10 Best Dubstep Apps for Android

The electro-dance music genre never fails to hype up people on the dance floor. A DJ tends to incorporate this genre into their mix to make the atmosphere livelier. There are many tools to help with the process, such as dubstep apps, unique EDM music makers, etc.

In the past, it was challenging to be a DJ without having appropriate music processing gear. Luckily, people can now mix electro dance music using mobile devices. Those who want to mix dubstep music, for example, can look for specific apps to do the job. Android users have many app options.

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List of 10 Best Dubstep Apps for Android

Many developers have created apps that can help produce dubstep beats in an Android phone. Without a doubt, each listed app offers its own positives and negatives. Here are 10 recommended several dubstep maker apps that music enthusiasts can use to make the subgenre’s beats:

1. Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker

Groovepad - Music Beat Maker

A DJ has to start somewhere as nobody can immediately become an expert in music production. Groovepad is an app that can help a beginner to learn about music production from basic. It has an easy-to-utilize interface. Also, the graphics make it attractive.

Users can perform various tasks on this app. A music mixer can find beats of varied genres in its extensive music library. The genres that users can find within the library are electro-dance ones and hip-hop and trap.

Users will be able to share their music creations with acquaintances utilizing this app. Those who are likely to use this app frequently may gain benefits by paying for premium features. The free version, while functional, has many ads that can hinder one’s activity.

Download : ANDROID

2. Drum Pad Machine

Among tons of free dubstep software available in the market, this particular app still stands out. Its developer designed Drum Pad Machine to be a music production app that can cater to beginner-level musicians. The app operates on few finger clicks.

There are many activities that users can do using this DJ console. It helps users to create an entirely novel beat with varied sounds across genres within its database. More experienced users also use this tool to come up with new rap beats for their tracks.

It has a track recording feature that enables users to incorporate vocals with the created beats. Due to this feature, the app mainly attracts people who are into beatboxing. Once a user has finished making a song using this dubstep app, they can share it with their friends.

Download : ANDROID

3. Dubstep Pads

Dubstep Pads

This app is another example of best dubstep app that Android users will recommend creating the genre’s beats. Users of different music-producing skills can use it to make new beats for remixing songs. Most users particularly praise its user-friendly interface due to its ease of use.

There are many features that the developer offers within this music-producing app. It enables users to record voices and incorporate them into the beats. This app provides 90 different samples that sound pretty realistic. Users can also do multi-touch action, which means that combining sounds becomes an easy task.

It is a friendly app for users across devices. Whether a user runs the app on a phone or tablet, the resolution will not falter. The application also allows its users to export their beats into mp3 formats. It implies that file sharing is a lot simpler.

One great thing about it is that the quality of sound this app offers is remarkable. It sounds like studio-produced music. Nonetheless, users who utilize it professionally will benefit from purchasing a license. The free version contains ads and more bugs.

Download : ANDROID

4. Dubstep Drum Pads 24

It will be helpful to have an app that offers new exciting things regularly. Among many dubstep apps in the list, this one fulfills that criterion. Users can obtain new sound packs every single month. The packages usually come with an app update.

This app offers new sound samples every month. Thus, users can come up with new music creations often. The process of mixing new dubstep beats becomes more fun due to more variations. This app also has plenty of sample types to support its user’s creativity.

The Drum Pads 24 is especially friendly to people who are in the quest to become dubstep DJs. It has video tutorials that teach the basic operations of its features. The developer uploaded its tutorials on YouTube so that new users can access them easily.

Users generally have favorable opinions about this particular music app. It really helps beginners to hone their music-producing skills.

The downside would be that in Android devices, some features might not be available.

Download : ANDROID

5. MixPads 2

MixPads 2 Dubstep Drum Pads Dj

Several dubstep apps receive revamps to improve their functionality, and MixPads 2 is one of them. The new version has glaring improvements, especially in its interface. Easy users navigated. The developer also removed functions that are not integral.

The app helps users to make new beats and song remixes. It has exciting features such as a sound library and recording. Additionally, users can add effects to their mixes. It is common to use reverb and delay within this genre, so those effects are the most popular.

It is another app that accommodates data sharing. A user can send their beats to friends who they think will be interested in knowing about their creations. This app enables the user to store their results into their device’s SD card as well.

Some users welcome the new version while others prefer the older one. The simplified design may not be attractive to those who tend to use more elaborate features. Nonetheless, the developer continues to make improvements to the app.

Download : ANDROID

6. Dubstep Producer Pads

Dubstep Producer Pads

This app is a dubstep pad that suits people with an inclination towards this electro music’s subgenre. The interface is super simple that the app does not put a burden on the user’s device. It suits people who often make beats because they do not like to be bothered by a distracting interface.

Like most dubstep apps, it has samples and sound mixing features that can help users make new music. There is a metronome feature that serves as an aid for users to keep up with the beat. It enables music sharing with other users too.

Users who have downloaded this app reported that it can be a little challenging for a beginner. Some sounds also do not come with labels. This situation makes mixing rather tricky. In the past, some people also experienced noises during recording and black screen situations.

Download : ANDROID

7. Dubstep Drum Pads Guru

Dubstep Drum Pads Guru

Although there are many best dubstep apps out there, not all of them offer customized experiences. This impressive app has a design that enables users to customize its functions. It helps users construct their own presets if necessary. The app also allows users to customize the pad mode.

Some may think that because it supports customization, the interface will be complicated. This app proves that customization does not hinder its interface from being responsive. The app also provides notifications for important information. It is usable in various Android devices too.

File sharing is something that users can do easily in this app. They can share music files with friends by exporting those files to another device. It is also possible to share the new beats within the community. It helps serious musicians to branch out so that they can network.

This app may require more time to render files, so that users need to be patient. Current users suggested that some improvements are due to make music production smoother. Overall, though, the opinions are positive.

Download : ANDROID

8. Robot DubStep Drum Pads

Robot DubStep Drum Pads

Other dubstep apps within this list have a simple and straightforward interface. That certainly helps music producers to focus on the task at hand but does not add the fun element. This particular app combines music mixing functions with exciting graphics.

Male users, specifically, will like this application because it incorporates robot graphics into its interface. The robot graphics are not only present as the app’s background. When users operate its functions, there will be accompanying robotic effects.

The app also provides a sound library with high tempo accuracy for users. It is also easy to run the application because it has interactive effects. The effects also come in real-time setup. Thus, users will have an elevated experience with this app.

Download : ANDROID

9. MixPads – Drum pad machine & DJ Audio Mixer  

Mix Pads - Drum pad machine DJ Audio Mixer

This one is another contender in the list of dubstep apps that will be great for inexperienced users. It has an interface that most users do not have problems interacting with. Using this app, they can create many interesting new beats.

It has all the basics that a good app for making dubstep beats will have. Those include sound repositories, loops, effects, and other helpful features related to music-making. A user can remix several songs together to make a new combination that will impress others.

There are several complaints that the app received from past users. Users experienced forced stop errors and limited libraries. It may not be suitable for those who create new beats professionally. However, newbie DJs will be able to use it as a stepping stone.

Download : ANDROID

10. DJ Dubstep Music Maker Pad 3

DJ Dubstep Music Maker Pad 3

Last but not least in the list would be this music-making app. It is among few dubstep apps which enable users to do customization of its functions. Users can rearrange the visualizer to their preference. It is also possible to make adjustments to the pad buttons.

It offers several key features such as echo, distortion, low-high passes, and pitch for sound production. Those sound production features are essential in the process of making beats. The music will come out cleaner if the user utilizes these features.

The ease of interface usage is another advantage that people can get from using this app. It enables one-touch command, which makes sound mixing so convenient. The developer continues to improve its functions and eliminate its bugs.

Download : ANDROID

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To conclude the list of best dubstep apps for Android, it is noticeable that they share a similar strength. It is a user-friendly interface. Because of this strength, dubstep maker apps can cater to people with varying skill degrees. All of them also have at least raw sound mixing features. As expected, many dubstep enthusiasts love them.

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