10 Best Santa Video Call Simulator Apps for Android 2024

If you are looking for the best Santa video call simulator apps for your children, this is the place. Also, you can opt for a lot of applications.

It is an easy way to cherish your little ones during holiday times. Thus, they will enjoy the simulation just like reality.

Furthermore, give it personalized settings like name, age, photo, and likes and dislikes of your kids. To get you ready, we have picked the best apps to download right away.

So, here are 10 apps to check out.

10 Top Santa Video Call Simulator Apps for Android

Cherish your little ones during Holiday with a simulated video call with Santa Claus. Therefore, here are 10 apps to check out:

1. Santa Video Call Simulated

It is such an entertaining realistic simulation of audio and video calls with Santa which is performed by a professional actor. Likewise, it feels like you call Santa for real.

Further, it is available in multiple countries such as Italy, Brazil, the USA, Mexico, France, and Germany.

It is one of Santa video call simulator apps that has editor features. You can make a call from home. Just add a picture or take a video. Then, you can choose what you want the actor to say.

Besides talking, Santa in this app can sing for you. Choose the right song and enjoy the Christmas vibe. Chatting with Santa Clause is also an enjoyable feature to try.

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2. Santa Claus Video Call Prank

Wanna have fun pranking your friends this holiday? Try using this video call santa free app. Although. This app is not all about pranks      .

It is also a fun way to surprise your kids with a pretend call from Santa Claus.

This application will simulate incoming video calls and fake conversations with Santa Clause. Don’t be surprised if your children believe that they are actually talking to a real Santa.

Moreover, after you download the app, select the fake calling feature. Then, you can set the delay time to improve the experience.

Some other features to check on are High-quality video support, scheduled video call and audio call, and some pre-installed videos.

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3. Video Call Santa

Check out this popular Santa video call simulator program. Additionally, it is produced by DualVerse development.

Among other Christmas apps, this is one of the most popular Santa Clause applications. Likewise, it comes with a big collection of greetings that you can read out to your little ones during calls.

Furthermore, call Santa Clause anytime you want. Then, this simulation will give the right simulated video for you.

In addition, here are some features to take a look at:

  • Santa Language is available in American and British
  • Set a Simulated Call anytime you want
  • You can call Santa or Santa will call you
  • There are 38 Episodes to choose
  • 6000+ names available to purchase for personalized videos
  • The conversation will be recorded
  • Share the recordings to social sites

This application is available on the Play Store and AppStore for free. Moreover, there are several options and items you can choose to buy for a better experience using this Video Call Santa app.

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4. Real Video Call Santa

With this program, you can get a unique and personalized video from Santa Clause by recording a video with the app and uploading it.

After that, the response will be within 24 hours. Hence, the greetings video will make your kids so special this Christmas.

Besides English, you can record greetings videos in French. Then, the video result will come in the same language. Otherwise, to get a response from Santa, you should do an in-app purchase.

How It Works:

  • Record a video in English or French for up to 45 seconds
  • Upload the Video from the app
  • Santa Claus will receive it
  • Santa Claus watch it
  • Purchase the respon
  • Santa will send the video response as you want
  • There will be a notification when the video is sent and received on your phone

Besides video calls, this app comes with a free bonus feature. Additionally, you can chat with Bot Santa for free.

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5. Speak to Santa™ – Video Call

It is an app to let you speak to Santa, just as the name implies. Another simulation app that will meet your expectation.

Indeed, this would be a great way to make your children happy during the holiday season.

Just like the previous program in this list, this Santa call simulator program will simulate a phone call with Santa Claus so your kids can talk to him.

Further, as a parent, there is a way to set the simulated whole call to be perfectly personal. Then, your children will feel like they get a real video call from the actual Santa Claus.

Just enter the name, age, and birth date of your child. Also, add more information if needed. Thus, this Speak to Santa app can process it and turn it into a greeting and video call simulation.

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6. Personalized Call from Santa

Any children are gonna be excited to see Santa. If you can get your kids to meet Santa in person, get them to meet him virtually. Thereupon, use this personalized Call from Santa application.

For parents, there are various ways to make Christmas special for their kids.

If you do not have time to give a lot of effort into it, you can just give this easy gift to your little ones. A Santa call from this up will surely cheer them up.

In addition, this Santa video call simulator app will let you choose the date and time to set up an incoming call from Santa. So, your kid will see that Santa is actually calling him at that time.

You can use this app to praise your kid for his or her achievement throughout the past year. Let Santa mention some of the wishes.

Moreover, this app can do more than you can expect, just download it to witness it yourself.


7. Fake Santa Claus Video Calling

Get your kid an amazing gift for an amazing holiday. For instance, a call from the great Santa Clause will surprise them.

This program is easy to use. You can select the desired Santa Claus photo for the caller screen. After that, just open the app and pick the timer to get a fake call in minutes.

There is pre-recorded Santa call on the phone, it will be fun for the children. Hence, they will enjoy the greeting video from their favorite Santa.

Besides the ordinary features of Santa Video Call Simulator apps, this program offers you one good thing to try. Let your kid write a real letter to Santa Clause.

Then, you will know what your kids really want for Christmas. So, you can set up a fake call from Santa based on those wishes.

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8. Santa Call You: Live Santa Video Call

Talking to Santa has never been so easy. This live Santa video call application is just another simulator, yet it will be so believable to you kids.

Likewise, this simulated Santa Claus will congratulate them personally because they behave well this past year.

The greetings from Santa can make your kids feel special. Besides, the moment will be unforgettable for them. Once again, they will not find out that this is just a simulation. It will look so real to them.

Therefore, simply download this app and launch it.

After that, set the time for an incoming call. When the call comes at the exact time, it will look like a real call. Santa will appear on the screen to greet your kids.


9. Message from Santa! video & call

This message from Santa! comes with two versions of the app, the Free and Paid ones. Even though the paid version will have a complete feature, you can enjoy the freebies the developer has to offer.

Further, it is such a simple app. Anything you need for the simulation Santa call is ready. Add a bit of detail to make it personal.

It is not only about video calls, but also enjoy audio or chat. All the things here are for children’s entertainment.

Additionally, there are several other features to try, such as a Santa tracker, North Pole’s weather, a video recorder for kids, and a Christmas countdown.

Your kids will enjoy finding out and wait for the next Christmas.


10. A Call From Santa Claus! + Chat

This Santa Video Call program will only provide audio calls and text messages. Just like the previous apps, you can set the time to get the fake call.

Then, let your kids know whether they are on the list of naughty or nice according to Santa.

On the Play Store, this app has already been downloaded more than 10 million times since December 2020. It is quite proof for you that this application will meet your expectation.

However, one thing that the users have to be concerned, there is no video call feature.


Final Note

Above all, those top 10 Santa video call simulator apps will be available to install right into your phone. It is time to surprise your kids and make them happy this Christmas holiday.

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