Top 5 Merry Christmas Sticker Apps For WhatsApp 2024

Choosing a Merry Christmas sticker apps for WhatsApp might be fun ahead of the Holy celebration on December, 25. Sending funny pictures will certainly make the atmosphere livelier.

And the good news, many applications will provide it for you for free. Attractive designs and eye-catching colors will help you give the most beautiful greetings to your loved ones.

Some Christmas gift stickers are more than just pictures but also feature animations that will make any day fun. You only need to download and send it to make Christmas more memorable.

However, for various reasons, determining the best app that provides Christmas stickers is sometimes not trivial. Therefore, to make things easier, you need to read this review to the end.

Top 5 Merry Christmas Sticker Apps For WhatsApp

Merry Christmas sticker app for WhatsApp is one of the easy ways to make Christmas more memorable. There are a bunch of funny and beautiful pictures to pick from in the apps.

No need to bother printing and sending them one by one because you can send them directly via the chat application. What an easy life!

However, even though there are many choices of applications that provide both small and large Christmas stickers, each has advantages and disadvantages to take into account.

Some applications are less user-friendly, but some provide full features and make it easy. In general, the following are recommendations for the Merry Christmas sticker for WhatsApp application to try:

1. Christmas Stickers WASticker

The first application to try is Christmas Stickers WASticker which provides a complete-enough package for sharing greetings at the 25 December moment.

You can get Smileys, Stickers, animated GIFs, and emojis only in one application. After downloading, the system will immediately add all the features to your WhatsApp.

Even though this application is not ad-free, it has a complete selection, from animal designs, Santa Claus pictures, Christmas tree stickers, and many more.

Interestingly, this application also provides prizes every day. Every time you check in daily, users will get additional cute stickers. So the more check-ins, the more gifts you can get.

Even though most of the content is WhatsApp-based, you can still use several stickers, smileys, and animations on other applications, such as TikTok, Instagram, and others.

One more thing, this application also has an abundant collection of images related to the New Year. Thus, its use is more multifunctional, right?

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2. Funny Santa Claus Stickers WAS

If you have always believed that Santa Claus is just a man with gifts, it’s time to change your imagination. Now anyone can see a more fun side of our Christmas hero.

Funny Santa Claus Stickers WAS provides various images of Santa Claus as a fun figure because it depicts him in many figures, from cute, bearded, to The Grinch Santa.

Not only Santa figures, but you can also enjoy various cute stickers, from Christmas trees, snowmen, and pictures of gifts you can send to your closest ones.

Don’t worry about boring posts because the animated images feature will make Christmas more memorable.

This app also provides a collection of stickers and emojis for the New Year. What a complete, perfect package of gifts to download!

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3. WAStickerApps Christmas

Christmas is always identical to red color, and you can get it after downloading this application. There are lots of funny stickers that you will get to strengthen the Holy atmosphere.

WAStickerApps Christmas provides more than 150 Christmas stickers, complete with animations. With the collection, you can make sending greetings activities more unique and fun.

Not only pictures of Santa Claus inside. The users can use Christmas stickers for WhatsApp in the form of animals, trees, anime, boots, and others.

There is no worry about the troublesome installation process. After downloading and opening the application, please select the package you want and add it to WhatsApp. Now you can use it anytime.

The number of downloads is now more than 5000 times. This application needs an Android device version 4.4 and above. However, this free software may contain advertisements.

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4. Christmas Stickers for WhatsApp

If you are a person who appreciates and enjoys every moment of Christmas, then this application is the best answer. Each feature has some great designs to welcome the Holy moment.

You can find all the stickers, emojis, and animations related to Christmas in the app. All you have to do is send it to someone close to you, and you will make the celebration even more fun.

Some stickers inside include trees, Santa hats, snowmen, ball rings, and decorations that are not boring. Both small and large Christmas stickers are available.

Apart from beautiful pictures, this application also provides a Christmas countdown feature that allows you to enjoy precious seconds before D-day.

Another convenience is the Christmas calendar which makes planning parties, gatherings, and other exciting moments easier.

Besides providing Christmas stickers app for WhatsApp, users can also use them on Facebook. Easy installation is also a plus in itself.

This application has a low memory capacity, so you don’t need to worry about slowing down your smartphone. After downloading, do not forget to adjust the language to make it more convenient.

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5. Christmas Stickers – WASticker

Talking with close people through chat platforms is no longer boring. You can ask for help from Christmas Stickers – WASticker to liven up the Holy Spirit.

Unlike other software, this Christmas sticker app for WhatsApp offers the convenience of sending cute pictures by simply pressing the ‘add’ button on the application.

After that, the fun package will be right in your hands. This application is compatible with Android version 4.4 and above. The following are some of its features:

  • Christmas creations
  • Fun Christmas images
  • Santa character
  • Merry Christmas greetings
  • Play with Santa
  • Another supporting character besides Santa Claus

Downloading the Christmas Stickers-WASticker will take up 11 MB of memory, is relatively small, and doesn’t slow down and burden your device.

Due to its abundant features and ease of use, this app has received quite a lot of attention. The number of downloads has reached more than 50,000 times with positive reviews.

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Final Note

Sending stickers in chats will make Christmas moments more enjoyable, even if you don’t see each other. Animations and emojis will make it even more perfect.

Therefore, you must choose the best Merry Christmas sticker apps for WhatsApp to maintain the Holy atmosphere. Also, do not forget to adjust to your device and needs.

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