13 Best No Crop Apps for Instagram (Android & iOS)

This article is made for people who want to install the best no crop apps for Instagram. If this one is what you are looking for, you have chosen the proper application.

As we know, Instagram becomes one of the most popular apps. The application allows people to share their photos and videos. However, this popular program has some drawbacks that would annoy its users.

One of them is the automatic cropping of the photos. This program will not allow you to have a picture posted in wide format. So, the users cannot show the beauty of the entire view.

Further, there are many applications that are designed as a response to this specific drawback. The apps would handle keeping the size and format you want.

Besides, it can also deal with the publication of stories within Instagram.

In this article, you would explore the 13 best no crop applications that solve the problems. Therefore, users never need to waste the time searching or browsing for them.

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List of 13 Best No Crop Apps for Instagram (Android & iOS)

And now you don’t need to be confused anymore on how to make pictures fit on Instagram without cropping. The following lists are some kinds of no crop app for Instagram that you can install.

1.      Cymera Photo Editor

Cymera Photo Editor

It is such a great application to edit your images while saving the size of them. This no crop app for Instagram includes videos. The cutting problems will not be an issue anymore with Cymera.

People might share their photos on social media without cropping. Thus, it is available inside the application.

Also, Cymera comes with other distinctive features. The first one is called “Portrait”. This option will please all the girls. It offers some face lighting styles.

The shading and lighting correction is changeable. Thus, the eyes would become brighter and the skin can be smoother.

Next, the second tool to use is the “Head Position”. This feature is possible to change the pupils’ size and mouth tips with it.

Furthermore, there are some other great features to try. Just install the app and see what it can do.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

2.      Snapseed


For photo editing, this application is one of the best in the stores. It can deal with the photos and videos you want to upload. Hence, publishing it in full-size will not be a problem with Snapseed.

Professional Tools with Simple operation would be the best way to describe this popular no crop app for Instagram.

This app offers you great simplicity. You can just choose the specific tool and set up the right parameter.

Then, Snapseed would do the rest automatically. In order to deal with the no crop photo for Instagram, use the “Frame” option.

By using the tool, you can crop, reflect, and rotate the photo. Moreover, there are some other options for adding text with some styles and fonts available, mask overlay, enlarger tool, and many others.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

3.      Instasize Photo Editor

Instasize Photo Editor

It looks like the no crop app that is specially designed for Instagram. Therefore, the name itself is “insta”. In fact, this program is so popular. This photo editor comes with a bunch of features.

Highlight Advantages

– Many tools available to edit and retouch photos

– Natural retouching result

– Making Collages

– So many filters inside

– Intuitive Management

– Publish photos to several popular apps (Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and other services)

– Many more

Download : ANDROID || iOS

4.      No Crop & Square for Instagram

No Crop Square for Instagram

This app can be the answer to your cropping-images issue on Instagram. So, you will not lose any important elements in your photos.

Additionally, it offers many fun filters that would make your images and publications more special and amazing. Some templates, wallpapers, and tools are also available within the app.

With this application, you are able to publish up to 10 photos at once. Just select the desired images or videos from your phone’s gallery. Users may publish theirs in full-size version.

Besides, the filters and background can be applied all together. They offer great time efficiency. So, it is such an amazing advantage.

Download : ANDROID

5.      Square InPic – Photo Editor & Collage Maker


Square InPic

This app is a photo editor and collage maker. Publishing the photos and videos in full-size will be so much easier. Also, it supports all publication types.

After you have this app on your phone, choose whether you want to edit photos or videos. Then, start editing and improve your images easily.

With this best no crop app for Instagram, of course, you can make the full-size version of it on your social media account. What so special about this program is the ability to save the result in great quality.

Download : ANDROID

6.      Square Fit Size – Collage Maker Photo Editor

Square Fit Size Collage Maker Photo Editor

Square Fit Size is a simple app that literally makes your images square in order to avoid the cropped photos. Then, add a frame in any color or size to make the result much better.

Key Features

– In the apps, there is a camera tool to take a picture directly from it

– Photo and video editing

– Publishing files to Instagram from the app

– Colored frames

– Stylish themes

– many others

Download : ANDROID || iOS

7.      Square Quick – Photo Editor

Square Quick Photo Editor

The app comes with an interesting built-in editor. You can do a lot of things with your photo and video. Before getting the no crop result, try changing and adding a few things.

In addition, there are some frames, stickers, and filters available to explore.

This free no crop photo app for Instagram has various filters to try on. You can see the uniqueness of each of the templates. The editing will be so atmospheric and fun.

You can add brightness, sharpness, contrast, and so on, to produce some great results. However, it is not important to do since the filter itself is already perfect.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

8.      InSquare Pic

InSquare Pic

It is pretty much similar to the previous ones. Using this app, post your photos or collage in the right size that fits Instagram.

The developer describes InSquare Pic as the funny editing app for you to edit photos with tags, fonts, and emojis.

Then, share the beautiful results with no crop to your social media accounts. There are also other fun features and tools to try.

Download : ANDROID

9.      Square Pic – No Crop Photo Editor for Instagram

Square Pic No Crop Photo Editor for Instagram

Having a no crop photo with Square Pic  will be so easy. You can edit your images in seconds with its tools. There is a special feature to use the proper size for Instagram.

This app allows you to add stickers and emojis within a few taps. Also, some filters and collage maker are available for your editing experience.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

10.  Photo Editor – Square Quick Size No Crop

Photo Editor Square Quick Size No Crop

This is the program that would satisfy both professionals and beginners to edit their photos. Therefore, it is an all-in-one image editor that would let you have no crop pictures for Instagram.

Besides, it has a photo mirror, collage maker, selfie cam, and color splash. Those features would make the story-telling on both Instagram and Facebook reaches its perfection.

The insta square feature to produce the no crop photo has a blurred background. Thus, the result would be flawless.

Otherwise, the color splash collection effects in this app are different from the normal ones out there.

Moreover, you can add bubbles, shapes, much more. That way would create an amazing photo with fantastic splash effects.

Download : ANDROID

11.  Giant Square & Grid Maker for Instagram

Giant Square Grid Maker for Instagram

Splitting a single photo into multiple squares with this application has never been so easy. Thus, it is such a trending way to fill up the gallery on Instagram with a Giant square Grid image.

Hence, design your Instagram profile like a pro with this grid maker app. You do not need to ask whether this program can make edit no crop photos for Instagram. The answer is an absolute yes.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

12.  SquareFit No Crop Photo Editor

SquareFit No Crop Photo Editor

SquareFit No Crop Photo Editor seems to be exclusively for iOS users. It is available for free on the App store. This instaSquare for Instagram is designed for iPhone by a developer named Chirag Finaviya.

Moreover, with this no crop photo app, you will produce an amazing and stylish image from your iPhone. There are more than 15 unique filters to try for a more creative result.


– More than 200 background patterns and colors available

– Simple and Powerful Interface

– Set a Blurred Backgrounds Beautifully

– Photo rotation, zoom, and re-arrangement

– Shadow 3D effects, Filters, and Stickers.

– Many others.

Download : iOS

13.  No Crop – Square Video & Photo


No Crop - Square Video Phot‪o‬

Another iOS-exclusive app’s the one that comes from a company called JingZe technology. Indeed, this is probably the simplest square-ready program to install on your iPhone.

Further, it allows you to resize image for Instagram without cropping which is ideal for Instagram publications.


– Video and Photos will have blur background automatically

– Zoom in & Zoom Out photos

– Rotate, resize, and move the object

– No crop layouts for photos and videos

– High-quality result

– many others

Download : iOS


The best no crop app for Instagram is not hard to look for. All of the applications provided in this article would deliver great edited photos for your profile on social media.

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