13 Best Apps to Add Stickers to Photos for Android and iOS

If you want to decorate a picture on your phone, download an app to add stickers to photos. There are a lot of those programs available on the app store.

Many people love to make their photos unique and beautiful. Hence, they can add some cute stickers to them.

Furthermore, there are so many image editing apps you will find online.

List of 10 Best Apps to Add Stickers to Photos for Android and iOS

Well, we have got it covered for you. On this page, there are the 13 best apps to add stickers to your photos. Let’s explore!

1. YouCam Fun

YouCam Fun

It is one of the best apps for adding stickers to your photos. Also, this app comes with so many realistic items you can have to make the photo looks fantastic.

Then, there will be various types of stickers that would appear while you are taking a selfie. Besides, you can enjoy some real fun filters to turn the face into funny pictures.

Further, the YouCam Fun app is available on both Android ad iOS. When you are capturing video, stickers are also available. Let’s have some fun with YouCam Fun.

YouCam Fun - Snap Live Selfie
YouCam Fun - Snap Live Selfie

2. PicsArt



This popular photo-editing app offers the freedom to compose and use as many stickers as you would like.

Thus, Picsart gives you the ability to see other popular kinds that you might get interested in.

In this app, stickers are not the main attractions even though it is packed with hundreds of them. Further, there are so many effects to try.

Additionally, with the tools for editing and drawing, you can turn the photograph into anything you want.

Picsart AI Photo Editor
Picsart AI Photo Editor
Developer: PicsArt, Inc.
Price: Free
‎Picsart AI Photo Video Editor
‎Picsart AI Photo Video Editor

3. Opak – Photo Editor & Stickers

Opak - Photo Editor & Stickers


It is such a great app to add stickers to photos. This is an advanced version of the application that comes with plenty of items and effects to enjoy.

Indeed, there are over 500 stickers available within the app. Opak is an exclusive app for iOS users.


  • Filters to enhance the photo
  • Layouts to create a montage that has 4 photos at once
  • Stickers like nose, hats, cartoons, Halloween, mustache, and more
  • 20 colorful frames
  • 20 Colors and 20 Fonts for the text feature
  • Share the result or add stickers to photos Instagram

There are still more features and stickers you can enjoy in the Opak app. Also, getting Opak Plus will be better.

However, there will be a payment required to get that service. For some inspiration, check out thousands of top photos made by members of the community. You can even share yours there.

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4. Camera360 – Funny Stickers

Camera360 Funny Stickers

It is a funny stickers cam application that gives you more than a hundred funny and cute stickers to add to the photos.

The app would surely make the photo more beautiful than ever. Besides, some features allow the users to change the background, skin color, and picture size.

Camera360 serves you with a lot of filters, layouts, frames, camera effects, and of course stickers. This application was very popular back then.

Apparently, stickers are not the main reason why people love to use this app. It is more like an editor program to make an ordinary photo more amazing and beautiful.

In addition, some highlight features are as follow:

  • Transform skin to become smooth and soft
  • Make a face smaller
  • Shape the face and body to be ideal
  • Become beautiful in one touch
  • For the panoramic shot, a Magic Sky feature would change the sky to be whatever you want
  • and many more
‎Camera360-Selfie Editor
‎Camera360-Selfie Editor
Developer: 灏 徐
Price: Free+

5. Wemoji – WhatsApp Sticker Maker

Wemoji - WhatsApp Sticker Maker


Unlike the previous apps on this list, Wemoji creates a sticker specifically for Whatsapp. Users can make their stickers using any picture and creation to express the emotion via a messaging app.

This free Whatsapp sticker app comes with some cool features you can try. Crop any object or face using the free-hand crop tools.  Then, the cropped photos can still be used for another sticker making.

Moreover, to decorate your creation, you may add text and stickers provided within the app. Make the result even more stylish with the available emojis.

To use Wemoji, open the sticker editor. Then, add the pictures and use the crop feature. After that, you can begin adding the sticker and text. Save and publish it.

Wemoji - WhatsApp Sticker Make
Wemoji - WhatsApp Sticker Make
Developer: Picmax
Price: Free

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6. Giddylizer: stickers and more

Giddylizer stickers and more


This app offers stickers and notifications icons that you can use to decorate photos. Make the picture more unique and interesting with Giddylizer. Interestingly, it is more than just stickers.

At the moment, the app has several new sticker packs such as PIXEL, CHAYEN, VEGGIE, THE CIELO, and some others.

Furthermore, this easy application offers various categories to choose from according to its theme.

During editing, you can set the stickers using your fingers, resizing, rotating, and so on. Let’s make your unique ones and design them with different styles as desired.

Giddylizer: notify icon sticke
Giddylizer: notify icon sticke
Developer: Chayen
Price: Free

7. Thug Life Stickers

Thug Life Stickers

What is thug life actually about? Well, it is a very popular meme that goes around the internet for a long time. People use stickers that consists of hats and glasses that represent the “thug life”.

This application provides all of that stuff that would make it easy to create and replicate the famous and hilarious meme.

Further, this program is like a thug life meme maker. Also, it is packed with many other stickers within the same theme.

This easy-to-use editor would let you make a “Thug Life” photo of your own and make memes with the photo makers. Use the camera to make MLG, hats, glasses, Doritos, and memes.

Besides stickers, the matching font is also available. You can create the memes with your own taste and style.

Thug Life Sticker Pic Editor
Thug Life Sticker Pic Editor
Developer: Floc Media
Price: Free
‎Thug Life Maker !
‎Thug Life Maker !
Developer: Maruf Nebil Ogunc
Price: Free+

8. Emoji Photo Sticker Maker Pro

Emoji Photo Sticker Maker Pro

Users can download this app anytime they want. Then, attach a funny emoji to your photo and post it to others.

You may get the photos right from the gallery or snap them instantly from the camera feature.

There are over 1700 emoji and smiley stickers available on the application. Besides, there are some symbols, flags, places, nature, and other objects to choose from.

Here is what you have to do, download the app, select the photos, add the stickers, and save or share the results.

9. Graphionica Photo & Video Collages

Graphionica Photo & Video Collages

A stylish photo editor app like Graphionica will give you some awesome beautiful results to use for any social network.

With this program, you can create some collages of videos and photos all at once. Also, text and stickers are available to decorate the picture.

Likewise, Graphionica is an app to add stickers to photos and videos. So, it is like the next level of photo editor.

If you cannot handle making a creation from scratch, some templates are available to use. With a few ads and arrangements, the result could be uniquely stylish.

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10. Photo Editor Sticker

Photo Editor Sticker

This program is simply an app to add stickers to photos. Thus, decorate your ordinary photos with all the amazing items on the application.

Then, choose more than 200 stickers from the app in order to brighten the style of your photo.

After that, take a picture immediately or select it from the gallery. There is a sticker teen terminology to get some trending and popular stickers.

Further, you can add text with provocative comments to make it more interesting. Do not forget to save and share the results.

Photo Editor&Sticker
Photo Editor&Sticker
Developer: MoDaTeam
Price: Free

11. TINKYS – Stickers, Frames & Filters


This program becomes one of the best apps in the market. It was in the Top 10 ranks several times. TINKYS will make your picture cuter.

It has more than a thousand stickers and frames. Some best illustrators create them with hand-drawing.

Several high-quality tools and filters are free to use. TINKYS is definitely an app to add stickers to photos. Besides, the users can also enjoy using the stunning color pickers.

There are over 800 solid shades, more than 500 gradient hues, some glitters colors.


12. FotoRus -Camera & Photo Editor

fotoRus -Camera Photo Editor

This program is an all-in-one photo application that you will ever need. It is packed with professional edits, special effects, beauty, a secret album, InstaMag, and of course a lot of stickers.

FotoRus offers hundreds of stickers with various themes like cute, girly, and funny.

The Professional edit offers you many powerful functions like scenes, adjust, light pen, lighting, filters, and etc. Then, the real-time InstaBeauty function will take a perfect-looking selfie.

There are also many designer-style posters and collages which are the most fashionable in the market. Another interesting feature is the Secret Album. You can protect all your photos from others with it.

13. Watermark – Add Text, Photo, Logo, Signature

Watermark Add Text Photo Logo Signature

People use watermarks in order to protect their images or videos as the owner. So, when other people use them, the watermark will indicate the creator, just like a signature on paintings.

Well, it is a different style of app to add stickers to photos.

Make your unique signature and add it to your works easily. This easy-to-use app provides you with some simple features that work instantly.

You can just simply add stickers, logos, or text to the picture. Change them to your desired size and position. Save and share your works with no worries.

Moreover, no need to know how to add stickers to photos. Just install the application and you will know what to expect.

Watermark: Logo, Text on Photo
Watermark: Logo, Text on Photo
Developer: ZipoApps
Price: Free

Final Note

Besides those applications, there are still many others that provide such features. However, we have shown you all the best ones in the market.

If you want to download an app to add stickers to photos, choose one of those things above.

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