Top 20 Best Rabbit Alternatives

Rabbit was a great streaming platform of content that nowadays many people tried to find the best Rabbit alternatives. Rabbit was a place where people can be together without having to be in the same place. It was the best solution to organize meetings and then watch videos and movies together for fun.

The service of this platform has stopped after the acquisition of Rabbit by Kast. All things about it that include intellectual property, software stack, and patents are all under the proper ownership of Kast. The service of Rabbit TV has stopped since May of 2019 even without anything to force it down.

The main reason of that to happen is due to the withdrawal of its investors. Rabbit has been around for years. It was originally started as a web-based group chat application. The best features of Rabbit include was the video streaming and web-based sharing by using either Opera or Chrome.

Fortunately, today there are many similar apps that anyone can consider to replace Rabbit. Many of the possible alternatives to Rabbit offer the basic features of Rabbit such as virtual group meetings alongside video streaming and file sharing. Check and try out these choices of decent replacements for Rabbit.

List of 20 Best Rabbit Alternatives [Updated June 2020]

1. TogetherJS

TogetherJS Best Rabbit alternatives

Mozilla Labs is the one that designed this one of Rabbit alternatives. It offers great features that include real-time collaboration through websites and applications. Most importantly, it is a free application that supports that feature. Mainly, it is a place to watch videos and movies just like Rabbit.

The open-source library of JavaScript within TogetherJS allows users to add all sorts of tools and collaboration systems. It has to be installed first though before enjoying all of the best features of it. Once the installation is done, a link has to be sent to others to join and interact in real-time.


2. Simulchat

Simulchat site like rabbit

This one of the many Rabbit streaming alternatives is easy to use even for a video chat with other users. Text chat is one of the possible things to do in use of Simulchat. It is a free platform but it does require a sign up for new users. It will only take a few minutes to properly register and create a chat room on this streaming platform.

Unfortunately, it does not allow access to Netflix and Amazon that are both very popular today. Other than that, it is a great streaming platform with a perfect synchronization of YouTube videos.


3. TogetherTube

TogetherTube alternatives to Rabbit

Enjoying videos and content from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Soundcloud is possible with the use of TogetherTube. Moreover, this platform is capable of providing a private chat room where users can add their favorite videos to a playlist. Listening to music and watching videos are all in real-time for all users of this streaming platform. It has a unique feature of voting for videos in the playlist.

The one with the highest vote will be the video to watch next in a group chat. Changing the name of the chat room and restricting certain users to vote for the videos are amidst the additional features of this streaming platform.


4. Kosmi

Kosmi best rabbit alternative

Kosmi is a good platform to virtually hang out with friends. There is no need to sign up or install the application first. Creating a chat room to chat and communicate with friends is easy. It can be done just by accessing its URL. Sharing various things is very easy in Kosmi that include sharing the tab or screen of the any browser in use.

Being one of the alternatives to Rabbit, Kosmi offers the feature to watch videos on YouTube and local streaming services at ease. An additional feature is the ability to play various games such as Texas Holdem Poker and Quake 3.


5. Watch2gether

watch2gether best rabbit alternatives

It is another decent choice of popular alternative platform to Rabbit. It allows its users to watch videos or content in synch with friends. It does not need any sign up or registration process to create a chat room. Once a chat room is created, it is easy to invite others to join and watch content or videos together.

Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo are the only streaming platforms supported by Watch2gether though. Twitch streams and Soundcloud music are totally accessible as well. Unfortunately, it does not allow third-party accounts like Netflix or Hulu to be used within this platform.


6. Rave

Rave rabbit alternative

This platform as one of the best alternatives to Rabbit is a social media center and a web-based media center at the same time. Sharing videos and music with friends is easy with the available streaming service just like Rabbit. YouTube, Vimeo, Viki, Dropbox, and Google Drive are all accessible while using Rave. That makes it easier to share music and videos directly from Google Drive and Dropbox. Furthermore, this application works seamlessly in every device. All smartphones and tablets in either iOS or Android operating system are all supported by Rave. That leads to a lot of active users of Rave today.


7. Netflix Party

Netflix Party Best Rabbit alternatives

This one is basically just a Google Chrome extension to share and watch Netflix videos and movies in group. Because it is an extension, users need to install Google Chrome and Netflix Party extension first to use it. Once they are ready, login to the Netflix account and start searching videos to share with others. The others will need to be invited first before joining the party to watch videos. It is possible to chat in real-time while watching the shared videos. It is clear that this useful extension will only work with Netflix due to its name Netflix Party.


8. ShareTube

Sharetube popular rabbit alternative

Next on the list of popular Rabbit alternatives is ShareTube. It offers an easy and quick way to create a chat room to invite friends and families. It allows users to easily watch synched videos from YouTube as well as stream videos and even create a set of playlists to enjoy together.

The user interface of this streaming platform is one of the simplest. It needs only the URL of the video from YouTube Unfortunately this platform only supports YouTube as the source of the videos to watch. Other than that, it does not offer anything else in terms of its features.


9. Parsec

Parsec Gaming best alternatives for Rabbit

The nature of this streaming app is actually for video games. Yet, it offers the feature to stream and share videos as well. Users can invite their friends to watch videos together in real-time. Commenting in real-time is also possible when using Parsec. Chatting is possible although there is no further support of webcam or audio. A setback is that other invited users will not be able to control the watched videos. A good thing about it is the superior synched playback without latency issues. It is definitely one of the best alternatives for Rabbit as a video streaming platform.



mycircle tv best choice of Rabbit streaming alternatives

This one is a highly promising platform that can be considered as the best choice of Rabbit streaming alternatives so far. It supports a seamless streaming service of videos from popular sources that include YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. It is easy to use this platform to stream videos with just the URL of the videos.

The chat service while watching videos together comes with the supports of cute emojis. A setback of this streaming platform is that it does not work with webcam and audio support. All in all, the streaming feature of is good enough to replace Rabbit.


11. Synatop

Synaptop streaming platform like Rabbit

It is a web-based streaming platform like Rabbit in the old days. It makes users watch videos alongside their friends and family at the same time through a remote connection. It is free to create an account before using Synatop in its full potential. Various apps can then be added to it for better experience in watching movies, playing games, and listening to songs. Synatop allows all kind of content to be shared by its users to others within a group. There is no need to download videos and movies to watch because it is a fully web-based streaming platform.


12. Airtime

Airtime best Rabbit alternatives

This one of Rabbit alternatives is an app that will work on either Android or iOS devices. Airtime helps its users to share any content stored in the mobile devices regardless of the location of the receiving ends. Furthermore, it supports streaming of music and videos although the sources are very limited.

It works only with YouTube for videos and Spotify for music. It remains a decent alternative of a streaming platform with a lot of content from YouTube and Spotify. The only reason is because both of them are really popular in public.


13. Together TV

Together tv Rabbit alternatives

The interface of this streaming platform is a web-based in which it supports popular streaming services. Netflix and Hulu is just a couple of paid streaming platforms that will work well in Together TV. Audio chat is possible with this streaming platform while enjoying videos with friends. The site can play random videos for its users whenever there is no idea of what to watch. On the other hand, it is also possible to share remote desktop screen to others without giving any information regarding the login. That makes it a much more comfortable web-based streaming platform to use nowadays with a better security.


14. Syncplay

Syncplay best alternatives to Rabbit

This streaming platform is one of the best alternatives to Rabbit that can be used in any desktop PC or laptop. Users will be able to invite other users with the installed Syncplay on their laptop or desktop PC. It uses a media center that will synchronize itself to all of the connected users. That will make streaming videos and music visible to the connected users. A reliable internet connection is the key element to ensure the best experience while streaming with friends and family. Syncplay is available for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. A great thing about Syncpaly is the fact that it is free to use with its ability to play common video formats. Unfortunately, there is no mobile version for smartphones.


15. Kast

Kast rabbit alternatives

This name is an important name in relation with Rabbit. It is the one that acquired Rabbit before its closing in the later days. Kast is basically software for both Mac and Windows. It is available to access and use even just from the browser. The iOS version of Kast is said to be available very soon. This software is a versatile one with its feature of chatting and sharing various contents. Videos, voices, texts and many other files can be shared easily by using this streaming app. There is a huge hope that this service from Kast will eventually be the same as Rabbit.


16. Explorii App

Explorii best rabbit alternatives

This one of the Rabbit alternatives for 2020 is a mobile app that comes to explore and connect the world. Learning all sorts of thing about habits, culture, fashion, and food of a country is its basic function. Nevertheless, it offers a set of sophisticated social networking features like chatting, instant messaging, internet phone calls, group video calls, within a private room. Of course, it provides a streaming service just like Rabbit to enjoy YouTube for fun.


17. Twoseven

Two Seven Rabbit Alternatives

Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon are amidst the supported sources of content to work with Twoseven. Real-time experience is one of the good things about this video sharing and streaming website. Live reactions through a webcam are going to be there with the support of a solid system. It guarantees an authentic real-time experience without any possible latency that is so annoying in other platforms and apps. It has its Chrome extension as well for easier way to use it whenever needed to stream videos from any website.


18. Metastream

Metastream rabbit alternatives

Live synchronization is the best thing about this streaming platform. Enhanced streaming experience is guaranteed by the use of a proprietary technology. User management is easy and quick to do according to personal preferences. On screen chat and video queuing is just a few available features of Metastream.

A better thing of Metastream is the fact that major streaming platforms are going to work well with the use of it. Finding and sharing videos from YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon is easy with the versatility of Metastream as one of the best Rabbit streaming alternatives.


19. SyncLounge

Synclounge best rabbit alternatives

This streaming platform is not a complete alternative of Rabbit although it provides a flawless playback of synched media. That is amidst the best feature of it in comparison to the other choices to replace the functionality of Rabbit. It comes with the so-called dedicated co-watching application for Plex library. Creating a private space is recommended to share things instantly with friends and family upon using this media streaming platform.


20. Animeparty

Anime Party Rabbit alternatives

This streaming service website is a specific type with Anime as the content. It has a huge library of anime to watch. Anyone who loves to watch anime in its vast variety will find it useful. A private room can be created to share a lot of things without having to worry about the safety of personal files. It is definitely one of the Rabbit alternatives that provide a library of content to choose and watch at any time. The quality of streaming provide by Animeparty is at its best without major issues at all. In short, Animeparty is just like Rabbit with a specific content of Anime for everyone.


The closing of Rabbit is bad news for many of its users. It is not easy to find an alternative to eventually replace Rabbit as a streaming platform. All of those alternatives to Rabbit come alongside their unique aspects and features. The basic idea remains the same that is to provide a group streaming platform.

They are all offer the most basic features while the special features are priced differently. If you are one of the people who are desperately looking for Rabbit alternatives, try to use one of those platforms mentioned earlier.

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