15 Best Sunrise Sunset Apps for Android and iOS

If you are still wondering what exactly a sunrise sunset app is, you may need to keep your eyes on this page. You will find out the best applications you want.

Indeed, a program to calculate the sunrise and sunset times is quite popular these days. There is no need to keep in track with the weather forecast from the news channel, just like in the old days. Thus, you can check it now through an app on your phone accurately.

So, whenever people want to search for a possible sunrise and sunset for photography needs or just recreation, they can check the app first.

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List of 15 Best Sunrise Sunset Apps for Android and iOS

The sunrise sunset prediction app programs will tell you everything. The following apps are the best ones in Google Play Store and App Store.

1. Sun Position, Sunrise, and Sunset Demo

Sun Position Sunrise and Sunset Demo

Probably, an app like this one would not be a surprise to people at what it can do. Therefore, they might need to try it themselves.

Indeed, the sun position app on this list would really change your mind. The app works like the augmented really.

Further, this app helps you measure the position of the sun at the exact time when you are taking a photo. Besides, the program can calculate the time of sunset or sunrise position for the next few hours.

Moreover, there is a map where you can see the sun rays’ projection that assists you to get a more detailed look.

All the movements of the sun would also be shown on the screen. Besides, the data screens show you the golden hour, twilight times, moonrise/set times, and moon phase information.

All of that stuff is very useful for getting the best photography, right?

The only downside is that you cannot freely use the full version of the app. Likewise, this program is free only to experience the demo. Hence, it will only give you data of sun position just for the day.

Download on Play Store

2. LunaSolCal Mobile

LunaSolCal Mobile

This is one of the most popular apps that is designed to calculate the sunset and sunrise times. It provides detailed information about all the things you need in a simple and understandable interface.

Meanwhile, the dark design of the program would make everyone comfortable using it.

Using this app could be the smarter way to watch the moon and sun. It would let you calculate the activity as fast as possible.

Thereupon, catching the right time for sunrise and sunset would be very easy. Besides, it can also give you information about equation time, solar noon, twilight times, and so on.

Additionally, you can see the moon and sun activity at any date between the year 1901 to 2099 in more than 30.000 cities. Share the information to Facebook and Twitter.

Download on Play Store | App Store

3. Sunclock


This application will let you know the sunset and sunrise time of your location. Therefore, Sunclock needs to connect with the GPS.

Indeed, it is actually an astronomical clock that provides all the solar times you need. Besides, this app can display the rise, set, and phase of the moon.

Furthermore, there are some more features to check out, such as the twilight, Golden and Blue Hour, magnetic compass, Solar compass, World Clock, Battery-Friendly implementation, and many others.

Speaking about the sunrise sunset widget for Android phone, it allows you to personalize your smartphone’s home screen.

By adding it, there is no need to open the app when you need to check the sunset and sunrise time. Everything is already shown on the widget.

Download on Play Store

4. Sunrise Sunset

Sunrise Sunset

This app provides information about sunrise and sunset timings for any place and any date. Likewise, it would automatically set into your current location.

If you want to check it manually, there are over thousands of cities to choose from worldwide.

The users can see the sun path and day duration explanation through a 3D visualization. There are two widgets to show the daily timings.

Further, it is a great sunrise sunset app for photographers. So, they can keep track of the perfect time to take wonderful shots.

Besides, the program will also be very useful for people who deal with astronomy to do solar observation.

Download on Play Store

5. Golden Hour

Golden Hour

The Golden Hour app is not only showing you the sunrise and sunset times. Also, it will remind its users in a convenient way.

So, you do not miss the perfect moment for whatever you need. For photography enthusiasts, this app is a must.

It is very easy to find out the best position of the sun for the photoshoots. Connect this sunrise sunset app to Geolocation to know the exact time.

Configure the push notifications for easy access to the information. Do it by going to the settings and clicking the corresponding toggle switches.

Moreover, the users are able to set the notifications just for weekends or weekdays.

Download on Play Store | App Store

6. Sun Locator Lite

Sun Locator Lite

It is definitely what the name says. The application tells you the sun’s position at a specific location.

In addition, this app would give you information about the moon. It is very helpful for a filmmaker or photographer to anticipate the conditions of an area.

Besides, the program helps you to get the right calculation for real estate or architecture.

Whenever you want to set a schedule or location for even or outdoor activities, you should check the application first. There are three main options you can explore in the program:

  • The Main View: It tells you detailed information about the sun, moon, blue/golden hour, solar noon, and more.
  • The Camera View: It displays the lunar and solar position directly overlaid on the camera of your phone.
  • The Map: It shows the lunar and solar location, shadow, and direction on a map. It helps the users to set up or schedule activities.

Download on Play Store

7. Sun Surveyor Lite

Sun Surveyor Lite

Reveal the mystery out of the sunset, sunrise, and magic hours. Thus, it helps everyone who plans something outdoor.

It really helps the filmmakers and photographers to scout the perfect location and settings for their shots.

Besides, the Solar Industry professionals, real estate agents, architects, gardeners, and architects will also need this sunrise sunset app.

Sun Surveyor Lite comes with interactive features to explore. The first one to mention is the 3D compass with detailed Ephemeris.

That feature tells you a lot of useful information about sun activities. The app is able to predict and plan the blue or Golden hour beside the sunset and sunrise.

Therefore, users could see the sun’s path through the day or year.

Indeed, the app is a Lite version which means there is the full one. You need to spend your money to buy it. Then, this program offers more great features to help.

Download on Play Store | App Store

8. Sunrise Sunset Times

Sunrise Sunset Times

It is obvious an app the provides sunrise and sunset times. This is an elegant solution for anyone who needs that kind of information to support their works.

Further, the app shows you the first and last light times of the sun in your location.

It can even tell you how much daylight is left today. The large and easy-to-read display would be very helpful for everyone to see.

So, you can plan the activities based on your observation of the sun’s position.

It is such a perfect tool for people who want to enjoy every single moment in a day or night. However, this app is only for iOS users. Hence, download the program now if you have an iPhone or iPad.

Download on App Store

9. Sunrise Sunset Lite

Sunrise Sunset Lite

It is another sunrise sunset app for iPhone users. This application really helps its users to view the crucial times of the Sun activities.

Therefore, you can check the time of daylight and civil twilight start/end. Find out the condition for any date and any year.

You can use GPS for the current location or select the city you want to see manually from the app. There is a list of plenty of cities you can choose from.

Without using internet, you can choose the already saved locations from your previous check.

Download on App Store

10. Sunrise Sunset Calculator

Sunrise Sunset Calculator

If you are looking for a simple and lighter version of the sunrise and sunset app, you may check out this one.

This application is small and fast in the matter of giving out the information you want. Likewise, there are three methods that this program uses to find the timezone and location.

  • Using the phone’s GPS for current location and Timezone
  • Selecting the city from the included list
  • Using Google Map app for manual selection.

If you think this Sunrise Sunset Calculator is using the GPS at all times, that is not true. This application is only for the location.

After it is done, the GPS would be turned off. For the next use of the app, the “last known location” would be ready for that. This way would save battery use.

Download on Play Store

11. The Sun Ephemeris

The Sun Ephemeris

This app is slightly different than the previous ones. The Sun Ephemeris provides you information about the locations of astronomical objects.

Then, you can find where are those naturally occurring objects at any time and any desired location.

It is such an ideal program for nature, travel, landscape, and outdoor photographers. The app uses a combination of a map-based and compassed-based approach to provide a date.

Key Features:

  • The rise and set time of Sun and Moon
  • Live to track the position
  • The elevation of Sun / Moon anytime and azimuth
  • Find it using a compass
  • Graphical display on the map
  • Moon Phase and Illumination
  • Moon Distance from the earth
  • Solar noon information

Download on Play Store

12. Sunrise Companion: Sunrise and Sunset Times

Sunrise Companion

Find out about the golden hour, sunrise, and sunset times right from your hand. It would reveal the information in a simple and user-friendly interface.

Otherwise, there will be any kind of advertisement to bother you during your observation. This program is a perfect app to be on your phone.

Besides, it features a daily alarm to activate so you can never miss a sunset and sunrise. The notifications function would also give great support for that.

Moreover, you will be served with a date picker feature to help you set the time whether it is in the past or present.

Download on Play Store

13. Sundroid: Sunrise and Sunset

Sundroid Sunrise and Sunset


Sundroid is a program available on the Google Play Store to help you calculate the sunset and sunrise times. Besides, it also provides information about the moonrise and moonset.

Furthermore, there will be no spyware, trackers, and in-app purchase.

Indeed, Sundroid is free and open-source. You cannot perform the application in landscape mode. It is probably one of the disappointing downsides of the app.

Then, you can find the others once you experience them by yourself.

Download on Play Store

14. Sunrise Sunset Calculator Free

Sunrise Sunset Calculator Free

This is a free version of Sunrise Sunset Calculator that offers some limited features in doing the calculation. The GPS in this app is for finding a location although there is no internet connection.

Interestingly, you can customize the display in the application. Why you should download this sunrise sunset tracker app?

It is perfect to support your activities such as hunting, fishing, photography, camping, walking, trucking, hauling, and general aviation pilots.

Download on Play Store

15. Exsate Golden Hour

Exsate Golden Hour

This add-free application is available to download from the PlayStore. Then, it will help you find about the weather and astronomical conditions.

People might call it the advanced version of Blue Hour, Golden hour, Dawn Calculator, Dusk, and many more.

Actually, the creators of the Exsate Golden Hour app are photographers. Therefore, the app is perfect for you who are into photography.

You can search for the best condition to take some shots. For astronomical observers, the program is also very helpful. Interestingly, what is so great about this app is requiring no internet to run the program.

Download on Play Store

After all, which sunrise sunset app attracts your attention. For the record, all of them are effective and work well to show you the information you need.

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