Top 10 Cute Emoji Keyboard Apps for Android

For those who enjoy chatting with friends through smartphones, you should have an emoji keyboard app.

Therefore, that would fulfill your need to show emotions while texting. Besides emojis, you can use smileys, signs, cute images, and so on.

One of the main reasons why texting feels so fun is because of Emojis. Then, having one of these keyboard apps on your phone would make everything super easy to express.

So, let us find out what you are searching for.

List of 10 Cute Emoji Keyboard Apps for Android

The following is the list of the most popular emoji keyboard we could find. Likewise, all of them are ready to impress their users.

1.      Emoji Keyboard – Cute Emoticons, GIF, Stickers

Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons GIF Stickers

The app clearly says that it has cute emoticons inside. Thus, Emoji Keyboard will make texting or chatting more fun than ever. You can easily show your emotions in the messages.

Further, there are over 3000 collections of emojis, GIFs, Stickers, and Themes to use.

Meanwhile, there are more than 150 languages available within the app. It helps the users to have a chat with people from other countries.

Customization is so limitless with this app. You can choose from thousands of themes and fonts to design your own keyboard.

Additionally, a bunch of features would improve your texting experience. That includes gesture typing.

You can easily swipe or slide your fingers to type the words. Indeed, you can also input the typing using your voice.

The voice typing technology in Emoji Keyboard comes with a smart correction feature. It will deal with typos quicker than ever.

2.      Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons

Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons

This is a product you can only find on Android. It allows you to share fancy stickers and emojis easily.

Furthermore, the app has got a total of 3000 emoji collections. That includes text faces, a lot of symbols, icons, characters, and so on.

There is a feature called Emoji Dictionary. It is such an innovative addition to predicting the emoji you are about to use.

Many people find it very helpful. Besides emoticons or emojis, there are plenty of animated GIFs with various themes. You can use it anytime you want.

The keyboard itself is packed with some great features and capabilities.

Therefore, the user can customize the keypress sound, resize the layout, change the colors, font, and wallpaper.

Additionally, the auto-correction feature will assist your typing and make it fast.

3.      Keyboard – Emoji, Emoticons

Keyboard Emoji Emoticons

Personalize your keyboard completely with this application. It is such a smart and colorful app that has emojis and GIFs.

This is an all-in-one emoji keyboard app that makes texting full of excitement. Besides the 3000+ collections, you will love all the features within.

This app offers a lot of different keyboard layouts to choose from. You can apply it as desired.

Meanwhile, the dictionaries come with a lot of languages to use. You can even split and resize the layout.

Moreover, privacy and security say it clearly that the developer would never collect any personal information from the keyboards.

4.      Ginger Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs

Ginger Keyboard Emoji GIFs

It is one of the most popular Keyboard apps in the business.

Compared to other well-known applications, Ginger Keyboard offers a more unique approach, specifically in the auto-correction feature.

Instead of correcting only the current word, Ginger Keyboard is able to check the whole sentence. That is because of its sophisticated auto-correction technology.

Also, the app has a Spell Check and Contextual Grammer proofreader. So, it is not about how a keyboard can predict the next word.

This app is more about covering sentences whether short or long.

According to an expert reviewer, Ginger Keyboard gives the users the ability to send better texts and quality writings.

Besides, you can use ginger as your emoji keyboard application because it is packed with lots of them.

You can explore over a thousand collections of Emojis, Stickers, Emoticons, and GIFs.

5.      Kika Keyboard 2021

Kika Keyboard 2021 Emoji Keyboard Stickers GIF

With 5000+ emojis, 6000+ themes, and all its amazing features, there is no other app that could beat Kika Keyboard 2021.

All of those collections are ready to serve you the most fun experience in texting with friends and family.

Furthermore, the app has its new Emoji Keyboard, in which you can send a message with emojis and emoticons easily.

Meanwhile, the emoji dictionary will provide the prediction. In addition, stickers and GIF keyboards si also available to perform.

The keyboard layouts and dictionary will support over 150 languages. Those include English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, and so on.

Interestingly, it is almost a guarantee that your language is available and you can communicate with people worldwide.

Kika Keyboard - Emoji, Fonts
Kika Keyboard - Emoji, Fonts

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6.      Emoji Keyboard – Cute Emoji

Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoji

One of the best emoji & emoticon keyboard apps in the market, it will bring you a better input experience.

This application is totally free. Also, you can enjoy over a thousand colorful themes for your keyboard.

You might wanna know how to use Emoji Keyboard. After you install it, open the app.

Then, Tap the plugin in the side navigation bar. After that, you can click cute emoji and apply. That is it.

Thankfully, the keyboard layout has full customization. You can split and resize it to suit your need. Also, change the color, font, and wallpaper easily.

Instead of having an ordinary or muted sound when typing, you can change it to something new.

Besides its awesome customization and Fast & Smart input, there are some other advanced features you want to check out.

In addition, it has a clipboard if you want to copy and past more than once in a single process.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

7.      Facemoji Emoji Keyboard Lite

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard Lite

This free app is a lite version of the Facemoji Keyboard Pro app. However, you could still enjoy all the needed features since it has no advertisement.

It’s a “Lite” app which means it will not take more space in your memory.

Interestingly, it only weighs 7MB. Although, there are over 3600 Emoji, emoticons, and GIFs inside the app.

Obviously, it will spruce up chats in your social network without wasting a lot of space on the devices.

Further, Facemoji allows you to change the background with a personal photo from the gallery.

You can even set up the buttons, tapping sounds, effects, and music to your need. According to your preferences in typing, choose among QWERTY, AZERTY, and QWERTZ keyboards.

Otherwise, tired of emojis or emoticons? You can search for something GIF section.

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard Lite:D
Facemoji Emoji Keyboard Lite:D

8.      Free Emoji Keyboard – Cute Emojis

Free Emoji Keyboard

It is such an awesome app that will totally change your style of texting and chatting.

With lots of emojis collection, themes, Kaomoji, GIF, and Stickers, having a chat with anyone would be so much fun.

Main features:

  • Send emojis easily with various cute and funny emojis.
  • 3000+ collections
  • 100+ fonts
  • Simple to use
  • Take a photo or choose from Gallery as Wallpaper
  • LED Keyboard Theme for fast typing
  • Typing in Multi-Language
  • Advanced Auto-Correction feature
  • many more.

The Smart Input feature has an auto-correction and auto-suggestion technology to predict text and emojis. It would improve your fast-typing experience.

9.      Emoji Keyboard Lite

Emoji Keyboard Lite

It is quite similar to the “Lite” app we have described before. This app will only take a little bit of space into your memory.

However, it seems like you get more than it actually weighs. For the 7MB app, you will get over 3600 emojis, Emoticon, symbols, and GIFs. That is amazing.

A combination of emojis in one message would be a perfect way to show your feelings. You can get that in this Emoji Keyboard lite.

Similar to most apps in this list, an Emoji Prediction will let you type fast by providing suggestions to your typing.

Besides, try the Swipe to Type feature, it is a fun one to let you chat or text without tapping by swiping.

It is a perfect mode whenever you need to use one hand only. Your words will also get covered by the Autocorrect and Word prediction.

However, if you are not comfortable with that automatic feature, you can just deactivate it in the settings.

Well, you know it is not for everyone.

Emoji Keyboard Lite-Emoji
Emoji Keyboard Lite-Emoji
Developer: EKATOX APPS
Price: Free

10.  Emoji Keyboard 2021

Emoji Keyboard 2021

This keyboard app has an awesome set of keypads that will change the way you text and chat.

Likewise, the application is perfect for chatting on Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and others.

Some amazing keyboard themes would be ready for the users to explore.

The customization you can do to the keyboard is really awesome. You can check out the amazing sounds and fonts to design a perfect layout.

Moreover, use your favorite personal photo as the background or theme of the keyboard. That would make the typing so special.

This simple keyboard program has all the trending and latest collections of emojis. They are updated regularly.

In order to switch your current keyboard with this new one, you can go to settings. Then, set it as the default keyboard of the phone.

You can explore the library and choose the themes and emojis you would like to use.

Its unique designs and amazing features are waiting for you. Hence, install this emoji keyboard app for your smartphone.

Emoji Keyboard 2024
Emoji Keyboard 2024

Final Note

From those applications, it is very easy to find which emoji keyboard app suits your style. Choose one based on the smartphone capabilities and your preferences.

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