Top 15 Best FaceRig Alternatives

FaceRig is a program or application that allows its users to alter their look into completely new characters over webcam. It digitally embodies unique characters into any user-facing a webcam. It is not a game but a Digital Alter-Ego Framework. The main purpose of this kind of program is for entertainment as well as communicational purpose. Furthermore, with the output that FaceRig can provide, it may lead to a vast variety of creative matters. There are a lot of FaceRig alternatives as well out there with a similar purpose.

This open platform program is very fun and easy to use regardless of the intended purpose of using it. FaceRig is not the only one out there that serves the same purpose in that particular matter. Some people may try to find other programs similar to FaceRig due to some reasons. So, these are some of the best FaceRig alternative free programs to choose from. All of them offer a very close functionality set to what FaceRig has to offer.


Ultimate List of 15 Best FaceRig Alternatives Site

  1. Muvizu Play

This is a paid alternative to FaceRig that serves the same purpose. It offers a quick and easy solution in realizing creative ideas in the form of videos. With just the use of a webcam, it is possible to create a unique piece of creative art by incorporating all features of Muvizu Play. It offers a free trial to get to know about it in the first place. Purchasing the premium version will provide many more tools to use. More objects and characters will be available for premium users. There will be no watermark as well in the outputs for the paid users of Muvizu Play.

  1. F-Clone

It is a great choice of FaceRig alternative free since it offers cutting-edge technology to record facial expressions and movements in real-time. Of course, it comes with a premium or paid version for more features and elements to interact with. It allows users to create personal avatars for any video to publish on YouTube. It works seamlessly by matching the facial characteristics of its users to the facial images in the redesigned library of it. With that, it is enough for F-Clone to be an alternative to the famous FaceRig.

  1. FaceFX

This program is a bit unique in comparison to FaceRig because it offers audio-based solutions to create 3D avatars. It is possible to only use an audio file to eventually create a full 3D avatar to talk to. The audio file will be used by FaceFX to design the proper avatar for the sound characteristics. FaceFX in its paid version offers a vast array of tools to edit the 3D avatar into perfection as if it is a real person in real life. Creating a custom slider setup is possible without any limit at all to create relationships out of proper face graph.

  1. CrazyTalk

Within the scope of facial animation software, CrazyTalk is a highly popular choice of FaceRig alternatives. It offers a set of powerful tools and features to help to create a beautiful and unique 3D avatar. Amidst the great tools is the 3D head creation tool alongside a very smooth lip-synching capability of the auto motion engine. As usual, it offers a free version to introduce all the basic stuff that it has. Moreover, the paid version will provide all of its powerful tools and features to serve as a video production tool for any purpose. Making videos for training, marketing, or just family occasions will be very easy with CrazyTalk.

  1. MocapX

It is not just another recommended alternative application for FaceRig. It has its features to help to optimize the true depth camera hardware and software of any iPhone device. This is the best choice for iPhone users to seamlessly capture facial motion and then stream the result to Maya right away. Yet, the creation process will not be streamed to Maya though. A unique feature of this application is its ability to connect 2 iPhones with one character each in real-time connection. Joysticks, keypads, and Joysticks are all usable in incorporating the entire features offered by MocapX. It is even capable of recording eye movements and storing them in its library.

  1. Gravity

This FaceRig alternative free is for anyone who wants to create a 3D avatar for Ethereum. It is a program that will change the look of a regular chat window into a unique and extraordinary one. The 3D avatar created by Gravity can be running, dancing, or even giving a high-five. Millions of things need to be selected accordingly that include hairstyles, ears, eyes, noses, head shape, skin tone, and many more. Creating a 3D avatar can never be this easy and fun with the help of a program like Gravity.

  1. iClone

This software is so far the fastest real-time alternative for FaceRig to create professional 3D animations. It will greatly help its users to produce high-quality 3D animations for any purpose. It offers a set of real-time professional tools for advanced users that will ensure a great outcome of it. Of course, the best tools and features of iClone will only available for premium users. Body morphing and fashion layering design are amidst the latest technologies that iClone has to offer to its users like no other software around.

  1. Blender

Another one of the FaceRig alternatives is a software called Blender. The iconic feature offered by Blender is its ability to convert a still avatar into an outstanding 3D animated avatar in no time. This is free software with an open-source platform that many people love to use it. It comes with a 3D creation suite that allows users to do rigging, modeling, rendering, compositing, and motion tracking at ease. It works in multiple platforms that include Linux, Windows, and Mac. With a set of powerful tools, this free software is a decent option to create unique 3D avatar and animation.

  1. LightWave 3D

Developed by NewTek, this program is a good option to create 3D contents in motion graphics, visual effects, movies, video games, advertising, music videos, television, and many other things. It is capable of rendering either static or animated 3D source materials. It is an easy and quick solution for anyone to suddenly become a 3D artist or animator. It is not free software but remains pretty affordable for anyone to unlock its entire features. One of the best features of LightWave 3D is the bridge to the famous Unreal Engine.

  1. Houdini

This software is a FaceRig alternative free that can be incorporated to create and share 3D materials. Every action done on it is stored in a node connected to the networks. That way it is capable of creating highly unique and similar outputs in terms of 3D animations. It is completely free to use with a set of friendly tools to use. Starters will find no difficulty at all in using it for the first time. It has an outstanding library of visual effects that attract a lot of users to dive deep on that matter alone

  1. 3DCrafter

A decent feature of 3DCrafter is its simple drag-and-drop interface in creating both simple and complex 3D models. It comes in three versions with the first one is the free version. The other two versions are Plus and Pro version in which they are all paid versions. Creating 3D contents can never be this easy by just placing the objects in any desired 3D scene. It is the perfect alternative to FaceRIg for those who need a simple to use 3D software.

  1. Animation Master

As a FaceRig alternative free, Animation Master offers a couple of good things. It is affordable software that is easy to use yet very powerful. It is developed by Hash Inc. with extreme versatility. It is capable of bringing any idea of the project into a beautiful 3D output. It offers a way to learn both 2D and 3D creation skills at the advanced level with ease. It accommodates a vast scope of creative imagination and translates it into 3D contents.

  1. Gabsee

Another recommended choice of software to replace FaceRig is Gabsee. This one is designed for both iOS and Android in which PC users may use it with the help of an Android emulator like BlueStacks. This app makes it easy to create a cartoon version of anyone with layers to bring it into 3D animation in the end. A rather specific feature of Gabsee is that it has its approach towards AR. Some said that Gabsee implements the so-called Bitmoji’s 3D version of Snapchat.

  1. Plotagon

Amidst the choices of FaceRig alternative free to choose out there today is the one known as Plotagon. It is a cross-platform software that can be used in iOS, Android, and Windows. Instead of delivering a simple text to the audience, Plotagon helps to create a multimedia experience in engaging the audience for any purpose. This software allows users to create demonstrations and instructions using scenarios for the 3D animation as its outputs. A decent thing about this is the ability to deliver the 3D content up to the 4K resolution for the best quality and experience in viewing it.

  1. Moviestorm

As suggested by the name of this software, it is more specialized software for moviemakers. It is highly affordable, fast, and effective. It offers a great chance to practice and improve the users’ skills in creating 3D content. Movie Storm is more like software to learn about anything in particular with 3D rendering and modelling. Starters are highly recommended to choose this as an alternative to the popular FaceRig.

Final Verdict 

Choosing the right software to do one thing it is capable of doing at the best state is important for the best outcome. When it comes to 3D creation of various contents FaceRig is indeed a popular name. Nevertheless, there are so many alternatives to it that can all be considered for specific purposes. The basic ideas of the alternative software and program to FaceRig remain the same. Yet, some of them may offer better prices or features and versatility in using the software. In the end, it is pretty much about personal preferences in considering the choice of the FaceRig alternatives whenever it is needed to use them instead of FaceRig itself.

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