15 Best Free Dating Sites in USA Without Payment to Try Out 2024

Sometimes people are just too busy to date offline. Therefore, 323 million people in the world prefer to use dating online apps instead. However, which free dating sites in USA without payment is the best to download and have?

15 Best Free Dating Sites in USA Without Payment 2024

There are plenty of free dating sites in USA without payment that people can download. With these apps, you can meet new people from around the world without having to meet them. Now, for those looking for the sites or apps, here are some of the best recommendations:

1. Facebook

Who doesn’t know Facebook? This may not be a specific dating app; however, people can meet new people from around the world. You can comment, chat to video a friend on the app.

To make sure you can do all these activities, the first thing you must do is make a Facebook user. Fill in all the personal information that is asked such as name, the phone number to the email.

Once you are done, don’t forget to complete your profile by adding a picture. You can also add or change your status so friends can see whether you’re single or looking for a partner or not.

After all the steps are finished, you can start browsing and looking for a friend. If you know their names, you just need to type in their names in the search box and add them as a friend.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for new friends, then just type in the person you’re looking for. You can start by searching for their gender, location too hobby.

After finding the right person, you can then start chatting or commenting on each other’s posts. This way you can get to know each other further.

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2. Tinder

If you have a Facebook ID, then you can also log in to Tinder. This is one of the best free dating sites in USA without payment that all ages use.

A bit different from Facebook, this app is specialized in dating and looking for a good partner for you! So, whether you are looking for a real partner or just someone to chat with this app is surely recommended.

One of the great features that it offers is search functionality. With this feature, users can filter the search by their gender, age, and distance. However, for the free version, users can only set the geographic parameter to 10 miles only.

Another great feature from Tinder is Swipe. So, after determining the type of person you like, the app will help you find profiles that suit your criteria.

Potential matches will then show up on your profile to help you find a good partner. If you like one of them, just swipe right. On the other hand to reject them, just swipe left.

When both users swipe right, then they can start to chat with each other using the app. To make the chat fun, Tinder provides stickers and fun features inside! So, no need to worry about having a boring chat.

3. Bumble

The next free dating site in USA without payment that you must check out is Bumble. This app might not be as popular as Tinder in other countries, however, this app is a favorite in the USA!

Bumble is an app that will help enhance your dating experience, especially for those who are just too busy with work. With Bumble, you can search for new dating partners or just see how many people adore you.

To get a good partner, the first thing you must do is complete your profile and determine the criteria of your partner. Then you can start searching for the partner you like, from inside or outside your country.

Not like many dating apps, in Bumble you can get access to Beeline, a queue that shows you everyone that likes your profile. By knowing who likes your profile, you can easily find a partner to chat with.

On the other hand, if you had a partner but the connection has expired, don’t worry. Bumble has a feature that lets people reconnect with their expired connections in the past.

With this feature, people can also reconnect with as much as people as they want. Just make sure to take some time now and know what to say now.

4. PlentyofFish

Looking for free dating sites in USA without payment that provides many options for single people? Then go and try out Plenty of Fish. This is not just any dating app but an app that will give you a different experience.

PlentyofFish is an app that is designed to help you find a fun and happy relationship. To help you out, PlentyofFish provides unique icebreakers that will help you out in your conversations.

To get started, swipe and like someone that occurs on your profile. If you two are a match, then start a conversation using unique icebreakers on the app.

If you get bored chatting with each other, then try using live streams, where you can also meet other people online! Don’t worry about your personal information, they will stay hidden until you both like each other’s profiles.

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5. Match.Com

Before Tinder and Facebook were popular, people used to use Match.com to find a dating partner online. Compared to other apps, users in this app are normally more mature and looking for serious relationships.

The features inside the app are most likely the same as other apps. However, the design and ways of searching for a match are a bit a more old-style making it less interesting.

Despite the design, one of the interesting things about Match.Com is the offline events that the app holds. Unlike other apps, Match.Com holds many events such as webinars that can be joined by anyone.

With the fun events that they have, users can join the events and meet people that they have never met before! Therefore, users can upgrade their relationships and have fun together.

6. Hinge

Most free dating sites in USA without payment have random users. This is normally why people are just not interested in using dating apps.

However, if you’re searching for free dating sites in USA without payment that have a better quality of single users, then check out Hinge. Their users are young, starting from 18 to 35 years old, and comes from various background.

Another great thing about Hinge is that the app is available in more than 20 countries. Therefore, users have more options for matches each day.

Other than just like and rejects, Hinge also offers features such as roses and boosts. So, if you happen to be interested in a person and want to know more about them, click roses rather than just like.

By clicking the roses, you will get to start a conversation and get to know more about the other users without having to wait too long.

7. OurTime

One of the senior dating websites that are well known in the USA is OurTime. As it is one of the oldest dating sites online, the website has more than 8.9 million users each month.

With this number of visitors each month, users have various options of partners to choose from! However, as it is a senior website, most of the singles are above 50 years old.

Despite being a senior website, OurTime still provides plenty of features that make it interesting to try. One of them is a matching system and text-call via a private number.

Using these features, people can communicate with each other without having to reveal their real numbers. Therefore, they can get to know each other safely.

8. OkCupid

If you want to find a wide option for single users, then try out OkCupid. This app has a high level of single users of all kinds of genders and sexual orientations.

One of the great things about OkCupid is that most of its users are young and smart! Most of the users here are around 25-40 years old, come from various backgrounds, looking for serious relationships.

The matches here are also made by compatibility, not accessibility. Therefore, you will get a match based on their ability, rather than just their location or gender.

This is one of the reasons why many people succeed in finding a good match through OkCupid.

9. ChristianMingle

It might be hard to look for a partner that has the same belief. However, luckily these days there are dating apps that can help you get a partner that has the same faith as you, like ChristianMingle.

This app is just like other free dating sites in USA without payment. However, what makes this app different is that the users here are all Christians and it helps users search for a faith-based relationship.

Despite looking for a faith-based relationship, the app has many users from all around the world. Until today, the app has more than 15 million Christian singles using this app.

To help you find the right match, you can read other people’s profiles, photos to hobbies. Please keep in mind that there are quite of religious options in this app, starting from Catholic to Charismatic. So, before making a match, don’t forget to read their complete profile.

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10. AshleyMadison

Unlike other free dating sites in USA without payment that are normally used by single users, this app is used by many kinds of users! Even non-single people uses this app.

Regardless of what people say, AshleyMadison has been a favorite to many people because this app has been providing partners for many kinds of needs. It has an active community which makes it easier for people to find the right partner.

Everything used in this app also can be discreet and anonymous. If you don’t want your personal information to be shown, then just choose the anonymous profile, where all the information will be fake.

With this feature, you don’t need to worry about your personal information showing up. So, everything you do on this app will be a secret!

11. Zoosk

For those who are new to dating apps and are looking for a simple yet functional dating app, then try out Zoosk. Just like other dating apps, Zoosk lets you meet new people online from different countries in the world.

However, what makes this app different is that it has over 40 million users from 80 countries around the world. With various users, it might be hard for you to find the right partner, therefore Zoosk will help you out.

The app provides search filters that will help you search for the right person at the right place. It also has a behavioral matchmaking technology that will recommend people that suits your requirement.

12. eHarmony

One of the free dating sites in USA without payment that has succeeded in making real partners in life is eHarmony. This is because eHarmony is joined by many people who are looking for a serious and committed relationship only.

As most of the users are looking for serious relationships, you can say that most of the users are high-quality. Not all of them are young but most of them are mature and well-financed.

To help you out on getting the best partner, you will have to fill in some personal information and a quiz at the beginning of the app. This will help you filter and search for the best partner.

13. SilverSingles

Some people think that when you get over 50 years old, finding a partner will be harder. Well, this is true, however, thanks to SilverSingles, people over 50 years can now find a partner easily.

SilverSingles is one of the free dating sites in USA without payment that is made for those who are over 50 years old. However, unlike other dating apps, people here are not only looking for serious relationships but also casual dating.

As it has more than 1,000 users, SilverSingles understands that it might be hard looking for people to search for the right match. Therefore, the app will help by sending you profiles that match your requirement.

Therefore, you don’t need to go through thousands of profiles each day. If you like the profile, then you can start by chatting with them first to get to know them better

14. Her

One of the well-known and free dating sites in USA without payment that is made for lesbians and bi is Her. Just like other dating apps, with Her, you can find a partner that is lesbian, bisexual, or even pansexual!

In Tinder or other dating apps, the probability of finding a lesbian partner is 0.01%. However, with Her, you have a bigger potential in finding the right person, as 4 million of the users are LGBT too!

Another great thing about the app is that it has strict criteria to make an account in this app. This is to make sure that the users using this app are real and respect each other.

15. Blackpeoplemeet

Many black people say that it’s hard for them to find someone to date too. To help these people out, a company in USA developed a dating app called Blackpeoplemeet.

Just like the name of the app, this app helps black singles in the USA to get a date. With more than 1,000 users from all over USA, you can find the right African American for your date!

However, before communicating with others, users must upgrade their account to a premium account first. After succeeding, they can then start communicating with others.

Which Free Dating Site is Best for Serious Relationship?

There are many kinds of free dating sites in USA without payment that are reliable. But if you want your relationship to last and step up, then download e-Harmony.

Until today, the app has succeeded in pairing more than 2 million users from around the world. Most of them are still partners today too!

One of the reasons why this app is so good is because it has high-quality users, both males, and females. Other than that, most of the users are all looking for serious relationships only.

However, if you want to enjoy all the features on the app and get to know a person better, you’ll have to upgrade your account to a premium account.

What is the Safest Dating App?

One of the safest dating apps to use is Her. This is because not everyone can sign up and use this app.

They have strict rules and requirements for a person can be a member of the app. Therefore, they can guarantee that the user’s information is real and safe.

What is the Best Free Dating App in the USA?

Well, from all the free dating sites in USA without payment, the best app must be Tinder. Even though there are many other apps available, Tinder is still a favorite to many people.

One of the reasons why Tinder is still number 1 is because of the number of users of the App. Until today, Tinder has more than 5 million users from around the world, and most of them are active users.

Secondly, the app is very easy to use, both for beginners and for someone who has been using dating apps for a long time. The app is also developed routinely, making it not boring and interesting to use.

So, what kind of relationship are you looking for? If you have determined it, then start downloading the best free dating sites in USA without payment to get the best partner!


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