20 New Primewire Alternatives to Watch Movies TV Shows

Are you looking for Primewire alternatives? You might not be alone because many people are dying to find the alternative sites that can offer them with the same experience as PrimeWire. Well, there are several options to consider as the source of entertainment.

Why are People Looking for Primewire Alternatives?

Everyone has their favorite movies or TV series. However, sometimes it is hard for them to watch them according to the schedule. They can only watch it during their limited spare time and thanks to the internet, they can find so many websites where they can watch their favorite movies and TV series. Of course, there must be the best option from so many websites available and Primewire must be one of them.

From the Primewire website, people can stream and download the latest TV series and movies for free. More importantly, there is no need to worry about any interruption when watching their favorite programs. Unfortunately, the original Primewire is no longer available. One thing for sure, people are looking for the Primewire alternatives and mirrors that give the same service as Primewire.

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List of 20 Best Primewire Alternatives Site

People might get frustrated when they try to find the best alternative for Primewire especially because the service is not satisfying. They find that those alternatives do not give them the convenience that they could get from Primewire. Choosing the best one from so many options available might be overwhelming but it is not impossible at all.

The alternatives of Primewire below can offer easiness for streaming movies on the mobile phone.  More importantly, these websites are powered by servers with a super-fast performance so streaming movies can be done quickly. Last but not least, people will not find difficulty to find their favorite TV series or movies because they come with well-designed and unconventional user interfaces.

1. 123Movies

primewire alternative sites

The very first option of Primewire alternatives is 123Movies and this website can be considered the most popular option for streaming service. It is no surprise because the movie collection of the website is extensive. It comes with high quality and is updated regularly. People love this website the most because it has a simple user interface that allows audiences to navigate the movie categories easily. They even can choose genres, years, and countries category to narrow down the search of their favorite movies.

2. Putlocker

primewire alternative sites putlocker

Another best option of the sites like Primewire must be Putlocker. Just like Primewire, this platform for streaming movies online is pretty renowned. Users will not find any complicated or modern design of the website. This platform is sophisticated because of its simplicity. However, it seems that many filmmakers paid attention to this website greatly just like Primewire. This website might be banned in various countries because of the same reason as Primewire. Still, people can look for their favorite TV shows and movies on this platform.

3. SolarMovie

Solar movie sites like primewire

Next, there is SolarMovie as the Primewire alternatives. This website is a little bit different from 123Movies because its server is not used for storing the TV shows and movies vast data. Nevertheless, this website still offers the easiness of navigation and search because of its interactive web interface. Every time users search on the platform; they will be provided with the top picks and relevant results. A search bar is also available for users’ convenience.

4. ZMovies

primewire alternative sites zmovies

ZMovies must be included in the list of sites like Primewire especially when people are looking for the online streaming platform that can offer them with HD quality video with no interruption. This is the strong point of this web-based android app for online video streaming. Users can enjoy streaming for free. Do not forget about the movies and TV series collection from classic movies to movies with various genres that are considered the largest in the world.

5. Viooz

Viooz primewire alternative sites

People want to find Primewire alternatives where they can stream movies for free. They can find it on Viooz. Many movies are available in different genres. People can find the search box at the top of the homepage. It means that they can search for the TV series and movies quickly once entering the website. There is no need to browse the movie list to find the right video to watch.

6. Movie4K

movie4k alternative to primewire

Why must Movie4K include in the list of the sites like Primewire? If people want to find their favorite movies and stream it online, they can do it quickly and conveniently on this platform. They will not find it difficult at all to use the website and even navigate it. They can simply just use the categories of the video to find the right one quickly. It is also possible to watch movies in different languages easily which means that they can broaden their movie-watching experience.

7. Watch Series TV

primewire alternative sites watchseries

Although it is the time for internet streaming and video service, it does not mean that it is the end of the TV era. Many great series and programs are still offered on television but if they cannot access them easily, Watch Series TV must be the Primewire alternatives that people should use. Any kind of TV series and shows from the old classic to the latest Bollywood TV series can be enjoyed on this platform.

8. Niter

niter alternative to primewire

People should not say that Niter is just one option of sites like Primewire because it is the unique alternative option of online video streaming. This website stores the vast TV shows and movies database just like any other video streaming service. However, if other websites can only allow users to stream the video online, this website allows them to download as well.  The user interface is attractive with a modern dark design.

9. Terrarium TV

primewire alternative terrarium tv

If people are looking for Primewire alternatives in the Android app form, Terrarium TV must be the best option to choose from. Users can just stream their favorite movies freely on their mobile phones, tablet, and even PC. Watching movies online on the mobile phone can give the best experience because of ultra-modern pixels technology. It is getting better and easier because there is no need to run a media player of the plug-in when watching movies on this platform.

10. MoviePanda

movie panda alternative to primewire

MoviePanda is one of the sites like Primewire where people can watch movies that do not only have high quality but also good audio quality. This platform is simple with a simple interface as well. Anyone can navigate the movie search very easily. Instead of too many categorizations, people will only find four main categorization sections on the website including sections, preferences, new releases, and movies.

11. Mobdro

mobdro primewire alternatives

People can use Mobdro as a tool for watching videos online easily on any kind of screen. That is why this tool is considered versatile enough for people’s convenient movie streaming online. People will not only find the latest release movies on this tool because it also has classic movies collection. Any kind of entertaining stuff from the documentaries to TV shows can be watched in high quality for free. The latest release movies might be offered in CAM quality but it will be updated later with HD quality. It must be a great reason to include Mobdro in the list of Primewire alternatives.

12. HD Movie Centre

hdmoviecenter primewire alternatives

HD Movie Centre will be a great streaming source for movie enthusiasts because they can be more than just watching a full movie on the internet for free. They can also find trailers, image galleries, and even information about the cast and crew of the movies. It means that before users play any video, they will be well-informed whether the movies are worth watching or not. Besides the popular TV series and movies, this platform also has short film collection. It will not be dissatisfying at all for sites like Primewire.

14. iflix

iflix primewire alternatives

Another platform for the best Primewire alternatives might be iFlix. This movie streaming service can be enjoyed through its app for various mobile device platforms. There are no limits to TV shows and movies to watch online on this platform. Once the app is downloaded and installed on the mobile phone, users can feel free to watch the movies with different genres at the high video quality.

15. MovieZoot

moviezoot primewire alternatives

Just like iFlix, people can also MovieZoot app that can be installed on their mobile phones. This must be one of the sites like Primewire that people love to use for watching their favorite TV shows and movies at HD quality. People will find this platform as a reliable source for online movie streaming because of various genres available.  Accessing this platform can be done on screen with any size. All movies on this platform come in full length, uncut, and unedited.

16. Free Movies Cinema

Free movies cinema

Free Movies Cinema might be one of many websites that want to be Primewire alternatives. Nevertheless, people can consider that this platform is quite successful to be the movie streaming choice besides Primewire. Users will have high expectations when watching movies and videos online especially about the video quality and Free Movies Cinema can offer their expectations properly. Search navigation can be done easily with its sophisticated user interface. Although some videos are offered as CAM releases, most videos are available on HD quality.

17. BMovies


On BMovies, people can find TV series and movies from all genres. This platform is very popular as sites like Primewire and it even claimed as Primewire next generation. Anytime people want to find any kind of blockbuster movie, they can easily find it on the collection of this platform. Using this platform is very convenient because of its friendly user interface and different video categories availability.

18. Popcorn Time

popcorn time primewire

When it is time to watch a movie, it must be Popcorn Time. This platform can definitely represent the enjoyment of watching movies even when people are streaming online. Besides the movies, this platform also offers various TV shows to watch with HD quality while eating their favorite flavored popcorn. The web-based tool can be used for free on various devices. The movie and Tv show database of this platform is surely wide but users can find their favorite stuff from the categories of just simply by using the search bar. No registration or subscription is needed for enjoying Primewire alternatives.

19. CMovies

cmovies alternatives

As sites like Primewire, CMovies functionality is similar to Primewire. However, people will find that this movie streaming service can be functional in a different method. People will not find a direct download option. They will also not find immediate play options for streaming the video online. Users have to give links to their legal data providers before they can enjoy their favorite movies from different genres.

20. F5Movies

f5movies wathc movie free

F5Movies is not like other Primewire alternatives. It plays the role of the mediator between the users and the online video streaming website. This platform will provide the relevant links anytime people search for their favorite videos. It also has a request feature that allows users to request certain videos for admin to present to the users soon.



There was a time when people depend on Primewire the most for their entertainment support. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they cannot keep entertained when this website went down. Several Primewire alternatives can be chosen to stream their favorite movies and TV series with less hassle. People can feel free to enjoy them anytime they have spare time between their packed schedules. Of course, alternative websites can give them the same satisfying experience of entertainment that was provided by Primewire in the past. Free VPN might be needed since websites for free video streaming is not allows in many countries. Web browsing will be more secured as well with a VPN.

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