Download Wyze Cam App for PC [Windows 7,8,10 & Mac]

Wyze Cam app for PC is a popular choice for home surveillance cameras. If you’re looking to install a security camera in your home, you should consider it. In fact, home security cameras are a necessary part of the modern household. With the advancement of technology, we can now use cameras to monitor our homes while we are away. That way, we can make sure that our safety is protected.

Wyze is actually a video camera, but you can also use it to monitor your home. Here is why Wyze is the suitable choice for your home.


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What is Wyze Cam App

Wyze is a producer of smart home gadgets. Its Wyze Cam is an affordable but high quality choice for a security camera.

The Wyze Cam App is linked to the Wyze Cam. Using the app, you can monitor your home even when you’re in another place.

Wyze Cam App Features

Here are some of the great features that you will get from the Wyze Cam App.

  • Full High Definition Imaging

The Wyze Cam has a 1080p full HD image resolution. The camera has a 2.88 mm focal length and a 110 degrees wide angle plus a ½.9” CMOS sensor.

So, the image quality that you will get is very clear. You will be able to monitor your house without missing any detail.

  • High Quality Live Stream

The high definition image is not only visible on the camera. You will enjoy the same quality while watching your home over the live stream.

You can even zoom up to 8 times and still have very clear details. This is great if you need to monitor your home for security reasons. No details will be missed at all.

  • Sharp Night Vision

It can be difficult to find security cameras that have a clear night vision, but the Wyze Cam isn’t one of them. It is equipped with an F2.0 aperture, an IR-CUT filter, and 850nn infrared LEDs. These amazing features make sure you have very clear images in the dark, up to 30 feet distance. So, you can still have a sharp image quality even in darkness.

  • Motion and Sound Detection

The Wyze Cam is able to detect any suspicious activities in your empty home. The app will send you alerts to update you. Another feature is Event Videos which you can view for more information.

Not only that, but the Wyze Cam is also able to detect sound patterns. This feature is useful should your smoke alarms or CO monitors ring. The instant alerts mean you can immediately take action to protect your home.

  • Two-Way High Quality Audio

Do you have to leave your pets at home, or is anyone house sitting for you? The Wyze Cam enables two-way audio. You can communicate with them directly as the camera has a built-in speaker and microphone.

How to Download and Install Wyze Cam App for PC Windows and Mac

Don’t the features sound great? However, you still need an app to control the Wyze Cam remotely.

Unfortunately, there is no official Wyze Cam App for a PC or Mac yet. But it doesn’t mean you can only access it via smartphone or tablet.

If you want to access the Wyze Cam on your computer, you can still install the app by following the steps below.

1. Download and Install BlueStacks

Before you can use the Wyze Cam App, you need to install BlueStacks on your computer. BlueStacks is an Android emulator. Using it, you can download, install, and run Android applications on your computer.

The great thing about BlueStacks is that it’s available for free. Go to its official website at Download the installation file and run it on your computer to install the program. Then, open BlueStacks.

2. Register on BlueStacks

After opening the BlueStacks program, you need to log in. If you don’t have an account yet, click Register. Fill in the form and register a new account. Once your account is created, log into it.

3. Download the Wyze Cam App APK

The next step is to download the Wyze Cam App APK. You can easily find it simply by looking it up on a search engine. There are many websites where you can download APK files safely. Make sure that the file is free of malware.

4. Run the Wyze Cam App APK

After you download the Wyze Cam App APK, the thing you need to do is run on BlueStacks. Simply right click on the APK file and select Run with BlueStacks.

Once you are finished, a shortcut to the Wyze Cam App APK will be found on your desktop. Open the app and log into your Wyze Cam account. Now you can use the application on your computer.


Now you know about the Wyze Cam App and the steps you need to run it on your PC or Mac. It’s very easy, right?

As smart homes are becoming common, remote surveillance cameras will also be the default at homes. Wyze Cam is a great and affordable option for this.

You can easily use your Wyze Cam from your computer using the above steps. Hopefully, the Wyze Cam App for PC will be useful for you.

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