10 Best Room Temperature Apps For Android and iOS

Room temperature is a range of air temperature that people prefer, either indoor or outdoor. Measuring ambient temperature is easy to do; you can choose a thermometer to read the temperature using a thermometer. If you don’t have any thermometer tool, you can use the apps you can easily find in the Google Play Store or App Store. So, you don’t need to be worried about it. Just download the room temperature app and start to measure your temperature.

A room temperature app is an essential tool that you should have. It will give you information about the ambient temperature around you. Now, you can check the room temperature quickly. So, you can see your ambient temperature using these apps.

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List of 10 Best Apps to Check Room Temperature For Android and iOS

With the proper app, your Android or iOS can still e used as the thermometer. These apps will measure Indoor and Outdoor temperature; each app also has its uniqueness. You are free to decide which apps are suitable for you. Here is the list of best thermometer app for room temperature  that you can try on your Android and iOS :

1. Smart Thermometer

Smart Thermometer

Smart Thermometer is the first choice for you looking for the best room temperature app for Android and iOS. This app is also simple because it uses your temperature sensors on your phone to show the temperature near you.

Smart Temperature app can be the best way to check temperature instantly. Internet Connection is optional in this app, so you need a temperature sensor on your phone to make it work well. If your phone doesn’t have a temperature sensor, you can use an internet connection + GPS to make it work.

This application offers the accurate reading temperature that adds charts with the historical data with the better widget. Make sure you have to download the latest version of this Temperature app. In this app, you need an internet connection. Because it will upload the data and get accurate temperature stats, however, GPS is also required because it associates the temperature with a location and will work on the device which doesn’t have the temperature sensor.

Download : Android || iOS

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2. Thermometer


The Thermometer app offers you an experience reading the temperature with a classic Celsius/Fahrenheit virtual thermometer. This app has the feature to make it more likely the accurate thermometer looks, with analog and digital readout. The thermometer app will show the Celsius and Fahrenheit scale Indoor and Outdoor options.

Thermometer app also has an animation weather background feature based on the current weather outside. By using this app, you can measure the accurate ambient temperature with an accuracy degree. Don’t forget to download this app to get precise temperature reading tools near you.

An additional note in using this app: You must keep your phone from any cold and hot object near your phone because it will be affected by your temperature result. If your handphone temperature is hot, you need to put it down for a second. Then, you can use it again for the best result.

Download : Android || iOS

3. Room Temperature

Room Temperature

The next option of the app to check room temperature for Android is Room Temperature. It will help you to measure your room temperature or your environment. This app doesn’t need an internet connection to show the result. So, don’t worry if you don’t have an internet connection. The app is beneficial for you who don’t have an internet connection but still want to measure your ambient, and this app can be the solution.

Suppose you want to check your room temperature. This application will scan your phone’s temperature first. Although your smartphone doesn’t have a temperature sensor, you can also use this app. The developer of this app respects all the user’s privacy. So, The Room Temperature app doesn’t take any data from the users. You need to put your phone down for a few minutes, and your phone will show your room temperature with reasonable accuracy.

Download : Android

4. Room Temperature Thermometer 

Room Temperature Thermometer

The Room Temperature Thermometer will show your indoor and outdoor temperature. This app will measure your temperature with types of Celcius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin based on your location. A thermometer for room temperature will help you to measure your room temperature and your environment. This app also can display your current room temperature and weather room temperature based on your current location. This app is a simple thermometer for your inside and outside ambient.

There are many unique features of this best room temperature app. such as; measures room temperatures; thermometer app uses your phone sensor to measure the temperature. The measurement units are Celcius, Fahrenheit & Kelvin and indicate weather conditions in icons.

You need to open and wait in the app for 2 seconds, turn on your internet connection and the GPS to give the temperature ambient for you, and after you do the steps now, you can see the temperature. Additional notes in using Room Temperature Thermometer App: you need an internet connection to collect the data. It would help if you also turned on your GPS to make this app give you the temperature according to your position.

If you want the best result, please keep your phone away from hot & cold objects. Your battery temperature will be affected by the actual weather temperature around you. By using this app, you don’t need to worry about your ambient temperature. Because it is very accurate in measuring temperature, you will make your smartphone become a Thermometer tool just in a second.

Download : Android

5. Digital Thermometer For Room Temperature

Digital Thermometer For Room Temperature

The Digital Thermometer app can give you a specific result about the temperature because it uses your phone sensor to work well. This application contains the unit type of Celsius, Fahrenheit, And Kelvin. This app will show you the accurate ambient temperature inside and outside, also indoor and outdoor.

There are some features in the Digital Thermometer app, such as it measures your room temperature. It also uses your smartphone sensor to measure inside temperature. GPS is required to get the accurate outside temperature. The icons will indicate the weather to make it easier to look at the temperature.

This app is required an internet connection if you want to measure the outdoor temperature. You need to turn on the GPS for an accurate result and keep your phone away from the hot and cold objects for the best result.

Download : Android

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6. Room Temperature App

Room Temperature App

The Room Temperature App is unique because you can measure ambient temperature with no connection (offline). This app will help you to measure your room temperature or your environment. Room Temperature App will work by getting your room temperature using your phone’s temperature.

This app doesn’t need your phone’s temperature sensor. You also don’t need your GPS to measure your location for the weather, and this app also respects the user’s permission, so they don’t use the user’s privacy.

This app can be the solution for you who don’t want to give your data according to your location and GPS. You can download this app because it keeps your data safe. So, You need to put your phone down, and it will measure your ambient temperature. Don’t miss downloading this app.

Download : Android

7. HD Thermometer

HD Thermometer

If you’re looking for a beautiful and straightforward thermometer style, “HD Thermometer” can be your best option. HD Thermometer will show an accurate temperature from your current location.

Your smartphone will be a thermometer and show the ambient temperature around you using the weather service. HD Thermometer will give you the specific temperature everywhere because it will give according to your locations. This app is easy to use and control because of its simple features.

Download : iOS

8. House Temperature

House Temperature

House Temperature will show the temperature of your house. After you installed this app, this app will collect data on your indoor temperature firstly.

This app supports all models of data acquisition. They’re also a history temperature for you if you want to look at it after several days of app installation.

It will measure the temperature in your house accurately so you will always know the temperature. The House Temperature app is recommended for you if you want to measure the indoor temperature. This app will give you an accurate ambient temperature. Don’t miss downloading it.

Download : Android

9. Real Thermometer

Real Thermometer

The Real Thermometer app is the next solution for you looking for the best room temperature app for Android and iOS. Your smartphone will change into the best temperature measurement tool. This app will show you the ambient temperature and will give you real-time weather conditions.

There’s also consist Celsius and Temperature temperature, and it has many skin options for you. The Real Thermometer app is more likely to the thermometer tool but in the digital version.

Download : Android || iOS

10. Thermometer Room Temperature

Thermometer Room Temperature Indoor and Outdoor

Thermometer Room Temperature can be the last option for you if you’re looking for the best room thermometer app for Android. This app helps you get your room temperature because the room temperature app can measure temperature from inside and outside in Celsius, Kelvin, and Fahrenheit types.

This app will measure the temperature using your direct location (inside and outside). Because the temperature measure app will work accurately, your location is needed to get the outside temperature. The Indication of your weather will be in icons.

Additional notes in using this app. such as you need to turn on the internet connection to collect the data and keep your smartphone away from the cold and hot object for the best result. Thermometer Room Temperature also has an eye-catching user interface design.

Download : Android

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Final Note

These apps come to be the solution as the replacement for the ordinary thermometer object because they produce a more realistic user interface to make the users more comfortable looking at the temperature. All of the lists above contain the best app to check room temperature. Each developer has already created the best room temperature app that helps us check the temperature.

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