Download PlayStation Messages for PC [Windows 7/8/10, Mac]

Have you ever heard of PlayStation Messages? If you haven’t, then you haven’t completely become a Playstation gamer and fan of course. PlayStation Messages is a messaging application created by Playstation Mobile Inc. This application is an application that you can only use on your smartphone just like on Android or iOS.

Even so, you don’t need to be disappointed, because you can still use the application on your PC. But not by installing or downloading PlayStation Messages for PC directly, that is by using additional applications on your PC in the form of an emulator application.

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What is PlayStation Messages App

As mentioned above, this application is a messaging application developed by PlayStation Mobile Inc. for PlayStation game console users. By using this application, you can contact your friends even though you are not using the PlayStation console at that time.

So you can send messages to your playmates via smartphones using this application, instead of having to use your PlayStation game console. Also, from here you can also find out what games are being played by your friends right then and there.

PlayStation Messages App Features

PlayStation Messages for PC has some pretty interesting features offered for its users.

  • You can see the status of your playmates or who are also using this application, which is what game they are playing, and see who is online at the time
  • Send text messages, photos, and stickers to your friends who are connected with this application. Not only that, but you can also do the same thing in groups where you are a member of that group
  • Features pin group conversations to the favorites list

How to Download and Install PlayStation Messages for PC Windows 7/8/10 and Mac

As discussed, you cannot install the application directly to your PC, except with the help of the emulator application. Therefore, here are some steps on how to install it on your PC.

  • Install the emulator application on your PC, one of which is BlueStacks
  • After installation is complete, open the emulator application. Then follow the initial steps such as entering your Gmail address and personalization settings when you first use it
  • After completion, you will be automatically taken to the homepage. Here you can click on Play Store to download Playstation Messages
  • Write PlayStation Messages in the search field, then search. Then you will immediately find it easily
  • Choose install and wait for it to finish


That’s it about the Playstation Messages for PC. Even though it is only specialized as a smartphone application, you can still use it on a PC, as long as you use the emulator application, of course. Besides, when using this chat application, you must first have an account to access it later. If you already have it, then you just have to log in with your account. But if you haven’t, then you can create a new account on the start page later. Relax, creating a new account will not be difficult and, of course, free.

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