15 Best Secret Voice Recorder Apps for Android and iOS

If you want to hide the fact that you are recording with your phone, this list of secret voice recorder app is for you.

Thus, you have lots of selections to check out. Remember, your actions need responsibility. Anyway, the function of voice recording was one of the additional features in mobile phones.

List of 15 Best Secret Voice Recorder Apps for Android and iOS

Nowadays, smartphones still have their voice recorders but they have their own applications.

Almost all smartphone brands have it in the firmware. However, you can always get third-party apps that offer more features such as secret recording.

1. Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder app

Smart Recorder offers you a high-quality sound result. It is free and very easy to use because its interface is simple and clear.

It has a silent skip feature that omits fragments of relative silence. Therefore, it will be very helpful for a recording that has a lot of pauses.

The purpose of the secret voice recorder app will be achieved by using the “Recording in The Background” feature.

Furthermore, you can record the phone calls with this application by going to settings. However, it is not directly intended to do that.

Make sure you check about the regulations in your region. Or, just let the app run by default which automatically stops recording when the user receives a phone call.

Main Features

  • Silent Skip Mode (BETA)
  • Microphone gain calibration tool
  • Background recording
  • Reliable and Easy to Use
  • Options to share the recording
  • Real-time sound spectrum analyzer

Download : ANDROID

2. Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder app

This program is best secret voice recorder app for everyday companions. Use the application for meetings, notes, songs, classes, and many more.

So, just go as long as you want based on your memory space since it has no time limit for recording.

All the functions are made for students, businesses, musicians, and everyone. During the class, students can record lectures and classes as easily as a single tap.

Besides, record interviews and business meetings with this app. Then, use the widgets and shortcuts for easy access. This program offers many options for recording.

So, it will be a great application for musicians to capture melodies and for their rehearsals. Instead of the free version, you can buy the pro one.

In addition, the pro version allows its users to record using wireless and trim the recording through editing. There are more complete features you may want to check.

Download : ANDROID

3. Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder apps

This simple application would make a great option as a secret voice recorder app. You can record high-quality background recordings even when the screen is off.

Besides, the concise interface offers a lot of options to look up to. The limitation of the recording is according to how much space you have left in your memory.

Record the conversation during the phone calls with this app. However, it needs the supported devices.

This Voice Recorder application has its own audio player which you can use to play and listen to the files. On the other hand, if you want to get rid of the ads, make some payment to disable them.

Download : ANDROID

4. Samsung Voice Recorder

Samsung Voice Recorder apps

Specifically, this application is actually released for Samsung smartphone only. However, it is also available on the Playstore.

So, everyone can download it as its third-party voice recorder. Of course, the program would be perfect for Samsung users.

Smartphones of any brand also have an opportunity to enjoy their outstanding features. It provides a high-quality result for your recording. Listen and edit any of them as easily as a few taps.

There are several modes available in this voice recorder.

  • The standard mode would be the basic interface and simple to use.
  • You can try the Interview mode that allows you to record a conversation with other people. During this mode, both mics of the smartphone would be used effectively.
  • Try Voice notes Mode in order to make small voice recordings and then you can convert them to written notes.

For the secret voice recording function, this application allows recording in the background. So, no one will know that you are currently recording the conversation.

Download : ANDROID

5. Smart Sound Recorder

Smart Sound Recorder apps

It is such a simple application to record sounds for any occasion like speech, notes, meetings, classes, and others.

With its convenient and classic interface, recording a voice would never be so much fun. It looks like a traditional tape recorder, right?

You can record voices secretly with its background recording capability. Even when the display is off, the app will be capturing any sounds nearby.

You should select this app to install on your phone due to these reasons:

  • The beautiful interface and its simple, easy-to-use operation are what make this Smart Sound Recorder so popular.
  • Users can record for a long time which is up to 3000 hours depending on the memory space left.
  • Enabled and disabled high-quality mode. So, users can select whether the size is big or not. It will be space-effective too.

Download : ANDROID

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6. Smart Voice Recorder🎙 HD Audio Recording

Smart Voice Recorder apps

This sound recording app is made for you to record in high quality from your Android devices easily. Hence, you can quickly capture sound, save, and play it back in a matter of clicks.

Its recording’s quality seems to be the highest point of this application. So, if that is just what you are looking for, this is the program to install.

Also, the simple interface allows you to do the recording instantly.

The users still can record and capture even if the display is off. So, it will be a perfect secret voice recorder app to have on your smartphone.

Moreover, users might enjoy lots of features within the application. For instance, it can record phone calls too. Then, check the rest of the options by yourself.

Download : ANDROID

7. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder apps

It is a free recording app that provides its users an easy and smart high-quality recording experience. Besides, it can also record phone calls with clear sound on both sides.

Further, this application is totally free so that it becomes one of the most favorites.

The recording quality of incoming and outgoing calls is very good. After that, the results would be safely stored in your phone and it has got streamlined for you.

Additionally, manage all the audio files, play, delete, share, etc right in the app.

Main features:

  • Automatic call recorder capability
  • Recording the call without a limit
  • Both sides would get a clear HD quality of sound
  • Warnings for spam, telemarketing, and fraud calls
  • HD Voice recorder
  • Manage the entire files and Back them up if needed

This is definitely one of the secret voice recorder app programs that you are looking for. As you can see, the features allow you to secretly record conversation during phone calls.

Download : ANDROID

8. GOM Recorder – Voice and Sound Recorder

GOM Recorder Voice and Sound Recorder apps

GOM is a well-known brand for video players on PC and mobile. Nowadays, they have expanded to various products.

Likewise, GOM recorder should definitely be on this list since it has good ratings and reviews too.

In addition, it is a smart voice recorder that allows users to record using their mobile phones in great quality. Gesture recording becomes one of the most amazing features.

Otherwise, unlike many other apps, this app would start the recording just by shaking your phone.

Besides, a GOM recorder would be a great tool for recording lectures since it can convert voices into text automatically.

Furthermore, during the recording, there is an option to adjust the volume. So, if you think the sound is too loud, no need to stop the recording. There is a crop section to edit the sound source.

Download : ANDROID

9. Smart Recorder And Transcriber

Smart Recorder And Transcriber apps

This is a full-featured voice recorder that can transcribe. Compared to other applications, it offers more.

Thus, you can easily make a recording and transcribe it after that. The result would be high quality.

Indeed, there are over a million devices that download this Smart Recorder and Transcriber. That is because the developer actively marketed the product for years.

Recording interviews, lecturers, classes, meetings, and anything will not be a fuzz anymore. That is because all the needed features are already there inside the app.

The key features of this application:

  • iTunes file sharing & iCloud support
  • Flip mode for iPhone mic on top
  • Stereo Support
  • Categorization
  • Unlimited recording time
  • Wireless headset support via Bluetooth
  • Pictures or tags to mark recording position
  • Optional pitch correction in Variable speed playback

Download: iOS

10. Awesome Voice Recorder

Awesome Voice Recorder apps

Awesome Voice Recorder or AVR X is one of the best voice recorders to install. It has such a cool interface and functionality. Therefore, you will love having this app right on your phone.

It is designed for business people, audio experts, tutors, reporters, school students, teachers, sound engineers, and anyone who needs to use voice memos.

The high-quality and unlimited recording is the basic function of AVR X.

Indeed, the background recording capability is what makes this app available in this list. The possibility of secret voice recording is at its finest.

Thus, you can use other apps while having the app active in the background.

In order to save some space inside your phone, there are various audio quality options you can set up. When the storage space is about to get full, you will get a notification to warn you.

While playing and listening to the recordings, opt for fast playback for a quick review. For a detailed check, use the slow one. Audio visualization would be very helpful during the editing and checking.

Download : ANDROID

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11. Advanced Voice Recorder -Background Voice Recorder

Advanced Voice Recorder -Background Voice Recorder apps

Some useful functions would be very helpful for a lot of occasions with just a single tap. That includes recording in the background.

So, when the app is currently recording you do not have to keep the screen or display on. A scheduled recording feature would also be very useful to do it secretly. This is a free app with ads.

Main Features:

  • Start and stop recording as easy as one tap or click
  • Click the volume button to start or stop recording
  • Shaking the phone would also work as start and stop
  • Trim features to edit the audio
  • Unlimited duration for recording
  • Multiple languages are supported
  • Password protection

Download : ANDROID

12. Background Recorder

Background Recorder apps

This app clearly says “Background” recorder. So, what makes this application very unique is the no-interface system. In order to record, just long-press the volume down button.

Actually, it is not purely a voice recorder app but a camera application that can record video and take photos.

Recording audio is one of the main features of the app. This is like the complete set of programs to have in your smartphone to support the secret work.

Besides being a background app, there s an option to use it just like the ordinary camera or voice recorder application.

Download : ANDROID

13. Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

Voice Recorder Audio Editor apps

One of the things that makes an app become a favorite is the interface and graphic design. So, check out this voice recorder program.

The classic theme is just so cool. It is like recording a sound using an old recorder with a cassette.


  • 3D Touch
  • Unlimited recording time and amount
  • Text Notes (Payment required)
  • Transcribe recordings (Payment required)
  • Cloud storage support
  • Recording transfer
  • Advanced features
  • Call recorder (Payment Required)

As you can see, you will need to pay a certain amount of money in order to use the house in the full feature.

Download : iOS

14. Secret Recorder Plus

Secret Recorder Plus apps

It is a professional voice recorder that is designed for the iPhone. Also, the app has a great management system, friendly interface, and full of functional features.

Password protection is one of the main features that people need to keep their recordings safe. You can easily create and change the password as you want.

Download : iOS

15. sCalc – Camouflaged Audio Recorder

sCalc Camouflaged Audio Recorder app

This sCalc app is another unique thing to try for secret recording. The function of this program is not about recording in the background.

Otherwise, the application can make the screen look like it is not recording anything. Thereupon, you will be making a camouflage. So, the device would look like the app is turned off.

Furthermore, you are even able to customize the camouflaged screen to fool everyone around you.

Download : iOS

After all, users can have any applications they want for their phone including a secret voice recorder app. However, you should be responsible for your actions.

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