Top 13 Best Hamachi Alternatives for Virtual LAN Gaming

It has been for a long time that LogMeIn Hamachi has become the favorite choice of gamers for LAN parties. The reason for its popularity for years is mainly due to its reliable nature to provide an excellent connection to the virtual private network. In other words, it is easy to use and set up to get going to gaming in no time. Unfortunately, it has its downsides that lead to the need to find Hamachi alternatives.

Recently, Hamachi has started lagging according to its users. That leads to an uncomfortable gaming experience. Moreover, some of the free features previously have now become exclusively for paid users. For example, a free user can now only connect to four other clients at most. In total there are only five connected clients for a free account. That will certainly reduce the fin of a LAN party. In that case, check out these alternatives to the popular LogMeIn Hamachi.


13 Best LogMeIn Hamachi Alternatives to Play LAN Games

  1. GameRanger

Game Ranger alternative to hamachi

There are many possible alternatives to Hamachi one of which is GameRanger. The best things about this VPN client for LAN gaming is that it offers low pings as well as high level of security. Other than those things, it offers nothing else in comparison with other options out there. It does not have many features to offer. It does not support all games as well though. So, it is important to check whether the game to play is supported by GameRanger or not before using it. Nevertheless, it is a trustworthy choice to replace Hamachi for its base function.

  1. NetOverNet

Net over net alternative to hamachi

This VPN emulator is a simple tool to host secure and private gaming sessions. Despite its simple and easy to use nature, it is a powerful tool. Multiple devices with individual passwords to login can connect to each other for a gaming session. It allows data sharing as well due to the remote direct access feature. It is possible to connect up to 16 clients at once as long as it pays for the advanced payment plan. Regardless of everything else, NetOverNet is a decent alternative to replace Hamachi’s function.

  1. Wippien

Best Hamachi Alternatives Wippien

This VPN client is currently the lightest known software for that purpose. The size is only 2MB that offers no bloat ware installation at all. Aside from being the lightest VPN client available, it is free and open source software that makes it really versatile and easy to use. Wippien uses the component of WeOnlyDo wodVPN to to create a secure connection for gaming sessions. It needs a registration to use the offered features of Wippien. Unfortunately it only supports either Jabber or Gmail accounts for the registration. That is the only downside of this one of the best choices of alternatives to Hamachi.

  1. FreeLAN


Next on the list of alternatives for Hamachi is FreeLAN that offers straightforward functionality. It is open source software to create a virtual private network for gaming. A decent thing about this application is the ability to create one of the three different topologies accordingly. It offers peer-to-peer, hybrid, and client-server connection to choose. The configuration file can be customized and personalized manually to run it in the specific type of connection mentioned earlier. It has no ping spikes as well as lag to guarantee a completely smooth gaming experience with friends that make it a good VPN client.

  1. ZeroTier One


Just like some other Hamachi alternatives, this one is open source software to create and save virtual VPN servers. It guarantees security, versatility, and proficiency with the gadget to gadget information flow. ZeroTier One makes it very easy to connect to other devices regardless of the physical locations of the devices. When the location of the devices change, it finds new ways to stay connected to the devices. Moreover, it allows users to create controllers to eventually oversee the web control boards. Smooth gaming experience in a secure connection is not a problem with the use of this VPN client.

  1. SoftEther VPN


This VPN software is known as a multi-conventional one amidst many others around. It is the easiest and most efficient to use in hosting secure virtual gaming sessions. It is possible to use this software in different platforms because it is cross-platform software. There will be no problems if the clients are using Windows, Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, or even Solaris. That is amidst the good things of this VPN client software. More importantly, SoftEther VPN reduces latency by incorporating full Ethernet frame utilization.

  1. NeoRouter


Anyone who is looking for a zero-setup VPN client will need to choose NeoRouter over other alternatives to Hamachi. It comes with enhanced protection in default to ensure the safety and comfort of the created gaming sessions. It works smartly and seamlessly to unblock access to some websites by overriding the default IP address with the one from NeoRouter server. It works well in Mac OS, iOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and FreeBSD that makes it highly versatile to use. The use of 256-piece SSL encryption gives it a trusted environment for both private and open systems.

  1. DynVPN


This VPN client is basically an online platform that allows users to create a virtual private system over the use of VPN. The main purpose of DynVPN is to make it easy and simple for every user to use it. There is a dashboard on display upon opening this VPN platform with all commands there. This VPN client can be used without altering any settings to the system using it. That is only possible due to the neighborly NAT and firewall of it. All in all, DynVPN is a simple solution to create a virtual space over the internet.

  1. UltraVPN


Next VPN client to consider as the alternatives to Hamachi is UltraVPN. It is based on its SSL VPN server solution based on OpenVPN. It is powered by a simple user interface to make it easier to understand and use. The start to use its service is as simple as inputting a client or a user along with the address. Then, UltraVPN will encrypt the network connection and make it anonymous. It hides the actual connection from unwanted users while also being able to access and use blocked applications and locations. It is a very light application with unlimited quota and up to 500Ko/s of bandwidth.

  1. OpenVPN


A better internal security within the private network is a promise made by Open VPN. This VPN client establishes a tunnel by using TCP shipment to create that promised security aspect. That makes it one of the best replacements for Hamachi. In order to play multiplayer games within a private session, bridging mode is required. The reason for that is that IPX and UDP are needed for multiplayer gaming sessions. The participants of any gaming session created by it will be able to hook up to its network easily without any possible security issue to worry about.

  1. Remobo

Remobo - Instant Private Network Application

This one of the Hamachi alternatives is very easy to use with its instant creation of Instant Private Network. The way it works is pretty similar to a chat client with a chat room creation in an instance. That makes it easy to add and remove users within the environment of the IPN. There is no annual configuration needed to start using it. Thus, it is a great choice even for a novice user. It needs a registration to be done to provide a username along with a password to log in.

  1. Shrew Soft VPN Client

shrew soft vpn client

It is a lightweight VPN Client that offers a great set of elements to use. An advanced feature such as Split Tunneling is available to use alongside Nat Traversal, Split DNS, Packet Pre Fragmentation, IKE Fragmentation, Dead Peer Detection, and Hybrid XAuth. It connects to an existing server of VPN such as Juniper or Cisco that makes it a true VPN Client. This one is a recommended choice for those who already have a VPN server beforehand. It is packed with useful stuff to maximize the online gaming experience over a secure VPN.

  1. Comodo Unite


It is another one of the alternatives to Hamachi that is actually free to use. Users can create a VPN easily and smoothly for a group of computers to share files and applications. It is possible to create a secure instant messaging session as well for a private online communication with all users in a group. Registration is required for the very first access to this VPN Client. The data transfer over Comodo Unite is all protected with the 128-bit SSL encryption which is enough for the purpose of online gaming. It is not that powerful as the others but it will certainly work as it should be.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hamachi Alternatives:

It is important to clearly understand everything about VPN before attempting to use one of the VPN clients around. Anyone new will surely need to check these things first.

  1. Are Hamachi Alternatives Free to Use?

Some of the VPN clients as possible alternatives to Hamachi are indeed free to use. Unfortunately, there are some paid options as well. A certain amount of money may be needed to get a subscription for the better features offered by the VPN clients.

  1. Can Hamachi Alternatives be used as VPN?

That is the nature of all of those mentioned choices to replace Hamachi. They are pretty much like Hamachi in the form of a VPN client to create a private network that is safer over a wider public network with fewer members within the network for a certain purpose.

  1. Does Hamachi Alternatives Work on Windows 10?

Most of those Hamachi alternatives will work well on Windows 10 nowadays. That is among the things that lead to the need for replacements or alternatives over Hamachi. It is said that Hamachi itself cannot work on Windows 10.

  1. Is Using Hamachi Alternatives Safe?

The point of using a VPN client is to create a safe private network for a specific purpose over a public network. Of course, it is safe to use them as long as they originate from the official websites of each one of them.


Hamachi is undoubtedly a popular choice of VPN client for gaming purposes. It has a lot of fans from around the globe within the online gaming community. Unfortunately, it is time to look for the better choice of a VPN client today since many of them are available and for the better. So many of them are free to use and very easy to operate with the possibly better outcome than Hamachi itself. Anyone who is currently using Hamachi will need to get going on trying the Hamachi alternatives right away for a better experience of private online multiplayer gaming.

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