10 Best Apps to Watch Basketball Online for Android and iOS

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced many things, including sports. As watching the NBA and NFL live on the field is impossible, the only best way is to use apps to watch basketball online.

Even though it is different from watching live, there are many advantages you can get by streaming online. Besides being safer, you can also save money because some apps offer free performances.

List of 10 Best Apps to Watch Basketball Online for Android & iOS

No matter if you are using Android or iOS, the show will still be fun. So, what are the best live stream apps to watch basketball online or NBA games live free? Here are the lists to install:

1.      Yahoo Sport

Yahoo Sports

You may decide on the best site to watch NBA games online free. However, watching through the apps will be your choice as you can enjoy more private and complete features at your fingertips.

One that you can choose is Yahoo Sport. It is one of the apps to watch basketball online. Here are some features you can enjoy when using it:


When you open the home for the first time, you will find various features that will make it easier to find information about matches. Schedules, highlights, news, and live updates are popular ones.

Live Matches and Games

This app is an answer to how to watch NBA games online for free live. Besides, you can also get information on highlights, top plays, and more in just one hand.


No worry about missing out on information if you do not have time to watch the match. You can easily monitor the scores through the features provided by the app.

The Other Free Features

Yahoo Sport is not just an NBA Live stream app. Many other features will spoil the users. One of them is exclusive content from writers related to basketball and other sports.

Besides, users can also access various news, videos, and even betting features in one location. However, there is no real money for betting as it is purely to list the user’s interest.

Besides, Yahoo Sport also provides features such as predictions that will help users calculate match results.

Do not forget this application also features alerts so you can get notifications when your favorite players are up and running.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

2.      ESPN


It is more than the best way to watch NBA live streaming free online as you can enjoy many other matches. ESPN is not only about basketball but also other sports events that are no less exciting.

If you are a lover of many sports, then ESPN is a great option. People can watch the match and also get the updated information in a similar application.

ESPN provides access to the latest sports gossip, scores, and so on. Besides, you can watch the movement of your favorite clubs through this application.

Users will enjoy the latest top list of everyday games. Interestingly, the system will track the content you visit most often to provide the appropriate recommendations.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

3.      NBA: Live Games

It is the answer when you ask, “What app can I watch NBA games for free?” There is no best choice but to enjoy the match through the official channel.

This NBA stream app will show you various details about the NBA, which is one of the most popular basket games in the world.

You can access information about the latest matches, players, scores, and all about NBA easily. Simple and easy use is also an added value.

However, in this application, there are also various options, both paid and unpaid. Of course, each will offer different facilities.

Unfortunately, as the name implies, users can only enjoy NBA matches. However, in terms of features and appearance, this program still becomes one of the best apps to watch basketball online.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

4.      Watch TN‪T

By installing this application on your cellphone, you will get huge access to watch your favorite basketball games. You can enjoy live broadcasts as well as recorded shows at will.

Watch TNT is perfect for basketball lovers because it includes features to watch various games, not only the NBA. You can also enjoy watching other sports, including football streaming and others.

More than sports competitions, you can also enjoy a variety of entertainment, from TV series, movies, and so on.

Having Watch TNT is like having Netflix and the live streaming TV application in one application. You can also watch various TV channels, for example, Animal Kingdom, Supernatural, and others.

Many lists of libraries of films are also waiting to watch. Even if you don’t want to be distracted by options you do not need, just do disabled. Thus, you will only have the menus you need in the app.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

5.      Sling


Sling is one of the preferable apps to watch basketball game online. With a variety of pampering features, you can get almost everything you want.

It provides paid and free services for any device. It is more than apps to watch basketball live because you can access news and get some important information about matches.

Uniquely, you can not only access services about sports. Sling works like a cable TV that provides various shows ranging from news, entertainment, kids, and others.

To get full-access, you need to use a paid service. However, it will not drain your savings because the price is even much lower in price than cable TV.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

6.      Hulu


Compared to the other apps to watch basketball live, Hulu may not be too dominant in displaying sports. On the homepage, you will see features related to films and TV shows.

However, if you explore more carefully, you will find the feature to enjoy NBA live stream free. This section will be in the live TV section, where you can find everything about sports, news, and more.

Hulu itself is one of the best apps to watch basketball online for Android and iOS users. One of the advantages is that you can enjoy shows without ads, making it even more fun.

For subscriptions, you will also get various conveniences, including monthly payments. Unfortunately, this app is only available to US residents.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

7.      AT&T T‪V


Another multi-functional application that can help you enjoys basketball games with fun. Not only sports, but many features can make your day.

Like Hulu, AT&T TV shows more films. But you can watch sports through the Live TV feature. The picture and sound quality are capable enough.

Talking about updates, this application is not inferior to the others. Its use is also connected to Nielsen so that it will determine the rating of the shows you are watching.

You can enjoy free shows through this application. Otherwise, users should be patient since many ads may appear.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

8.      Live Stream for NBA 2021 Season

Live Stream for NBA 2021 Season

It is the other free NBA live streaming app for Android. By using this, you can track everything about basketball games at the fingertips.

Some of the features in it include live score, scoreboard, standing, and many more. Do not forget you can also get information on match results in real-time.

As the written information on the application homepage, Live Stream for NBA 2021 Season is the best for basketball and dofu fans. Using an alarm will make you never miss any game.

Download : ANDROID

9.      Watch NBA NCAA Basketball: Live Streaming Free

Watch NBA NCAA Basketball Live Streaming Free

Doing watch NBA basketball live streaming for free is no longer a problem if you use this application. You can get entertainment and information without having to pay for it.

Thankfully, it becomes one of the best apps to watch free basketball online. No need to sign up or use a credit card while you can enjoy NBA live stream free with indulgent features.

One thing to do is downloading the apps and use the features in them. That way, you can watch matches anytime and anywhere via your cellphone.

This application also has HD Adaptive high-quality video complete with great sound. Thus, you will enjoy a memorable viewing experience.

Download : ANDROID

10.  Basketball Live: Live NBA scores, stats and news

Basketball Live Live NBA scores

If you are looking for free apps to watch basketball online, it could be the right choice. All thing you need is here at no cost.

Although you can freely get this app, it does not mean that its features are careless. You can enjoy live matches along with scores, stats, and news.

Another feature that you can use will be the exclusive analysis of games from experts. It does not include the highlight video of each match and news about this game.

This application began rolling out to the market in 2016 and provides the latest updates on basketball. Until now, the number of downloads has reached more than 10 million.

However, one thing you have to notice is that it is all about the NBA. Users cannot watch anything about the other league.

But calm down; you can still follow the tweets of your favorite players via this application. Even though it’s only limited to the NBA, it’s still one of the best apps to watch basketball online.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

Final Note

Those are some recommendations for enjoying basketball without having to go anywhere. Even though you cannot watch it live, you will not miss the fun.

Finally, those apps to watch basketball online certainly have their strengths and weaknesses. Thereupon, you need to select the best one that suits your needs, both free and paid.

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