13 Best Animated Weather Apps for Android and iOS

Even though it seems trivial, having an animated weather app on your smartphone is crucial. It is more than a complement to gadgets but also provides information when you are traveling.

Just imagine if you were traveling without knowing the weather conditions of the area in front of you. Rain, strong winds, and other emergency conditions could ruin your day without compromise.

By using the live weather app, users can prevent unwanted things while traveling. You can check it all the time, know the natural conditions, and make the right decisions.

Plus, at this time, much software has a cool appearance to make your smartphone even more fun, such mobility flow animated weather app for android.

Well, for more understanding, let us read this review to the end!

13 Best Live Animated Weather Apps for Android and iOS

If you are looking for something that gives a live weather widget, in Play Store or App Store, then the number of applications that appear will be confusing.

You have to be careful before installing because some of them are not effective with low quality. So that you do not get the wrong choice, here are some software recommendations to pick.

As a user, you can choose according to your needs, such as the android weather app that rains on-screen or those with casual style. Here is the list:

1. Weather & Widget – Weawow

Weather Widget Weawow app

This best animated weather app is a mix of effectiveness and beauty. It displays complete information related to natural conditions live, today, tomorrow, and even weekly forecasts.

The information in this app is also accurate because it displays temperature (the highest, the lowest, and live), precipitation, humidity, dew point, and everything else related to weather.

Using this app will also give you peace of mind traveling everywhere because the forecast covers many parts of the world. Therefore, before deciding to go to a location, you can see the weather first.

Even if you encounter bad weather on the way, this application will give you a warning. You can also mark your favorite locations so you can get updates all the time.

Besides complete and accurate information, it also has weather sky live wallpaper to beautify the appearance of your smartphone. There are many widgets with GPS support, calendar, and fun themes.

Download : ANDROID

2. YoWindow + Live Weather Wallpaper

If you were looking for an Android weather app that rains on screen, then you have found it. This magical animated software will display the same conditions as outside. Just like in Hogwarts!

You will see the best weather animation on home screen featuring sunsets as in the real world, people are opening umbrellas when the rain comes, birds singing, and many animals playing.

This application also displays very accurate weather information and forecasts because it has a connection to the National Weather Service (NWS), Aeris weather, Foreca, and others.

You can find out the natural conditions for the next 14 days.

Other things that make it worthy of being a live weather theme for Android are various features such as screensavers, radar, maps, forecast in the notification area, and temperature.

Because of the connection to GPS, YoWindow shows the weather at the current position.

Even if you go outside the city, the information will change according to your location on the map.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

3. Weather Forecast

Let us move to the next best-animated weather app for Android. This free software enables you to check the nature condition everywhere and every time in an accurate way.

The information matches the actual conditions since it is always up to date. Apart from the weather, it also includes humidity, visibility distance, UV index readings, and pressure.

Apart from that, this app also has other standard features such as extreme weather notifications, widgets with clocks, and radar. With this software, you can track the conditions of several areas at the same time.

Download : ANDROID

4. Live Weather & Accurate Weather Radar

Live Weather Accurate Weather Radar app

This animated weather app uniquely displays natural conditions. You will see a bounce cloud, rotating moon, or burning sun on the screen, following the conditions out there.

For a catchy display, this app provides complete reports regarding wind direction, humidity, dew point, the chance of rain, UV level, and various other components. Thus, you can determine travel plans and outdoor activities.

This software will also provide warnings if the weather is extreme and contains potential hazards. In addition, you can also set other reminders related to temperature or other natural conditions.

Download : ANDROID

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5.  WeatherPro

WeatherPro app

While many animated weather app products are fake, this software offers reliable reports on anything you need to know about natural conditions.

Like other applications, it also includes standard features such as extreme weather warnings, forecasts for the next 14 days, and beautiful widgets to enliven your cellphone.

If you want to enjoy an ad-free display, WeatherPro provides a Premium version, complete with other features that will help you daily. The subscription price is only US $ 0.99 per month.

Download : ANDROID | iOS

6. Weather App – Weather Forecast & Weather Live

Weather App Weather Forecast Weather Live

For those who are reluctant to subscribe, this application can be an option. Even though it is free, the features are extraordinary.

You can get a complete report about the weather conditions around you or the location you specify. Apart from real-time weather, you can also get forecasts for the next month.

With the features inside, this application is suitable for long-distance travellers. Interestingly, the software covers various regions and languages.

Download : ANDROID

7.  3D EARTH


This software claims itself as the most beautiful app ever. It combines beautiful scenery, weather forecast, widgets, and clocks.

Thus, besides getting accurate information about the weather and forecast, you can also observe earth conditions, complete with various phenomena.

It will give you more view about where we step our feet.

Download : ANDROID

8. Animated 3D Weather

Animated 3D Weather app

Just like the other apps we discussed earlier, this animated weather app has various standard features related to temperature, wind, and more. In addition, there is also a forecast for the next seven days.

The animation itself is beautiful. A picture of a tree is swaying all the time, showing how strong the wind is blowing.

Moreover, there are cartoons about rain, snow, and the position of the moon and sun.

Download : ANDROID

9. Realistic animated weather backgrounds add-on

Realistic animated weather backgrounds add-on

By installing this app, you will see the animated weather backgrounds that continue to change according to natural conditions. Thus, it is as if you have your window.

This app has other supporting features, such as a digital clock. Also, you can get standard information about natural conditions, as contained in the software that we discussed earlier.

Download : ANDROID

10. Live Weather Animated

Live Weather Animated app

Live Weather Animated is an application based on animation in conveying information. The information in it looks beautiful, with moving images that make the gadget look livelier.

There are four different weather providers available. They are AccuWeather, Aeris Weather, DarkSky Weather, and World Weather Online Weather.

This animated weather app allows users to find out the conditions of various regions at the same time.

The application is capable of forecasting the weather up to the next seven days and displaying it hourly. Do not forget that you can also use various built-in widgets that are customizable.

Download : ANDROID

11. AniWeather


This application is suitable for those of you who like simplicity. Apart from the classy design, users can enjoy standard features regarding weather and natural conditions.

Inside there are conditions of temperature, precipitation, and winds based on the GPS location. However, you can choose which city to display the weather.

You will get information on sunrise/sunset, humidity, UV index, air pressure, and wind speed.

Despite the simple appearance, you can still enjoy the weather animation, complete with gradients and icons.

Download : ANDROID

12.  Living Weather HD

Living Weather H‪D app

This application is specifically for iPhone or iPad users and has a beautiful design that can bring live weather to the smartphone.

It gives you accurate information about natural conditions in different places in the world.

Some of the features inside include weather conditions, temperature, and predictions for some time to come. Everything is in a beautiful-displayed animation.

Living Weather HD Live users will also enjoy wallpapers with beautiful views that will relieve stress and fatigue. It is rated 4.6 and has many positive reviews in the App Store.

Download : iOS

13. Weather – Live Weather & Radar

Weather Live Weather Rada‪r‬ ‬‬‬

It is another animated weather app for iPhone for you. Even though it has less decoration, the displayed information is complete and accurate so that users will not miss anything. You can find out the real-time temperature due to its comprehensive and detailed reports.

Besides, this app provides other information, such as precipitation, rainfall, the chance of rain, wind speed and direction, and many more. You can also see the forecast snowfall, freezing and storm probability, sunrise, sunsets, cloud, UV, and many more.

This live animated weather app will also give you alerts regarding extreme conditions such as heavy rain or storms.

Regarding aesthetics, you can choose several wallpapers, for example, a windmill, a rainy lake, and several others. Simple but important!

Download : iOS

Those are some best animated weather app programs that have their weaknesses and strengths. So, be wise before installing and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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