboard

It is a simple large button keyboard that will make it easier for you to type on buttons. The app is perfect for people who already have simplicity and are accustomed to doing work effectively.

The simple yet classy design is one of the advantages of this bigger keyboard app. Apart from the large display, several supporting features make it feasible to use.

It is equipped with GIF Search to make your chatting more enjoyable. There are also cute emojis for you to send to anyone who is chatting with you. It’s simple but not out of date.

In case you are busy, use one-hand mode to make your activities more effective. This feature is suitable for users who need a bigger button.

It is the best large keyboard app for Android that provides many languages.

Another supporting feature is the night mode, which allows color changes when the ambient light is low. Even if you are tired of typing, use gesture typing, and swap your fingers over the keyboard.

Download : ANDROID

2.             Typewise Custom Keyboard 

Typewise Custom Keyboard

When you are tired of typos, it is time for you to think about how to make keyboard bigger. Thank goodness that now you do not need to depend on default apps that are sometimes inappropriate.

Typewise Custom Keyboard claims that using it can reduce typos by up to 4 times less than most keypads.

For those who have high mobility, there is an autocorrect well-organized feature. We are not talking about wrong prediction or senseless correction that makes the user even more tired of the typo.

This bigger keyboard app also protects user privacy. It does not send anything to the cloud. Thus, it prevents the data from leaking into cyberspace.

Typing is faster and more productive without the fear of getting tired.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

3.             MessagEase Keyboard

MessagEase Keyboard

This kind of bigger keyboard app has a different look than the QWERTY. With unique key assignments, users will find new ways of writing, and of course, it’s easy and fun.

As the QWERTY keyboard has been a part of your life for decades, you might hesitate to use it.

However, research shows that the appearance of the MessagEase Keyboard can increase the speed of up to 82 words per minute.

In general, MessagEase Keyboard has nine large keys, along with ingenious letters. Everything has been neatly designed for easy writing. You do not even need autocorrect or prediction anymore.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

4.             Big Buttons Keyboard Standard

Some kinds of  bigger keyboard app only focus on letters and forget about the convenience of typing numbers and punctuation.

If it happens to you, let us move on to this Big Buttons software.

It has bigger number keys and punctuation that makes typing easier and reduces typos. The design is modified-QWERTY which makes you type faster and more accurately.

This app is also available in a more powerful version, complete with more fun features, such as emojis, themes, and more. But you have to pay $ 2.99 worth to get it.

Download : ANDROID

5.             1C Big Keyboard

1C Big Keyboard

Poor eyesight or fat fingers are very vulnerable to typos when using an ordinary keyboard. Therefore, you need an application that makes the typing process easier. 1C is one of them.

Once installed, you will experience the big and easy keyboard app that uses 100 percent of your screen.

With a large button size, you can minimize typos and type faster. This keyboard is QWERTY-based so that it will not be hard to use it.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

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6.             Multiling O Keyboard

Multiling O Keyboard

The choice of a keyboard is crucial to the productivity of modern society. If the design and specifications are not suitable, there will be many hampered work and activities.

Therefore, use applications that have the best quality, one of which is the Multiling O Keyboard.

In terms of software, it is light in capacity and won’t take up a lot of memory. Even so, the specifications are good enough.

At least 200 languages ​​support this bigger keyboard app. Unlike other keypads, it is gesture-oriented so that the swipe results are accurate in composing words.

However, you can also use auto-text.

Another advantage of this application is battery saving. Besides, the button arrangement is similar to a PC keyboard which most people will be familiar with.

Try to adjust the board’s position according to your convenience.

Regarding letters and characters, you will get a variety of cool emojis, stickers, symbols, and everything else that supports the fun writing. A choice of colors is also there in the package.

This application also contains various supporting features, such as calculators, physical or Bluetooth keyboards, beautiful themes, text transformation tools, and many more. It is perfect for millennials.

Download : ANDROID

7.             Classic Big Keyboard

Classic Big Keyboard

In terms of the bigger keyboard app, the simpler sometimes is better. While many designs are artistic and full of improvisation, some people choose the classic one instead.

The Classic Big Keyboard has a display that is easy to read but easy to use as well. The design is simple, complete with various features that will help the writing process.

This keyboard allows you to adjust the button size so that it is not too big or small. Then, add sound or vibration when pressing the button. This sign makes sure that you press the letters correctly.

Like other standard keyboards, this application features gestures, emojis, dictionary settings, and other customization systems. Well, typing improvement is on the go!

Download : ANDROID

8.            Fleksy Free Keyboard Themes with Emojis Swipe-type

Fleksy GIF Keyboard

There is nothing more fun than a free thing, including the matter of choosing the bigger keyboard app. After downloading at no cost, you are ready to enjoy a new writing experience on the screen.

Fleksy GIF Keyboard claims itself as the fastest one, along with emojis, millions of themes, GIFs, stickers, access to memes, and many more.

You will also get high-quality autocorrection which will make typing easier for you.

This app, also known as Touch-pal, Facemoji, and Kika keyboard, also lets you type with a high-accuracy gliding system without pressing the letters one by one.

Do not forget about the speech-to-text feature for dictating typing.

Interestingly, customize the keyboard with various themes from top artists. Besides, you can use your photo gallery to enhance the appearance of the keypad.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

9.            Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is probably one of the favorite apps around the world. More than half of Smartphone users use this keyboard for daily use.

For your information, Microsoft SwiftKey is intelligent and allows you to improve your writing style. The design will make typing faster and more fun, complete with emojis, GIFs, and other features.

In addition, this keyboard is also adaptive to the input you provide. It will save the writing history so that it will provide suggestions by considering sentence combinations. It also applies to emojis.

The font that appears on the screen also has a readable and attractive size. Do not forget that you can also use many design options that are simple but quite classy and adaptive.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

10.        Gboard


It is a bigger keyboard app by Google which has various supporting features in it. Not only big-sized buttons, but you can also enjoy a different typing experience than usual.

Besides pressing the button, GBoard lets you type by gliding (sliding fingers from letters) and voice typing (dictating the text). The various emojis in it will also create a pleasant chat atmosphere.

You can also enjoy multilingual typing, where word suggestions come from various world languages. Do not forget to add a GIF for fun writing all the time.

Interestingly, users can also use Google Translate as a part of their keyboard. Doing multilingual writing will save time. Otherwise, consider that it is not Android Go-supported.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

Those are some applications that you can try to make typing easier on a smartphone. Apart from the list above, there may still be much software that is no less good.

Using the bigger keyboard app is one way to make the writing process more efficient by reducing typos. Each of the above has weaknesses and strengths; which one would you like to try?

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