18 Best Sound Effects Apps for Android and iOS

A sound effects app is a must-have for people who want to add something different to music or voice. This great program is for musicians and casual users who just want to have fun with sounds.

There are hundreds of applications available to install from the virtual store. This article has gathered 18 best of those apps.

So, there is no need to waste more time searching for what you need because they’re all already here.

List of 18 Best Sound Effects Apps for Android and iOS

With these apps, you can add effects to your music or recorded voice. It would definitely increase your audio listening experience.

Moreover, the results can be selected as the ringtone, alarm or notification tone, and many others.  Just have fun with them.

1. Voice Changer With Effects

Voice Changer With Effects

The very first app we are going to talk about is this simple and popular voice changer. It is such an amazing application to change your recorded voice instantly.

In order to use it, you may start recording your own voice by saying anything you would like. Then, add an effect to it.

After you have done the editing, share the results with friends and family. Or, use it as a ringtone for phone calls or notifications.

Furthermore, this app offers more than 40 effects for users. Some of them are the voice of zombies, squirrels, helium, robot, aliens, monsters, and so on.

Besides, there are some other features to check out, such as creating voice from text, piano, importing prerecorded audio, and creating an image with sound.

Download : ANDROID

2. Equalizer


This is a popular app for the new generation. Edit your music or song easily with Equalizer. Different sound effects are available. The application could change the sound’s volume and quality.

Basically, you should install this program on your smartphone to improve the sound quality that it has.

Hence, the app lets you adjust the effects at your desired levels. So, it will be easy to get the best audio of any music and songs.

There are 11 stock presets to choose from and find out what kind of effect you love to hear from your smartphone speaker.

Additionally, if you are confused, just apply it according to the genre. Besides, this app also comes with a home-screen widget.

This is a free app but you can get the premium features after purchasing the unlock key. This equalizer does not work with all players.

Moreover, it is recommended to use Google Play Music, Omich player, or Meridian Mobile.

Download : ANDROID

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3. Sound Effects

Sound Effects

This cool app comes with various features. There are hundreds of cool effects for your audio files.


– Over 200 high-quality sound effects

– Relevant categories to navigate

– Intuitive interface and easy to use

– Available in multiple languages

– Useful keyboard feature

Download : ANDROID

4. The Whip Sound

The Whip Sound

It is such a simple, specific, and very popular app. The Whip Sound provides you with hilarious, embarrassing, and inappropriate sounds right from your phone.

Therefore, it becomes a trend among young users.

Besides, it is such a fun app for youngsters. They use this application to make pranks and joke with friends.

Thus, just like what its name suggests, it is simply a sound of a whip. There are a bunch of different whipping sounds to try and have fun with.

The real reason this app becomes so popular is that a comedy program on TV. Just shake the phone to release the whip.

Download : ANDROID

5. Voice Changer Sound Effects

Voice Changer Sound Effects app

It is fast, easy to use, and convenient. Well, those would be enough reasons to install the application right away.

This sound effects app comes with great features which include amazing effects, custom mode, direct change, importing sound, save & share, and lossless quality.

Hence, you can try several fun sound effects like chipmunk, bee, death, slow, cave, helium, hexafluoride, monster, alien, and more.

The name of this app is similar to the first on the list. However, the program is quite different because it is like the lighter version of this application.

Download : ANDROID

6. Gun Shot Sounds

Gun Shot Sounds app

It is another special sound effects app to have some fun with. This program provides the sound of gunshots. A fan of action movies would love to play with this application.

Thus, it is such a powerful virtual gun program for your phone.

Indeed, various guns are available within a few clicks. It is one of the best gunshot apps to download on Android.

Then, try to use some of the weapons in the app and listen to the satisfying sound. When you are out of bullets, just shake the phone to reload them.

There are 18 types of auto and semi-auto guns in total. Further, there are more weapons coming through the updates.

Download : ANDROID

7. Fart Sounds Machine

Fart Sounds Machine app

There is nothing more ridiculous than an app that gives you a fart sound. Well, it will be hilarious when we make jokes or prank with this program.

In other words, users might have a fart machine right in their phones.

This fart sounds machine comes with some features to support your sense of humor. Apply it as a notification tone, ringtone, or alarm.

In addition, use the timer feature to set the specific time for the fart to hit. Also, there is a widget button to put your favorite sound on the home screen.

Download : ANDROID

8. Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds app

Well, this is something that everyone can enjoy. It will be very useful when you use it as a medium for kids to learn the sound of animals. Thus, the app would teach them how to identify them easily.

This application is packed with so many different animals which are 160 in total. Well, it is more than just a sound effects app, but looks  like the virtual encyclopedia.

Besides sounds and photos, the program provides you with detailed information about each creature. So, it will be a perfect application to support some kind of education for your kids.

Hopefully, they will become an animal expert after that.

Download : ANDROID

9. Cat Sounds – Meow Noises

Cat Sounds - Meow Noises sound effect app

Instead of having all kinds of animals in one app, you can choose the one that offers a specific sound like this. Hence, the program allows you to create a unique cat voice right from your phone.

Furthermore, there are a total of 45 different sounds to check out.

Use any of them from the app for free. Make the result more interesting by combining it with any voice.

Also, it provides information to tell you about a cat’s feeling by looking at its tail positions. Besides, the Cat Sounds – Meow Noises app also comes with over 160 sound effects to explore.

There is also a ringtone feature that sets any sounds of cats you like as the phone call tone, notification sounds, and others.

Download : ANDROID

10. 100 Buttons Sound Effects

100 Buttons Sound Effects app

There are hundreds of high-quality sound effects packed in this application. It is such a must-have instant fun for everyone.

Users can try over 300 buttons. Also, the app features a loop made and multi-touch mode.

Just swipe your finger to go through pages, the easy interface would really give you an outstanding experience.

With some of its hilarious sound effects, you can play a prank on your friends and relatives. Just please have some fun with it.

The available sound effects within the app would be very useful, not just for playing around, but also for creating audio work.

Among hundreds of buttons, there is one separated one called the “mute” button. It is a very useful option.

Download : ANDROID

 11. Tonebridge Guitar Effects

Tonebridge Guitar Effects app

This popular application on the store has a huge collection of songs to play in their original sound. Likewise, the app works like magic. Plugin your guitar and start playing it. Just like that.

There are over 9000 presets for over a thousand artists you can find inside the application. You can have the guitar from light acoustic effects to the crushing heavy roar ones.

All of them would surely work on every guitar. So, you will hear a great sound in any genre of songs.


– For a preview, there 7500 and more demo samples to play

– The Presets are selected by Ultimate Guitar editors.

– Clear sound with a noise reduction system

– Preset requests are available

– Compatible with iRig 1 & 2 and Ampkit Link

Download : ANDROID

12. Cartoon Sound Effects

Cartoon Sound Effects app

For comical, funny, and comedic sound effects, check out this program. This is one of the best freebies to try for your phone, Android and iOS.

Besides, it features entertaining audio that elders and youngsters can enjoy.

This best sound effects app offers you funny cartoon sounds at a button tap. The press and hold mechanism makes easy use for everyone.

All the popular comical voices are here in the app. Furthermore, you can set one of them as your ringtone and notification sound.


– A lot of HQ funny cartoon sounds

– Easy setting for ringtone, alarm, and notification tone

– Free to download, but with ads.

– The interface is simple and easy

Download : ANDROID | iOS

13. Funny Voice Changer & Sound Effects

Funny Voice Changer Sound Effects app

Have fun with this app by changing your voice and listening to it. It will be something that would make you happy. Thus, it is as simple as record, apply, and listen.

Before trying many different sound effects, record your own voice shortly saying anything. Then, listen to the effect one by one.

From Alien or Robot to Squirrel and Hamster, you will definitely get an amazing moment with it.

Main Features:

– Collections of fun sound effects

– Creating voice sound from a text

– Social Media sharing

– Creating an image with sound to share with friends

– Ringtone, Alarm, and Notification setting

Download : ANDROID

14. Sound Effect DJ

Sound Effect DJ app

It is the app the provides you with sound effects for every occasion. For example, when you need to silence someone in a meeting, just play the Whistle to surprise them.

Furthermore, if your friend is telling a joke, get ready to play the laugh sound to support him.

Well, that is a great way to describe this application. It is packed with much popular audio that you will surely use in many events or occasions.

Sometimes, this one is not always fun for other people. Therefore, this Sound Effect DJ could be an annoying app.

Besides, it has a great collection of sound effects for DJ or Disk Jokey. A total SFX in this app is 75 items.

Further, you can find audio such as Yee Haa, Gargle, Mix Comical Sound, Thunderstorm, Raining, Seedy, Kiss, Quack Quack, and many others.

Great Features:

– Simple and Easy-to-use Interface

– Create a group for your Favorite Sounds

– Rever to the default position

– Stop sound button

Download : ANDROID

15. Fun Sound Effects Noises

Fun Sound Effects Noises app

Are you looking for something fun? Then, you will be happy using this app. This is another popular application you can find only on Apple AppStore.

This program is designed only for iOS users. Also, there are more than 60 fun and crazy sound effects to try.

So, you can pick the perfect sound for your ringtone or notification sounds such as whistles, burps, farts, air horns, comedy, and so on.

Download : iOS

16. Applause Sounds

Applause Sounds effects app

Applause is some kind of appreciation that people can get from an audience. A celebrity, musician, comedian, actor, and politician lives for it.

Thus, a round of applause after a great job would be the perfect compliment to get.

Moreover, for many people, listening to applause is quite a satisfaction. Well, you do not have to get that from a real audience.

This application features various types of that sounds. Besides, it can be something to support joke-telling.

Download : ANDROID

17. Scary Sound Effects

Scary Sound Effects app

When Halloween is about to approach, this app can become one of the most downloaded sound effects products on the PlayStore. Also, 45 scary ringtones are available to play.

They are clear and loud. So, just tap them to hear the sound and hold it to select a ringtone.

Furthermore, the scary sound effects like an evil laugh, scream, bats, wolf, and cackle would give you goosebumps.

Download : ANDROID

18. Sounds Effects 111

Sounds Effects 111 apps

In this app, you can explore thousands of sound effects. However, there is no specification on the collection.

Thereupon, search through the archive using its categories, animals, weapons, shouting, music, sports, fear, etc.

Indeed, it is a pretty basic app that people need to get any popular sound effects. Interestingly, they are free for your apps and videos.

Download : ANDROID

Finally, you may have decided which best sound effects app that your smartphone needed according to its use. Well, if you are not sure, you can read the whole article one more time.

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