Top 10 Best Websites Like CartoonCrazy

Do you often watch cartoon online? Sometimes online cartoons are the choice of some people to watch rather than watching other movie series such as drama or action because of being bored due to watching too often. Well, usually some of them access websites like CartoonCrazy to watch the cartoons they want for free.

In addition to free, of course, by accessing the website, we can easily also search for various cartoons that you want to watch because there are so many collections offered and are not limited like watching on normal TV broadcasts of course.

However, do you know if you can also watch cartoons online other than just watch CartoonCrazy? Below are 10 best website recommendations that you can access to watch your favorite online cartoons, of course for free as well.

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Utimate List of 10 Best CartoonCrazy Alternatives

Indeed there are so many websites that provide online cartoons that you can access for free. But, sometimes not all of these websites can provide the best experience when you access it. For that so you are not disappointed later, here are 10 best recommended websites that you can access when you want to watch cartoons online later.

1. Watch Cartoon Online Websites Like CartoonCrazy

The first website that you can access is Watch Cartoon Online. This website provides a variety of popular cartoon content that you can watch online and for free, of course, like watch CartoonCrazy. This website is very neat and interesting even though you are accessing it for the first time.

You can find a variety of popular cartoons, which cards have just uploaded the episode, and ratings of these cartoons from the reviews of other viewers whether interesting or not to watch.

2. Toon Jet

toonjet Websites Like CartoonCrazy

The next recommended website for you besides CartoonCrazy watch cartoons online is Toon Jet. This Toon Jet website provides a variety of online cartoon content that is quite complete, even classic cartoons such as Looney Tunes and Popeye enter their collections.

Besides being free, you can watch cartoons online here without having to register first later. However, if you want to collect various online cartoons that you already have or want to watch later, then registering is a pretty good choice so you don’t have the hassle to look for them later.

3. Kisscartoons

KissCartoon Websites Like CartoonCrazy

If you want an alternatives to CartoonCrazy that provides a collection of cartoons as well as anime, then you can access Kisscartoons later. Here you can easily find a variety of online cartoons that are popular along with anime series that are popular as well.

That way, you don’t even have to bother looking for them both on separate websites when visiting here. You can also register for free, where you can collect by marking various cartoons and anime that you like to watch later.

4. Disney Junior

Disney Junior Websites like cartoon crazy

If you want a cartoon that can also educate young children or watch with them, then Disney Junior is a pretty good choice instead of watch CartoonCrazy with them.

Disney Junior can also be considered a website like CartoonCrazy, but the online cartoon content that they collect is more specifically selected and selected, which is very safe and very good to watch, especially for children.

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5. Otaku Stream

OtakuStream Websites Like CartoonCrazy

Otaku Stream has also become one of the best alternative websites to watch cartoon online besides CartoonCrazy. Otaku Stream itself has created a community for cartoons and anime lovers who access the website.

Here visitors can interact directly with other visitors via chat as well as to the admin, such as to request to release a cartoon or anime that is not yet in the collection. Interestingly again, this website also provides a dark mode feature so that we can focus and be comfortable when watching later.

6. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network Website like cartooncrazy

If you are a lover of cartoons, certainly no stranger to hear Cartoon Network. The collection here is certainly no less good and popular like just watch CartoonCrazy.

Cartoon Network even has fairly broad coverage, where you can also easily find a variety of cartoons that are quite often displayed on TV normally. Interestingly, you can also play games here according to certain cartoon series. So you can play here if you get bored watching cartoons continuously later.

7. Supercartoons

Supercartoons Websites Like CartoonCrazy

Supercartoons provides 1000+ popular casual cartoon collections from the past until now. Surely this is the best choice for enjoying and watching the collection and it might not be comparable if only watch CartoonCrazy.

Display layout on the page, even when accessed, is very easy to understand so it will not be confused when accessing it. In addition to being able to choose different types of popular cartoons, we can also choose based on characters, studios, and cartoon series that we want to watch later.

8. Kim Cartoon

Kimcartoon Websites Like CartoonCrazy

Next up is Kim Cartoon. This type of website is no less complete when compared to watching various cartoon collections that you watch CartoonCrazy alone. Here also you can easily find a variety of cartoon series that are released and popular in a particular year, cartoons that are still in the process of being worked on, so even those that have been done very easily.

Kim Cartoon is highly recommended for those of you who want to watch cartoons together with your family as an alternative website besides CartoonCrazy.

9. Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon Websites Like CartoonCrazy

You certainly will not be familiar when you hear Nickelodeon, right? Well, this website can also be an option for you if you want to watch cartoons for free and online, plus also if you want to be a cartoon that has a legal license to watch legally.

Rather than watch CartoonCrazy, which has a large collection, but is not supervised in terms of the quality of its content and licenses, Nickelodeon is certainly more suited to the various contents of his cartoon collection. Just like Cartoon Network, most of the series that became his collection are also part of which is displayed on TV channel series.

10. Anime Toon

Animetoon Websites Like CartoonCrazy

Finally, some websites are no less complete than an interesting collection as well as interesting ones like watch CartoonCrazy, which is Anime Toon. Here, you will immediately be presented with a various collection of existing cartoon lists that you want to watch later.

Plus, this website is also available as an application that can be downloaded from Playstore. That way you don’t have to bother to open the website when you want to access it, but simply open the application through your smartphone and directly access it.

Well, that’s 10 websites like CartoonCrazy which has a complete collection of cartoons, watched online without having to download, and of course, it’s free without having to pay subscription fees like other cartoon streaming service providers, of course.

However, sometimes some of the websites mentioned above have some content that is not worth watching for some regions, regions, or countries. Therefore, if you experience problems accessing it such as internet services being blocked or unable to access them, try to use VPN to bypass these blocking actions.

Besides being able to unblock internet access, using a VPN can also protect you from various threats of actions that you don’t want when accessing entertainment services, such as watching streaming for example. That way, your identity will not be easily captured so that your data collected by the service provider will not be misused by irresponsible persons later.

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